Shane: Ring of Crimson Fire

By Shane from Centerpoint

In spite of the over-hyped pomp and pageantry surrounding last Saturday’s match up between Alabama and LSU, the Crimson Tide resolved the contest in its typical business-like manner, using brutal football fundamentals to relentlessly pound the Bengal Tigers into eventual submission.

With Nick Saban football is a four-quarter game, and his squad consistently brings its “A-game” every time the ball snaps.

As the game progressed, with their players being knocked-out by the Tide’s relentless hammer blows, LSU’s offense finally succumbed to the “beast” (Alabama’s defense). For the second year in a row, Coach Les Miles watched his championship hopes burn away in a ring of “crimson” fire.

Alabama’s football team left no doubt that it is better than LSU, but then again, Bama has much better players than anybody that’s been on their schedule so far.

The reason Alabama won this game is brutally simple: the Tide has great playmakers all over the field.

Just like they’ve done to nine other teams this year, the big, red elephants poured the gas on LSU at the end of the third stanza and lit them up in the final chapter.

Alabama was also exceptionally crisp and effective during the last thirty-minutes of the game due to the quality of their second-tier players.

Everybody knows what Ingram, Jones, and Arenas can do, but players like defensive end Marcell Dareus (two critical sacks) and defensive back Robby Green (game–ending interception) are perfect examples of Alabama’s enormous talent pool.

On the other hand, after LSU lost its starting corner, Julio Jones was able to exploit the second-team corner and burn the Tigers for a beautiful seventy-three yard go-ahead touchdown.

Alabama’s entire offense made strides against the Tigers as well – racking up 452 yards against one of the nation’s top-ranked defenses. The passing game was revived with Greg McElroy throwing for 276 yards and two TD’s on 19 of 34 attempts.

Like most of the stop-units that he’s faced, the Tiger defense couldn’t slow Heisman leader Mark Ingram, who ripped the Bayou Bengals for 174 yards on 27 touches.

As highlighted above, Julio Jones returned to form making 4 catches for 102 yards and delivered that brilliant, long touchdown. Just as important was the fact that other receivers had stellar days. Marquis Maze had 6 catches for 88 yards and Darius Hanks caught a clutch 21-yard touchdown pass.

Additionally, several “key” developments occurred in Saturday’s contest that should send waves of concern through the coaching staffs of the Crimson Tide’s next five opponents.

First, this offensive line is proving to be even better than last year’s version. Their pass–blocking is much better, with both running–backs averaging around 6 yards per carry.

Secondly, the defensive backfield completely understands Coach Saban’s elaborate schemes. They ran it to perfection Saturday, holding college football’s best receiving tandem to 8 catches for 74 yards and no touchdowns.

Thirdly, this Alabama team tackles almost as well as an NFL team. In fact most of the guys on this unit are lock-down tacklers.

Also, I’ve watched years of football, and Bama’s defenders hit as hard as any defense I can remember. Just ask LSU’s “stud” tailback, Charles Scott. It was two corner–backs (Arenas and Jackson) that snapped his collarbone when they slammed him to the turf after he broke through the first wall of defenders late in the game.

Finally, Alabama handled the pace of LSU’s (no huddle) “speed” offense well. Actually, it appeared that the Tigers wore themselves down more than they were able to fatigue the Tide defense.

To a large degree, Bama’s defensive coordinator Kirby Smart was able to use Les Miles’ offensive game plan against him, especially in the fourth quarter.

Prior to the show–down, the experts said that LSU would be the best team the Crimson Tide would face this year – in the regular season. If that’s the case, the end result (Bama 24 LSU 15) doesn’t bode well for the last three opponents remaining on their schedule.

Alabama’s remaining foes face a daunting – almost impossible – task indeed, mainly because the Crimson Tide proved against LSU that – beyond any doubt – they are the best in the SEC West.

My prediction last August – that Alabama would win the 2009 national championship – is looking stronger with each passing week. We’ll see?
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

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  1. 1

    Shame: Very classy. Using an injury to an opponent to brag about the UAT players. Very classy indeed. ALso, I notice there is no mention of the blown interception call.

  2. 2

    Dude you’re a fucking joke. Why don’t you open your eyes and quit kissing alabama’s ass. They are going to be beaten so badly by Florida come December I just can’t contain my excitement. Obviously you didn’t watch the game Saturday, you probably read the summary and saw the statistics and made your own false assumptions. Stop putting quotations around words when describing LSU. It is not cute and it is not clever. Overall, this is probably the worst article I have ever read in my entire life, and your bias views drive me to the conclusion that you’re just another bandwagon Bama fan. You’re absolutely pathetic and I consider you to be the lowest of society. Congratulations on the win though, you can thank the refs for that one.

  3. 3

    Reality Check, so we can thank the ref for Julio’s 73 yard touchdown. And for the beating their players, who seemed to love hugging mother earth all afternoon, took for four quarters.

    There was no conclusive evidence that his feet weren’t on the white line. But even there was, Jarrett Lee throws a pick within five plays. Put your anti-Alabama fantasies back in the closet.

    And you accuse Shane of bias? Your hatred for Bama won’t let you see straight.

  4. 4

    I’m a lifetime Bama fan, and I only got to see the 2nd half of the game, but regardless, here’s my viewpoint:

    1. Shane is definitely biased. He talked Bama up in this article, and in statements that are definitely ignorant. “Typical businesslike manner”? That’s what he calls what we did against TN? Good to know.

    2. LSU’s interception was clean. I yelled at the tv and txted my friend, who’s a big LSU fan to apologize when that happened. I don’t see how that play was allowed to stand.

    3. If Richardson hadn’t have been on the sidelines, Julio wouldn’t have scored. That being said, Julio is very capable, and it was nice seeing him being used.

    4. I think Bama definitely did come together and definitively win the game at the end. Be it due to LSU’s injuries, Saban’s 4th quarter workout programs to keep everyone solid, or the strong second string to help keep the stars healthy, Bama did take care of business at the end of the day.

    If I wasn’t a Bama fan, I’d like LSU. They’ve always been a solid ‘punch you in the face’ kind of program, and Les has been a great coach. I have a lot of respect for their program. I think the Bama-FL game will be better than last years (provided of course that Bama beats AU, which I think shouldn’t be a problem). Florida, Tebow included, is tired, everyone knows their plays, and Bama looks a lot better after the bye week. If bama can avoid 12men type penalties and play solid, they absolutely can beat them. Right now Florida reminds me of the Pats from a couple years ago when they lost to the Giants. The talent is there, the stamina is there, it’s going to come down to which team executes better and more consistently. I’d LOVE to see Bama win number 13, and I think they have the ability to do it, and the leadership to ensure they keep focused.

    ROLL TIDE!!!

  5. 5
    Bengal Tiger

    I do enjoy reading this blog and only occasionally post…

    It was a great game to watch, and to the victor go the spoils. Congratulations to the Tide, you made the plays when needed and won a hard fought victory. That being said –
    I think your glee about a player getting hurt does cross the line a little and reflects negatively on you.

  6. 6

    refs of crimson bought. thats 2 games that bama has paid the refs this year for sure. uat would be 7-2 without the paid off refs. not to worry inbred shane after auburn/gators beat your terds you will still be a iceman.

  7. 7
    Love the Hate

    it brings me nothing but joy to fans of other schools write hate post on this blog. I love the fact that you feel you need to take time out of your day to visit opposing teams fan sites to cry like a little girl. It’s ok, really cause we salute you Mr. fan of fans because we all know your opinion is the only thing that matters. So crack open of box of tissues. There is always next year.
    -Real Men of Genius –

  8. 9

    Please … you guys just can’t give credit when it’s due. We’re 9-0 — W – L — I give props to LSU — they are one hell of a team — but if you think Florida is just going to run and pass all up and down us in December — forget about it — I’m not going to post here and there and argue this point that has been brought up 2 games ago — enough is enough — I hope you guys make yourselves feel better by bashing a supreme program like ours — maybe you should look at yourself in the mirror and think — damn, I wish my football program was as dominating and good as Alabama’s —

  9. 11

    have you ever heard do much crying,,lets watch the tape, i am sure that there were alot of miss calls,,and not just on plays that were talked about,,cramps is not a injury,, just poor conditioning,and speaking of injuries,, what about one of the best linebackers in the country,, why dont we just admit it,, once all of SABANS player are gone from lsu,, the dynasty is gone.

  10. 13

    robin —

    It was confirmed by Verne Lundquist or Danielson — can’t remember which one said it — that there was only 1 player left on the roster from the Saban era at LSWho — he’s a six year senior who had a medical waiver done when he was a Sophomore I think (plus a redshirt of course) — so Les than Mild will have a hard time winning championship’s without Saban’s players as he has in the past — if Les than Mild had any type of a brain — he would take the Michigan job when they’re ready to vomit Rich Rodriguez out of the pit in the future because they are going to run him out of town in the “Red Stick”

  11. 14

    I don’t give a shit what Les does; he got his ass kicked a second time; get over it corndogs. I’m laughung about Miss ST and them licking their lips over playing the Tide in their little cow turd stadium with their standing room tickets. They will be licking their wounds after the Dogpound fuckfest. And Teabag may get a second concussion if he thinks he can run it up the middle all night and Rolondo waiting on him with his ticket punched.

  12. 15

    Thumper – thanks for the laughs. Called your LSU friend to apologize ? “If I wasn’t an Bama Fan – I would be for LSU “?
    Funny – Funny Shit – Thumper.

  13. 16
    Tab Whisenhunt

    Was that incomplete call that big of a deal. Maybe it’s me, but bammer was killing lsu physically and they dominated their opponent. Could it be that 2 in a row is causing this uproar? Could it be that lsus coach is a dork and they know it? Could it be that their time in the sun is over and they were never a true elite program? I don’t see what the issue is. Lsu is not as good as bama or Florida. They have recruited well post cns but the ship is going down. They have 2 ncs regardless of whether thy were nicks recruits. Enjoy it. Nama dominated this program for 30 years. I don’t see what others are saying. They got manhandled and lost by near double digits. Now they are stuck with Les. He’s a pretty good coach but he ain’t Nick Saban. Saban tradition = championship caliber program. Simple equation.

  14. 17

    Thanks refs! I’ll take it! Still, LSU would not have scored on us with Lee. Cry all you want but we’re 9-0, #2, the West Champs, and going for more.RTR

  15. 18

    Oh yeah, I’ll talk and laugh about LSU’s pussy ass players getting hurt. Jefferson wasn’t hurt, he was scared! Hell, I would be too! Too bad about Scott, Im’sure Javy didn’t mean to! RTR Crybabies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 20
    E.G. White

    No doubt Shane wrote this artical while wearing 2 pairs of crimson colored glasses. Some of it was pure bullshit. But he’s not writing these articals as an impartial journalist, ok. He is a full crimson blooded Bammer. He’s writing to please the Bama Nations vanity, and to piss off the Barner Fambuleh and our other rivals. This is a Bama board, dipshits. What did you expect to find while trolling over here? Morons! Keep it up Shane. Love see the bastards hate us. Always, success breeds contempt! Hate us, please! LMFAO! RTR!

  17. 21


  18. 22

    Looks like the badass War Machine has arrived. The rest of you Pussies better get your KOTEXs adjusted; Sabans coming and Hells comming with him.

  19. 23
    Indiana Vol

    The Bammer Moron Nation showed it’s true class on Saturday when CBS cameras picked up a Bammer Boob flipping the bird to the LSU team. Then CBS also showed Head Horse ASS Nicky Satan in several easy-to-lip-read tirades on the Crimson TURD sideline.

    These type of behaviors are indicative of the classless Crimson TURD program and the classless Bammer Moron Minions that follow it.

    It will be a joyous day when the NCAA finally nabs Bammer cheating and shuts down this dirty, cheating program and gives its classless followers a penalty they all deserve!

  20. 24
    Reality Check

    Hey intheknow72,
    Yes you can and should thank the ref for Juilo’s 73 yard touchdown! Watch the replay and you will see that LSU’s no. 15 the corner on that play was clearly blocked in the back which prevented him from making the tackel on that play.

    And you are wrong, there is conclusive evidence that his feet were in bounds and not on the white line. Cox Sports Television which was also broadcasting the game has a view down the sidlines from behind the play that clearly shows Peterson’s foot was touching the ground a good three or four inches inside the line.

    So in both plays you site there is clear visual evidence that your biased love for Bama wont let you see straight!

    If want proof of your bias and bad vision and are too lazy to go look for it your self, post your e-mail address and I will send it to you.

  21. 25

    IF, and that’s a big IF, the media/fans have indeed uncovered a conscious OR unconscious bias in officiating (and evidence is certainly there for one or the other) there will be some “make-up” calls in the remaining games to come!

    You Bama and Gator fans better hope this piss poor officiating is intentional. Because if it’s not, those refs will start “seeing things differently” in order to dispel the conspiracy theorists.

    The remaining games should be VERY interesting!

  22. 26
    E.G. White

    All 3 of you pieces of shit can go fornicate with your sisters. Your teams all lost to Bama last year and this year, or will have lost in 3 weeks. You couldn’t have beat us if you were given 5 downs for a first instead of 4 the whole game, and the refs made every call against us. Your teams are shit, just like you. Losers! Go troll somewhere else with your bullshit and crying towels, while we go play for a championship – again! Bwwaaa Haaww Haaww! RTR!

  23. 27
    Indiana Vol

    Hey EggHead,

    I am willing to bet a years salary that Nicky Satan would not play the Vols again this year if given the opportunity since Lane, Monte and the Vols scared the SHIT out of the Crimson TURD!

    A healthy kicker would have made both of those blocked attempts!!


  24. 28

    Listen you egg headed piece of shit, I wasn’t saying anything for or against your precious turd. I said if the refs WERE being biased, whether intentional or not, be prepared for “make-up” calls. Why do you think nicky was kissing their asses at his press conference? I swear, the majority of you fuckos are so blinded by crimson, you don’t know reality if it slapped you in the face. Your hopeful trip to Pasadena has to detour through Auburn first, and don’t you think for one minute that Auburn team hasn’t forgotten 36-0. Humiliation, and it was, is a POWERFUL motivator.

  25. 29
    E.G. White

    Yeah, we’re really scared of the detour through the East Alabama cow pasture. LSWho beat you what? 31-7? We’ll stomp you 42-0. Don’t know about Nicky, but I’d love to play UcheaT again. With McElroy back in form and the right plays being called, we’d beat the shit out of you. But anyway that’s what it’s all about fool. You only get one shot, and you fucked up! Also you’re not only inbred and stupid, but you’re blind too. Suppose you didn’t see Julio 14 feet up in the air behind Cody. Dumbass, you couldn’t have gotten the kick past him with a Saturn Rocket! I’ll send you a copy of ‘Maximum Block’ so can figure it out. Still think he should have named it ‘Rocky Block’! Go away gnat! RTR!

  26. 30

    Shane shows us again that he may be a blogger but a journalist-no. I think that he does a great job as a homer for the SOS and the Alabama nation. I think Bama has a great team and a great shot at the national title, but please Shane, please, please give up your quest to be a journalist. You are an embarrassment to those who are REAL journalists. WIthout the Call News and Finebaum your are nothing and even Finebaum thinks you are a joke.

  27. 31

    Shane that was a great article.
    Truth is the better team won and if Peterson (after being taken out of the game with an “injury” 17 times) had one toenail in the chalk he was out of bounds. A lot of the more biased fans wont admit it but that is how it is. 2 refs and the replay booth held it up. What more could you ask?
    Bama is about to roll big time.

  28. 32
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Shane. Your article is making me gag. Try not to be so poetic. Rednecks cnat be poetic.

  29. 33

    I want to see more of the “other” school fans come to this BAMA site to comment. You cheat, you pay the refs, we’ll beat you next year, etc..

    Thank you for your time to read an Alabama article on an Alabama fan site.

    Maybe someday you can have your own fan site and leave comments about your team!

  30. 34

    egghead white is on his sister again. i bet the kids you 2 have together make great bammer terd fans. uat will not beat auburn or florida this year lil one.

  31. 35
    Indiana Vol

    Hey Egghead the TURD,

    “Suppose you didn’t see Julio 14 feet up in the air behind Cody.”

    I did, although he was climbing up on Cody’s back and the officials did not call it!

    My favorite teams are Tennessee and ANYONE playing Nicky Satan and the Crimson TURD!!

  32. 36

    Like I said to Eggdroppings. Bama turds will get what is coming. Tiebow city and a Florida win which will leave Nicki and the Mullet Dwarfs to play either Boise State or TCU, not Texas. If it is Boise State, it will be an offensive game which the turds cannot keep up with. I predict another Utah-Alabama game part 2. I will laugh my ass off.

    Nicki will be cussing all of his players like Julio, who was shut down by a real cornerback by the way. Keep your visors on tight or Ingram’s eyes will be exenterated by the FL linebacker crew.


  33. 37
    Reality Check

    E.G. White,
    You obviously can’t make an intelligent response with out constantly makeing comments like “go lick your mama’s ass” or “go fonicate with your sisters”. I’m guessing based on your language and your comments you are the inbred result of some incestual relationship that is still part of your life and therefore your references. Have you considered moving out of the state of Alabama in order to give you a better chance of possibly breaking your chain of family traditions?

  34. 39

    Auburn Fans, Vol Fans, and the rest of the Bama obsession bunch…

    If you don’t like what you read, then leave. It’s not like we are begging you to come to our site. Its flattering though that you take the time…

  35. 41
    E.G. White

    Damn, all the Sharts are here tonight. It’s Shart City with zitfacedhippy2, Invalid Volunqueer, Delusional Check and Butt Hole in attendance, and there’s not a clean pair of underwear in town! – IV, Cody was standing on your guard Corys’ face in your backfield. Julio was behind the defensive line of scrimage. Just some more of the inaccurate, delusional bullshit that our penis envying rivals come up with out of their fantasies! RC, you cum drunk paranoid schitzoid. Even the most delusional retard with clinical manic denial knows that there’s no such thing as an offensive shootout against this Bama D. No offense has or will score more than 2 tds against it. Therefore we are not terrified of the mighty Barner O that managed 1 td on the last play of the game against LSWho. And the mighty Gayturd O that managed 2 tds and a refs gift against Arkys’ almost as bad as the Barns D, and 1 td against LSWho. Yeah, we’re just no doubt scared shitless. But shitless is better than Shart any day. Change your pants! LMFAO!

  36. 42
    The Professor

    Sorry people but that was not a interception. It was plain as day that while he had both feet in bounds HE DID NOT have control of the ball. Go buy you a nice HDTV & you might can see things way better & a DVR system so you can pause, rewind & play slow motion & you would see the REF’S GOT IT RIGHT. Sorry haters it was the right call. If it was a pic, there was just a little over 5 minutes left in the game, a back up qb, lsu’s star rb was out (btw shane that was low to say that about that player) & over half the field to go for a TD. I just don’t see those odds in favor of a lsu td. Get over the fact that bama owns the SEC gators, aubbies & haters. Saban has Bama back! RTR!!!!

  37. 43

    Hey Indy, Bama and UT can’t play again because they didn’t win the East. 12-10 and Roll Tide. AUROX, Auburn can remember 36-0 all they want, but they aren’t gonna be able to match Bama’s depth, especially in the 4th Qtr. Personally, I think we will win by 3 TDs.If our D tackles well in that game, which they are very good at, Auburn won’t score much. Only 2 more weeks….

  38. 44

    Hey Indy, I wouldn’t want to play those bunch of thugs and get shot!!!! What a joke!!!! Kiffin sure is laying down the law and setting a good example!!! He is gonna make UT like Miami used to be, talent at all costs.12-10, 3 in a row, more coming RTR

  39. 45
    Reality Check

    Hey Professor,
    You spent the first half of your last post trying to convince us and yourself that it wasn’t a pick, then in the second half you prove that you really think that was by trying to convince yourself that LSU couldn’t have done anything with IT!

    And EG quit thinking about perverted sex acts and go learn some football. Just because Julio was behind the line when he caught the ball doesn’t mean that you are allowed to block a defender in the back. Go ask your uncledaddy.

  40. 47


    I,m an fan of NCAA/SEC football, my team dosen,t matter for this message. Your an embarrassment for UA with your smug attitude toward the other teams in the conference. Remember , what goes around comes around. It hasn,t been that along that UA was at the bottom of the conference with Shula as coach. No one stays on top forever, every dog has its day.

  41. 48

    Greg, have you been paying attention the last 2 years? Bama is gonna be on top for a while. We’re gonna send Tebow and McCoy out losers and then we will own the SEC for a while and Honestly, it will be Auburn or UT that beats Bama in a couple of years. Get used to it though because our best teams are still a year or two away! RTR

  42. 49

    professor it was a pick but if it helps you sleep at nite so be it. i have a feeling uat’s luck runs out
    this saturday. it all depends if saban has got to the refs yet.slive has called in the FBI to investigate the refs and coaches.

  43. 50

    Elephantstomp…..what did you mean by the “honestly, it will be auburn or UT that beats Bama in a couple of years.” If you’re talking about teams on the rise, I would certainly include Arkansas. Petrino is the real deal. If he stays, Arkansas will become Louisville of a few years back, except in a real conference with real tradition.
    As for UT, as Monte goes, so does the team.

  44. 51
    Reality Check

    I live in alabama, have for about 10 years. I grew up in Mississippi and have always supported Ole Miss. But growing up I was always fond of Alabama and its tradition. Since moving to Alabama and finding the Paul Finebaum Network I have lost all respect for Alabama. I thought LSU fans were possibly the worst the SEC had to offer but you Bama fans are on a whole different level. That being said I think everyone knew that Bama was the better team entering the game. There is no denying that. But lets get real your not even the best team in our league. Florida is the dominant program in this league. They have the best coach, player and the championships to prove it. Florida also has the top rated incoming recruiting class. Please gain a little perspective the only thing that is back about Bama is that your actually relevant again in college football. Until you actually beat Florida please assume the position of playing second fiddle.

  45. 52
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! “Zionhippy2,” you’re always saying, “Saban’s paying the refs.” CAN’T YOU COME UP WITH SOMETHING ORIGINAL? Where’s the proof? Just like the crap that was being strewn about “the shady shenanigans” in Gadsden, if something’s TRULY GOING ON, LET’S SEE THE PROOF! As for teams on the rise, I agree with “Aurox” about Arkansas. Give Petrino 2 more solid recruiting classes and the Hogs will be capable of beating anybody. MY FELLOW BAMMER BRETHREN, it is SAD that some in our congregation are OVERLOOKING the Bulldogs of Mississippi State. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE THESE CRAFTY CANINES PISSED ON OUR PARADES? Too many if you ask me. I have worked with & CURRENTLY work with a MSU grad and a win over Alabama TRULY is “icing on the cake” for them. You have to give Dan Mullen & his staff credit for instilling CONFIDENCE in this squad. FELLOW BAMMERS, DON’T OVERLOOK THEM!!!

  46. 53
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO, “Reality Check,” I’ll call you “RC Cola” for short! “RC Cola,” us BAMMERS are a PASSIONATE BUNCH when it comes to OUR TEAM. YOU say that we are WORSE than LSU fans. I’ve NEVER seen Alabama fans gang up on an opposing team’s bus, shake it while players are in transit to the stadium and hurl insults & profanities at the players & coaches like they were scum of the earth. IF you are judging ALL Alabama fans by some of the CHARACTERS like that “reporter wanna-be” SHANE and “Straight-Jacket Jim” WHO ARE regular callers on Finebaum’s show then you are sadly MISLED, my friend. THERE ARE PLENTY OF US WHO ARE RATIONAL. For awhile I felt like you were just a disgruntled UAB whiner but its good to hear that you support a SEC team.

  47. 54

    uat fans are scumbags. 99% of their fan base never finish high school. bammer is a racist school. they have plans to put up a monument at the foster building where wallace stood in the door. these clowns live in a drug invested

  48. 55

    I am not concerned with our team overlooking MSU. MSU’s team, coaches, and fans have been crunk all week and will be hyped up until Bama gets off the bus and puts an end to it. Alabama is on a mission and all year long, every player has said the same thing, one at a time. They know the importance of this game and will not let MSU do shit. I like Bama 36-10. I also like UGA to win only because I think they are desperate for a win over a rival, and they aren’t gonna beat GT. RTR

  49. 56

    Number 5 wide receiver in the NATION, heading to Auburn, over lswho?, bammer, texas, florida, etc……you get the idea!

    Talk to me Shane….those “recruiting” clowns in the limos are doing something right! Talk to me, chief.

  50. 58


  51. 59

    Bamaman….man I don’t have time to wait on hold to talk to such a highly esteemed college football “pundit” like Shane. I’ll give him a few days to explain the recruiting success of Auburn, after he soundly wrote it off last summer.

    Maybe he will also address in his next column how “Chiz-nik” with the buffoon coaching staff and a “gimmick” offense was able to win more games in his first season than the mighty Saban did in his first. With, according to Shane, a whole lot less to work with, and with a team coming off a far worse 2 year stretch than Saban inherited.

    Ahhh, questions, questions, questions.

  52. 60

    AUROX, I remember Enrique Davis was the #1 back in the country and Benton is another Hawthorne. When 80% of Auburns recruits are 4 stars, then you can talk shit. Saban will consistantly get top 5 classes, so no worries here. RTR

  53. 61

    That was Shane and most bammers that were talking the shit about Auburn before the season. Not me.

    I’ve posed the Saban/Chizik first year record question several times throughout the season…..with no answers. I figured such a knowledgable pundit like Shane could explain.

    Seriously, good luck to Bama today. MissSt is a team that won’t go away. I would love bama 11-0 coming into the IB! The pressure will be on! I remember the 2004 IB, when Auburn was undefeated and had to go to Tuscaloosa. That was probably the closest game of the entire 6 game winning streak.

  54. 62

    Who cares about first season records. What’s that gonna prove. Nothing. Chizik is not a great coach yet. I think he’s the right guy for the job, but it’s gonna take him 3 years to get in the title hunt. Right now, Saban is clearly ahead.RTR

  55. 63
    JD Cahill

    9-0 Alabama goes onto Starkville to face a good7-3 Mississippi State. Soonthe sound of cowbells will silenced by the chant of roll tide in this saturday night matchup.
    Miss State running back Anthony Dixion referred to this game as the woodshed, we’ll see..Alabama has been beaten by State twice in the last three years. As we all know consistency is the key for Bama to winn the game.
    Bama Nation would love to see their team go undefeated and face off against a undefeated Texas for a winner take all Brawl for the National championship and the Heisman Trophy….RTR

  56. 64
    Reality Check

    First of all they pick the Heisman Trophy winner before the national championship game…so that will be taken care of. Secondly how can Mark Ingram win when Tim Tebow has more rushing touchdowns than he does?? Third, Florida takes care of business and plays Texas in the National Championship game. Lastly Bama plays TCU in the Sugar Bowl and gets beat by another non BCS team again. RTR down the toilet bowl!

  57. 65
    JD Cahill

    Yea Yea…. They pick the Heisman before the national championship game,,,but like I said. Winner take all… lol…RTR

  58. 67

    Yep, I was right. Bama ended States hype real quick and UGA beat Auburn, again. Better rest up this week, because we will too. Bama’s gonna beat Auburn by 3 TDs. RTR

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