Auburn’s Eric Smith Sued; Others Named

Interesting discussion on the Finebaum radio network yesterday afternoon. Paul welcomed the attorney for Decari Jenkins, the Auburn student beaten by Auburn running back Eric Smith in August at party taking place at a hotel in Auburn. Allegedly, Jenkins was approached by Smith “and other Auburn players” and assaulted inside the hotel. A friend was reported to have been struck and left unconcious by “another Auburn football player”. Then as Jenkins retreated from his attacker, Smith followed him outside, struck Jenkins from behind (in the back of the head), then kicked him as he lay unconscious, bleeding on the pavement.

Jenkins’ attorney, Wendy Crew, contends in their lawsuit filed in Federal court in Montgomery that other players were also involved, and that several Auburn students will testify of this kind of activity taking place on a regular basis involving Auburn athletes. There was an indication in the interview that the students who will give a deposition believe that a faction of Tiger players, calling themselves “The SWAG” engage in this kind of ganglike activity, and that these kind of incidents seem to just “go away” in Auburn.

Smith’s victim, Decori Jenkins, was a fifth-year engineering student. The suit claims that he has permanent facial scarring and suffers from Post Concussion Syndrome, affecting his ability to complete college. Smith was suspended for one game and welcomed back on the team. Most disturbing perhaps is Smith’s apparent belief that he could beat Jenkins in the manner in which he did outside the Lexington Hotel, in front of four Auburn police officers, then casually walk away. He was arrested immediately by the officers, but charged with disorderly conduct (not assault and battery), and was later granted youthful offender status. Further, the case was sealed and cannot be re-opened.  

What made Smith so confident he could perform such a heinous act 20 feet away from police officers?

You can hear the interview for yourself here, and read Jon Solomon’s report from the Birmingham News here.