Shane: A simple plan – Tide’s stats tell all

By Shane from Centerpoint

There is nothing new or revolutionary about the “process” Alabama coach Nick Saban uses to build a winning football team. The Crimson Tide head coach utilizes an extremely tough off-season conditioning program and combines it with the simple philosophy that great defense and a superb running game are paramount to being successful and consistent enough to win a national championship.

This year’s team exemplifies Coach Saban’s idea that relentless intensity and perfect execution of the fundamentals usually produce a victory on the gridiron.

Alabama ‘s identity is well–established after ten games, with there being no secrets about their intention to run the ball, stop the run and play a suffocating brand of defense.

How good is this year’s defense? Judging by the statistics, they are setting a pace that may lead them to finish as the best to ever wear the crimson jersey.

After ten games, a list of the Crimson Tides national rankings and the supporting numbers will definitely evoke “shades” of the vaunted 1992 championship defense.

First and foremost, no team has been able to run on Alabama. The Tide is currently ranked 2nd against the run – allowing only 72 yards per game.

Bama also excels in pass coverage. They are ranked 11th against the pass – allowing only 166 yards per game.

The Tide is ranked 3rd in overall total defense, with opponents averaging 240 yards per outing.

Throw in the fact that Bama is giving up only 10.5 points a game (national rank 2nd) and has allowed only 10 touchdowns (4–rush / 6-pass) all year, this defense starts to look extraordinary.

Include the other defensive categories that Alabama ranks very high in and this squad looks scary. They are 2nd in pass–efficiency defense, holding opposing quarterbacks to a low percentage (47%). The Tide also has 28 sacks, which puts them at 15th in the country. Throw in 72 tackles-for-loss, a plus-10 turnover margin (ranked 10th with 15 interceptions), and life is tough for opposing offenses. Additionally, Bama is ranked 4th in “red zone” defense and 4th in first-downs allowed per game – holding their opponents to a mere 29% third-down conversion rate.

Like I said, this group of defenders may very well finish as the best Bama’s ever had, and there have been some ultra- impressive championship squads throughout history.

The second phase of Saban’s process – a strong running game – has one of the best tandems in the nation.

Heisman frontrunner Mark Ingram has racked up 1522 yards (1297 rushing / 225 receiving / 12 TD’s) in the first 10 ground–wars. He is on course to break the Alabama single-season rushing record. Ingram is a thoroughbred runner who has those unique traits common to the best of the best — speed, power, and elusiveness.

His backup, Trent Richardson, is almost as dangerous as Ingram. Richardson has shown flashes of brilliance and he exudes an uncommon maturity for a true freshman. His on-field ability leaves those who watch him with no doubt that he has the potential to vie for the Heisman himself one day.

Bottom line: both tailbacks are exactly what Nick Saban wants from that position. Both of these guys can pound out three yards or turn it into a 60–yard touchdown – every time they touch the ball.

Another area where Alabama has a distinct advantage involves the kicking game. Leigh Tiffin is the best field-goal kicker in the nation – ranked #1. He is 24 of 27 (88.9%) in the first 10 games. He is ranked 8th in the country in scoring as well, averaging 10 points a game.

Tiffin has performed with incredible consistency this year. For example — in his last 5 consecutive SEC games he has hit 15 of 16 field goals for 45 points. His performance to date has been outstanding.

The last area, where Saban keeps an edge over the competition, surfaces as the season wears on. Most teams suffer major attrition due to injuries. However, Saban’s football teams stay remarkably healthy over the course of the season.

It’s common knowledge that most injuries on the field occur when players get tired. As we watch them, it’s evident that the Alabama football team is in prime condition. The entire team can push hard for four quarters with ease and they don’t have cramping or nagging injury issues like some others seem to encounter.

The Crimson Tide is also very strong at the point of attack because strength coach Scott Cochran is one of the best in the country.

One thing’s for sure, Nick Saban and his Crimson Tide aren’t going to use “smoke and mirrors” (or the spread) to try and out-flank an opponent. Everything they do is relatively simple in design and the intent is clear. Alabama will run the ball, and stop its opponents from doing the same — then the defense will pad its stats by doing what it does best. Apparently, the formula works.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

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  1. 3

    Award winning author clay Travis was just on. He is very insightful. He and Verno got crazy at that old gay guy tenn stud Roy Adams. A crook.

  2. 5

    saban’s plan has worked perfectly so for. he has bought and paid for some great recruits to come to uat.
    saban’s plan this year has been buying off refs so the terds can stay
    undefeated. people all over the nation are laughing at sec refs.within 3 years all refs will work for the ncaa.the conference will no longer be able to control who wins.

  3. 7
    Reality Check

    Call the spread “smoke and mirrors” or anything else you want, just remember if Alabama wins this week and next week against Auburn then this year’s Saban’s team will be exactly where it was last year before it was “out-flanked”, to use your words, and beaten by two teams who run the spread. So to this point this team has accomplished no more than last year’s team did (actually less since they still have two regular games to play). In fact at this time last year, Alabama was ranked no. 1 not no. 3 as you currently are ranked. At least 2 of Alabama’s last 3 opponents this year use the spread, and if you lose either one of those you could face a third team that uses the spread. If that happens I hope you Alabama fans don’t go in the tank and cause your team to lose it’s bowl game again this year as Saban accused ya’ll of doing last year!

  4. 12
    Reality Check

    We weren’t talking about my team we were talking about your team. The article was about alabamer not my team, my comments were about alabamer and Shane’s comments in the article, not about my team. Pay attention son. If your only response to what I had to say about alabamer is “your team has done what” and “your the one that needs a reality check”, then obviously you agree with what I had to say about alabamer. What are you 12 years old?

  5. 13
    Reality Check

    But since you asked Carl, I’ll tell you. In this decade my team has won three SEC championships,four BCS bowl games,and won TWO Crystal Balls in reconition of TWO BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.

    NOW what has your team won in the last decade? Oh thats right, TWO Western DIVISION Championships and an Independence Bowl!!

    And Carl therein lies my point to you and Shane and the rest of the Bamers, why don’t you wait until Saban and his bamer team has actually won something on the field before you start beating your chest and acting like your better than everybody else. IF you beat Florida and then go win the BCS National Championship I will gladly give you your props. But until then you haven’t done any more this year than you did last year, and what did that get you? An 0-2 record at the end of the year and a top 10 ranking! Whoopie! Learn to be humble, more people will like you.

  6. 14
    Reality Check

    And one more thing Carl, SINCE YOU ASKED WHAT MY TEAM HAS DONE, my team also has the best overall record in the SEC over the LAST DECADE. Any more questions?

    Have a great day!

  7. 15
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! “Reality Check,” in one of your posts last week you said that you have “always been a supporter of Ole Miss.” NOW YOU’RE SAYING that FLORIDA is YOUR TEAM! Dude, YOU are the perfect example of a “fair-weather fan.” You pick a team that’s winning and jump on the band-wagon. That’s SHALLOW and shows a LACK OF LOYALTY. ANYBODY CAN DO THAT! True “team” fans (Bammers, Barners, etc.) ARE LOYAL, sometimes to the point of it being a fault. Be that as it may, I WOULD RATHER BE LOYAL TO ONE TEAM than being categorized as the “band-wagon” variety. You were probably nowhere NEAR being a Gator fan when Ron Zook was their coach and when ‘Bama beat Florida like a drum in 2005 you were probably riding the Georgia Bulldogs/Mark Richt wagon because THEY were the hot team then! Fans like you hang around for awhile and when the ride ends you find someone else who will TOLERATE YOU. Pitiful.

  8. 16
    JD Cahill

    Tigers and Elephants don’t breed….It just goes against nature
    I don’t know what I was thinking. I met a nice looking young lady and after a few conversations, a little flirting, got a date. She wanted to go somewhere and eat. I thought that sounded great. Sure fine, no problem I said to myself.
    First of all. We were meeting some of here friends, for a little get together. I guess. Well!!! Don’t ever do that. As it turned out. They were all Auburn GRADS.. I didn’t even bother to ask. Hell! A good looking women with a good job flirts you up and then ask you out. You would be all over that too!! Well they tell me they are Aubys and that instantly raised a brow for me. I mean. Do they not know who the hell I am. Holy crap I chuckled to myself. Then I started laughing out loud. I don’t know. It just happened. I couldn’t controll myself. Hell, they started laughing to. So! I said to myself. I said self, maybe this won’t be so bad, after all. They all seem to have a good sense of humour.
    After a few drinks they seem to loose their minds. They started hating on the Tide. I really don’t fully believe they knew who I was. You name a subject, and I guarantee you the Aubys covered it. They seemed to be extremely socially inept. I guess they didn’t notice my immediate silence. They just rolled on like the perfect fools I thought they were. Laughing joking and still not letting up on the Tide, and I just sat there and took it. Listening to them tearing and joking about my team.
    Well! I ordered them a few more rounds and I got myself 2 more coors lights and I tried to contain myself, but I knew for sure, if they didn’t shut the hell up soon. I might have to forget my manners. I’d like to think I have a little class!! I guess that’s what they were counting on. Well, I found out I was wrong. I wasn’t one of the fans that have class, or self control at all. We didn’t even make it through the appetizers before I lost it. Again, the way they were going on. They either didn’t know who I was or they thought that I was some kinda of joke or something. Only the remainder of the night would tell.
    I set for about 4 drinks an 5min. before they slacked up and gave me a chance to talk. I said to them. You guys know that I’m a Bama fan, right. They seemed to find somekind of strange humour in this. Well I thought!! I warned them!! I asked them. If they were true Auburn fans. They curtly responded, well hell yes we are. I said right then. I guess you guys bleed blue and orange then? G* damn right we do. That went along with all the hi 5’s and all the bullshit that goes along with that. Well! I said. Taking a drink of my silver bullet. I guess right after the Beat down Yall took in the Bama game, You guys probably thought you were going to bleed to death. That remark brought instant silence to the table. The two men that were there stood up to face me. In a ready to fight mode. I said relax dude I’m leaving anyhow. My date curtly asked me what my problem was. I just chuckled. The two guys were still standing ready to fight. Well! I said. I guess this was what I thought it was, A little ambush. Go ahead and sit down guys. I said. I am leaving. I think you better. One of the Aubuys said. I rose and chuckled again. I’m going to go ahead and leave now. So all these nice people want have to see a bunch of blue and orange all over the floor in here, I guess you guys don’t know who I am, I said. We know who you are, one replied. Hmm!! Just what I thought. An ambush.
    Well. Funny thing is. My little date trailed along after me. For what reason I do not know. I gave her the look but she climbed into the truck anyway. Ugh,,,Maybe it would be best if you left with your friends. I said. You brought me here and your going to take me home. She said. Well, OK then. I said. We then drove off. We seem to have some blissful silence. I thought. But then she began to speak. Well it seemed to be going alright for a while. Then all of a sudden it became all my fought. I really don’t know what I was thinking. I guess she just looked so damn good,,,,,, The next thing I knew I was apologizing. I know, The min. I said it, I became instantly sick to my stomach. But you know for the most part it seemed to be going quiet well. But!!!!! Then she made that fatal error……The B*ch started back on the tide again. What the hell I thought. A guick thought came to me. I turned the truck down into Mountain Brook, that place they like to call the little Kingdom, I pulled up to a one of the biggest nicest homes I had ever seen, and asked her to please do me a favor. I asked her to go and knock on the door and asked Bobby to come out here and talk to me. She gave me a strange look. What? No she said. Just go and knock on the door, and tell Bobby, JD’s out here. Its alright. Well,,,, she got out of the truck and took two steps toward the door. I quickly threw her purse out the window and hit her in her pretty little ass. I then drove off. ..ROLL TIDE !!!!!….. I yelled as I drove off into the night.
    WELL!!!!!!! I guess that settles it. I don’t have any class after all. But I guarantee you one thing. Those Auburnites now know for sure, who the hell JD CAHILL is and even though they bleed blue and orange. They also now know that, the blood coursing through CAHILL viens is truly CRIMSON indeed…..ROLL TIDE…….

  9. 17

    Reality check, why don’t you go to YOUR teams site and talk that crap. I don’t give a rip who your team is, but like all others you want to pick a certain time period to compare things.
    You are an idiot, and unless you hail from Oklahoma, Neb. Texas, Notre Dame, USC, or a couple other places YOUR team aint done shit.
    You are a flash in the pan, and soon to be put out.
    You remind me of that toilet inspector that calls himself “Sux Vol”.
    So ram it and go to a site that will believe your crap, for me my little man can’t relate to fair weather fans.
    I think ST. Clair pegged you pretty well, who ever is hot , thats your team. I been a Bama fan for 45 years and win lose or draw will never change. People like you are what makes me SICK!

  10. 19

    Let him be for Florida. After we end their run, she’ll be a Texas or Tcu fan. What are you gonna do when Bama wins it all?You’re gonna say the same thing as Dildohippy about cheating and buying players and paying refs. How old are you two? Are you the same person? Just accept the fact that we have the best coach in America, and it’s only gonna get better.Suck my balls and RTR

  11. 20

    elephantchit you and all your inbreds at uat will never have a bcs championship while shorty is the head coach. when shorty goes to the irish he will also be the mascot.

  12. 21

    The Tide will go to Auburn to 1) chew bubble gum and 2) kick ass. When they get there, though, they’ll be all out of bubble gum.

  13. 22

    More shake ups to come at Jox. Major changes to the Roundtable and some other shows. As I told you about Fitzsimmons leaving on the 31st of July, I am tipping you all off here. Also involves a regular guest on JOX, soon you will see the prophecy unfold. Remember you heard it hear on the Capstone Report…God Bless

  14. 23

    Nobody wants to go to ND, especially Saban. Do you really think he would leave what he has in Tuscaloosa to go start all over in South Bend? Besisde, he will never leave here. We’ve got him. He love’s us and we love him. Don’t ever insult him again or I will hunt you down and castrate you Biatch!RTR

  15. 24

    Elephantstomp……I agree and disagree with you. I don’t see how any GOOD coach would want to leave the SEC for any other job, much less a has been program like “No their Lame.” As for a head coach’s “love,” with the exception of maybe Spurrier, the only thing football coaches nowadays love is the money to be made. And that’s alright. You let Saban crank out a couple 6 win seasons (which I don’t see happening), or fan expectations become ridiculous (which I do see happening) and the “love affair” will turn ugly.

    Sausagesmuggler…..nice twist on the classic “Dazed and Confused” line!

  16. 25

    One thing that is going to change is competition. Auburn and UT, if they can keep the train on the track, are on the rise and we will eventually lose to both. Throw in Arkansas and Bama is gonna lose in the regular season eventually.However, I think that could be the season after next, and even then, they won’t lose any more than 2 in a season. It will be hard to bitch about losses when you’ve gone 12-0 2 years in a row. Saban will at least win an SEC Champ. this year or next and maybe both. As long as we’re playing for them and in the hunt, Saban’s not leaving unless he wants too RTR

  17. 26

    Mr. Prophet – hope you are right about the Metrosexual being let go.
    The Biggest Change will be with the “Bald One”. Clear Channel is going to snag him. Working at Citadel makes you want to shower often and the “Bald One” knows that.
    Pimping Milton was the last straw.

  18. 27
    E.G. White

    I had no idea Delusional Check was a Gayturd! Now I understand his intimidation from Bama’s imminent return to glory! Don’t have the stats handy, but I’m thinking that since our NCAA sanctions began in ’93 and we went through our worst period since Ears Whitworth, we are still the team or one of maybe 2 teams that has given Florida the most problems. They have certainly met us in more SECCG’s. No wonder they’re scared shitless! One other thing dipshit. Your great Gayturds are the only team to lose a nat. champ. game by 65 points. What was the score, Nebraska 72 – Florida 7? ROTFLMAO! And oh yeah, before Spurrier arrived what was that Seminole joke going around? “What do Michigan, Notre Dame and Florida all have in common? – None of them has ever won an SEC championship.” You see, Tit Turd, your team has no tradition. LOL! RTR!

  19. 28

    Has anybody heard from Indiana Vol?

    I guess he/she has been real busy calling “BAIL BONDSMAN” lately.



  20. 29

    The metrosexual will be empowered by outside forces. The metro will take full reign and make many upset with his raging confidence. His old fiend will shake up this market. The bald one is looking. Too much adamwins and milton mcgregor not enuff Beebes. Some will be gone but it unfortunately will not be the metrosexual. He will be bigger thAn ever. Mr Hankey will see to that. A storm is a brewing from the North.

  21. 30

    There is no doubt that someone will return to his roots — and shower off the filth of non-stop commercials — corporate bullshit & lousy obligations.

    Maybe someone who is willing to take a little bit of a pay cut will return to the AM side with less interference and more material. Let the good ‘ole days return — the audience will not exit.

    Note that the FM side brings more idiots — it takes more brain power to tune in to the AM side. Down with Citadel. Up with Clear Channel. (at least for the Birmingham market)

  22. 31
    E.G. White

    Man who gives a shit at a flying donut about talk radio hosts. I don’t care if it’s AM, FM or XM. Radio is a dinosaur. And the talk show hosts are nothing more than Blogers with larger audiences, and generally not a hell of a lot better informed. We have Auburn and Florida in the next 16 days to be talking about on here! RTR!

  23. 32

    The Prophet will discuss the wildly popular format of talk radio. It’s far from a dinosaur and is how we get our info. Read between the lines. We are aware of the games ahead. The Prophet says that will be played and discussed during the weeks of those respective games. Serving Him, the Prophet.

  24. 33

    EG….I agree. F the “cryptic” Notradamus bull shit. Who cares. If a show I want to hear comes on AM, I turn to AM. Same is true with FM or XM.

  25. 34
    E.G. White

    Fuck the Prophet! ROTFL! That’s where you get your information? I rest my case! By the way did His Omnipotence forsee the undefeated regular season last year? Or the Utah game? Or the hiring of Chizik and Kiffin? The fall of So Cal and OU? Bama’s second straight SEC West title? Bama’s probable second straight undefeated SEC season, which I think no one but Bama has done before? I don’t think so! Therefore I submit that the Prophet and his radio talk show sources are a fraud! Nuff said! RTR!

  26. 35

    It has been documented that my predictions come true. My info comes from a variety of sources and has never been wrong. Pluto is aware of my sources. They are players and alumni as well as in the media business. The Prophet will be vindicated soon. I always am. I see disappointment in your future Egg Man. I am the encoder and the future of talk radio My predictions will soon come to fruition and you will continue to look foolish among your peers Eht lived stanw ruoy doolb.

  27. 37
    Indiana Vol

    “Has anybody heard from Indiana Vol?”

    Right here, Crimson Turd Morons!

    Get ready for your 2nd straight 12-2 season with a SECCG loss and a bowl loss. If the Crimson TURD goes unbeaten in the regular season and has no hardware, the season means squat!

    My two favorite teams are Tennessee and whoever is playing the Bammer Crimson Turd!

  28. 39
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! I’ll chime in on the possible “changing of the guard” in talk radio. Talk show hosts are like coaches, when hefty contracts and wads of legal tender are being dangled in front of them THEY PAY ATTENTION. Some of these guys “shop” their shows around to the highest bidder. Their loyal listeners will follow them and the hosts are as popular as ever and the beat goes on and on and on. As for “THE PROPHET,” I have a question. PROPHET, are you the same guy that used to be known on Finebaum’s show a few years ago as “Michael the Prophet,” the guy that considered Mike Shula an offensive genius and was eventually “banned” from Finebaum’s show? One piece of advice; don’t type backwards.

  29. 40
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    DOUBLE YO! Let’s welcome “Indy Vol” back! After that smackdown that Ole Miss delivered to the Vols last week I thought he would’nt come out of hiding this soon! Welcome back, buddy! Also, where’s ol’ “OMNIPRESENT?” We haven’t heard from you in while!

  30. 41


    If you have something to say — just say it. It’s not as if many would notice that a particular radio station went off the air altogether. When you grow up, you should venture out of the basement and seek a life in the real world.

  31. 42

    When the moon passes over 3 times, a beast from the east will appear and devour the lamb. And a great noise will be heard from the cat, thrice, on the fortnight. And a great multitude will gather to hear the great one…….

    Gosh, it does kinda make you think you’re saying something important!

  32. 44

    i could care less if they canceled the Roundtable.I listen to OD, Dunnaway & Brown, and Paul. I wish they would put D&B on FM. Anyway, I like Bama 49-0, with the B team getting alot of action. I also like Kentucky over UGA and Ole Miss to spank LSU. RTR

  33. 45
    Little man tate

    Blue Vein Throbbur, are you still out here on this message board? Naughty boy you are. I’d jump those bones!!! Jk! ;-/ rtr.

  34. 46

    The Mad Hatter’s luck finally ran out! Great game.

    In the spirit of the one called “Prophet”, the Hat will feel the heat in the bayou, and be ready to leave when the harbor comes calling.

  35. 47
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! IRON BOWL WEEK IS HERE! Let the hype & smack talk begin! ROLL TIDE! Here, kitty-kitty-kitty…WHOP!!! Whatta kick! Get ready; THE TIDE’S ROLLING IN & ROLLING ON!

  36. 48

    uat from st clair co
    mike price and his stripper is rolling. uat will not beat the mighty auburn tigers this friday. how many toothless bammers are going to auburn? uat is going to get their azz kicked on friday. leroy mcelroy will get his gay azz knocked out of the game.

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