Rich Rod May Be Out At Michigan

The wheels are coming off in Ann Arbor.  Apparently, coaches have to keep practice logs documenting their student athletes’ participation and time limitations.  And apparently, according to a story off the AP wire, the Wolverines weren’t doing it.  You can read the story for yourself here.

But now the NCAA and school itself are involved in looking into the incident.  The catch here is, it gives Michigan an out to let him go for due cause, possibly avoiding expensive payoffs or buyouts, or at least drastically reducing what they’d have to pay.

When a program falls, it usually does so from within.  Meaning, unrest, factions and dissension lead to the administration’s…and specifically, the head man’s…undoing.  Some are saying the loss of documentation looks like an inside job from someone wanting Rich and Rita out.  Time will tell.  But one thing is for certain.  God smiled on us the day Rita took her big hair and wanted to go north.  A man named Nick showed up on the scene shortly after, and three years later we’re getting ready for our second consecutive SEC championship game and shot at a national title.  Meanwhile Rich is taking Michigan through his best immitation of the Shula years. 

Has there been a coach who has made a bigger mess of his life than Rich Rod?  When will coaches learn to take what they know they have in hand and avoid the temptations of what’s behind door #3?


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    to those who stay perpetually drunk on the crimson kool-aid, understand how LUCKY we are to have coach saban.

    mal moore HIRED rich rodriquez. WE could be dealing with this crap.

    take a very close look at michigan. ditto auburn. that could be us.

    and now, a tribute to rita:

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    Mal has a ‘thankless’ job. He gets a lot of input from the alums and advice from boosters that he has to deal with. The Shula hire was the best thing he could have done based on the situation at that time (sanctions). No one wanted to come at that time and Mal got a ‘name’ who was willing to come during probation which was the equivalent of having his arm tied behind his back. The staff was assembled to help him (old Perkins staff) but he insisted on calling the plays and we all know how that went. Rich Rod may or may not have been a bust at Bama,we will never know. The biggest mistake Mal made was ‘publishing’ our wish list for coaches and being turned down by them all which was an embarrasment. Other than that, he has done a great job. The hires for the ‘minor’ sports have been good except for the women’s basketball (not Wendell, the woman). Thanks Mal!

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    Alex Hamilton

    I agree. Mal has a very thankless job. It’s unfortunate that he has been a pawn at times. I think his legacy will now be that he went for it all in 2006 and got Coach Saban to come to UA. It is also his legacy that he communicated to the boosters that it was time to give Saban total control.

    Only with a single-minded dictator that has an appropriate work ethic and vision, can Alabama football prosper.

    And, God bless Paul Finebaum for being the biggest dirtbag gossip in Alabama media. Without his sophmoric snickering, we would have Rodriguez and his lack of discipline and the losses would have continued.

    I love Finebaum.

  4. 4

    I firmly believe RR never had any intentions of coming to Bama and Mal never had in intention of hiring him. I belive the two of them came up with a plan where by RR would be able to squeeze WV out of a few more bucks and Mal could take the heat off of Saban until the end of the NFL season. We acted like we wanted to hire him he acted like he wanted the job, we took the heat off of Saban and he got a few more dollars and promised upgrades to his facilities. I believe Saban was coming and we knew he was coming in early December. Do you really think someone would throw away an additional $12 million over five years b/c what a silly talk radio guy says.

  5. 5

    Rich Rod was offered due to pressure on Mal Moore from boosters and possibly BOT members. The then Gov. of West Virginia who is a childhood friend of Saban’s actually spoke to Saban about coming to WV after it looked to be “inevitable” that Rich Rod was coming to Alabama. Saban was not interested in coming back to his home state to coach. In my opinion, that was what alerted Mal to the possibility of Saban might be interested in a more prestigious college coaching job. It has been stated (by Finebaum) that Mal torpedoed the deal with Rich Rod at the last minute and gambled on Saban becoming the coach at Alabama..

    I also believe Saban when he said he did not talk to Mal about the Alabma job before the end of the NFL season. I believe Mal telegraphed who he talked to very clearly…he stated he knew to get Saban, he had to win over Terry Saban.

  6. 6

    Yeah. The whole damn thing is being run by an Oligarchy and Mal is the Tool.
    All the usual suspects. The only way to cure this is to cure Montgomery Politics.
    Anybody loan me a Nuclear Bomb ?

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    alex hamilton

    I really think the reason that Alabama is now successful is that all those dudes with more money than anyone else in this state, including Lowder and the YellaWood guy, have been told to get the …. out of the program.

    Saban is a dictator, but the program needs a dictator. You can’t run an organization with 50 different interests being catered to.

    I think they all finally decided that their meddling got us nowhere. A college football progam wins when you have a great, disciplined head coach. We have that at Alabama. We should be thankful.

    Rodriguez is a joke. He can’t win in a league where he won’t have far superior talent. I think RR only won at WVU because he was able to get the best backs in the league.

    Who knows, he may have dropped to third in the Big East by now anyway. Brian Kelly is clearly the best coach in that league.

  8. 8

    “I belive the two of them came up with a plan where by RR would be able to squeeze WV out of a few more bucks and Mal could take the heat off of Saban until the end of the NFL season. We acted like we wanted to hire him he acted like he wanted the job, we took the heat off of Saban and he got a few more dollars and promised upgrades to his facilities.”

    i love it when the drunkards validate my point.

  9. 9
    E.G. White

    Who knows the true story. I damn sure don’t validate anything posted on the internet unless it’s a reprint from a valid source such as an encyclopedia. Forums are 90% bullshit. But one thing is pretty much certain. If we had hired RR we would be without a defense and battling Auburn and Miss St. for the honor of having the most pathetic spread offense in the SEC. RTR!

  10. 10

    I do not drink, I went to college on an academic scholarship and I am a CPA. One more thing next time I come to your work place remember no onions on my hamburger.

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    Michigan Fan

    Rich Rodriguez is a good coach with a proven track record. He will turn Michigan around. There is a lack of talent on defense right now that even Saban couldn’t turn into a good unit. Some is his fault and some is not. The offense has made tremendous gains this year with a more experienced offensive line, and all while starting a freshman qb. Give it time. Both RR and Saban are very good coaches who know what they are doing.

  12. 12

    Yeah yeah — RR is trying to instill his HiGh SkOoL spread offense (just like Gus Maltzan liquor at Aubarn) at Michigan and he just needs his personnel to make it happen. Big 10 football BLOWS — we SEC fans appreciate the fact that you fill up the TV time slots early in the day so we don’t have to view the regurgitation during prime time.

    Spread offenses produces NO NFL players worth a damn (except receivers) and don’t even get me started on the defense.

    Michigan fans need to realize there is a blueprint for football — RR came from a shitty conference with little opposition — now he’s in a league that is somewhat of a powerhouse (i give mad props to the Buckeyes) — the “Big House” literally is going to suffer for a minimum of a decade.

  13. 13

    Michigan man…..comparing Dick Rod to Coach Saban is laughable…..he may indeed turn the storied UM program around, but he isn’t half the coach Saban is….he has compiled a lesser record against pathetic competition while Saban won two championships in the toughest conference in college football and a national championship in 5 yrs at lsu and has, in three yrs, returned Alabama to a national power….all dick rod has done in the same period of time is turn michigan into a laughing stock….

  14. 14

    Michigan has NO defense. Simple as that. In fact — most spread teams have mediocre defenses all around IMO. You have to recruit special personnel to implement the spread — the problem is recruiting defensive players who are willing to spend more time out on the field than the offense. This is just my opinion.

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