Rich Rod May Be Out At Michigan

The wheels are coming off in Ann Arbor.  Apparently, coaches have to keep practice logs documenting their student athletes’ participation and time limitations.  And apparently, according to a story off the AP wire, the Wolverines weren’t doing it.  You can read the story for yourself here.

But now the NCAA and school itself are involved in looking into the incident.  The catch here is, it gives Michigan an out to let him go for due cause, possibly avoiding expensive payoffs or buyouts, or at least drastically reducing what they’d have to pay.

When a program falls, it usually does so from within.  Meaning, unrest, factions and dissension lead to the administration’s…and specifically, the head man’s…undoing.  Some are saying the loss of documentation looks like an inside job from someone wanting Rich and Rita out.  Time will tell.  But one thing is for certain.  God smiled on us the day Rita took her big hair and wanted to go north.  A man named Nick showed up on the scene shortly after, and three years later we’re getting ready for our second consecutive SEC championship game and shot at a national title.  Meanwhile Rich is taking Michigan through his best immitation of the Shula years. 

Has there been a coach who has made a bigger mess of his life than Rich Rod?  When will coaches learn to take what they know they have in hand and avoid the temptations of what’s behind door #3?