Five Fun Facts For Bama Haters

Another week, another controversial call for people to cry about. Here’s a few fun facts for those of you who hate Bama. That is if you’ve gathered yourself from the fetal position you found yourself in when the last chance to see Bama lose sailed on you last Saturday.

Fact #1: Video evidence is inconclusive on the controversial play. You may remember the children’s story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, where the Emperor is convinced by his cronies that he is wearing a fine new set of threads, and he is actually standing there stark naked. In that ilk, you can convince yourself, and be convinced by those wearing your colors, that you have seen whatever you so desperately want to see. And your conclusions are directly proportional to your own personal bias. There’s a reason eye witnesses in a court of law are thought of as being for the most part undependable. Personal bias and other exterior factors dillute the truth.

The simple fact is, the clarity of the available video footage and proximity to the toes in question is likened to footage of NASA’s first trip to the moon.  It’s grainy. And it’s shot from the angle where you would have to see through Peterson’s foot in order to detect whether or not there is green grass between his white shoe and the white sideline. And two officials are on the scene. Admittedly, I’m not convinced they know what they saw. But they did what they are trained to do…confer, make a decision, then let the replay booth sort it out. Had they gone the other way, there still wouldn’t have been video evidence to overturn an interception call, and there’d be a different set of fans talking about it. But we wouldn’t be crying as Bama fans…but I’m getting ahead of myself…more on that in a minute…

But to hang your hat on LSU losing the game based on that one play is as pitiful as LSU’s strength and conditioning program. Alabama is better than LSU.

Fact #2: After Julio’s gallop and Richardson’s 2-pt. conversion, LSU takes over 1st and 10 with 10:18 remaining in the game…with the same score (21-15) as when the supposed interception took place. Corndogs, you had an entire game to put us away. Then once we took the lead, you had 2/3 of a quarter to regain the lead. But you couldn’t. Because Alabama is better than LSU.

Fact #3: Jarrett Lee is awful, and the only player on the field more scared than Lee was Jordan Jefferson. In Mike Tyson’s early days as a fighter, it was comical to see opponents go down in seconds, realizing in real time that the beast they climbed in the ring with was going to kill them. Jefferson looked like Hector Mercedes out there…who got the privilege of first discovering Tyson’s right hook. Jefferson looked scared. Jefferson looked rushed. And Jefferson looked for the sideline as soon as his ankle turned a little. And at that point, it was over. Corndogs, you wouldn’t have driven the ball 71 yards for a go ahead score if we gave you a fifth down throughout that drive to get there. Period. Because Alabama is better than LSU.

Fact #4: There were LSU bodies everywhere on the Bryant-Denny turf. I haven’t seen two teams with that big a chasm between them since last year’s Iron Bowl. The score was closer, but only because McElroy struggled to hit wide open Maize, Jones and Smelley for touchdowns. And because LSU actually scored. But we literally beat the ever loving crap out of LSU. We did to LSU what LSU did to Auburn. We were stronger. We were more physical. We were better conditioned. And we made them quit. Why? Because Alabama is better than LSU.

Fact #5: LSU had nine yards in the 4th quarter. Just say that out loud a few times and listen to yourself say it.

The right team won the game, and a reversal of one incompletion wouldn’t have changed anything. Had the interception happened in our endzone for a go ahead score, different story. But I’ll say it again…there was no way Jarrett Lee minus Charles Scott was going to take LSU further than midfield. Bring on the “Crimson glasses” comments, but please, people. If you disagree, you simply hate Bama and that’s all you have. Because logic has escaped you.


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  1. 1
    E.G. White

    Thanks ITK2. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Though I certainly would have embelished it with more colorful words. LOL! You saved me a lot of typing! RTR!

  2. 2

    Yeah Jefferson was real scared considering he drove down the field on you all b4 he got hurt. Not to mention he did not throw any picks against your so called “great” defense. Three of our best players got hurt horrible officiating was present and you all still barely squeaked by. As for this corndog nonsense you all speak of its ridiculous. Our state is way better than the ridiculously boring state of yours. Yall cannot support any pro teams. Our Saints are 8-0, LSU’s baseball team is national champions once again. You all had to copy us and hire our old coach. Have some originality. Our basketball team is consistent. It feels pretty good to be a corndog from the great state of Louisiana in which many people from your state must come to to get a taste of the goodlife. Proud to be a corndog. Ha

  3. 3
    Alex Hamilton

    All I know is that four to six years ago it was LSU that was physically dominant against Alabama. In 2007, LSU lined up for kickoffs and sprinted down the field like the Dallas Cowboys in yellow hats.

    Now, three years after Saban’s arrival, Alabama is the physically dominant team. Alabama has world class athletes only seeing the field to cover kicks. Alabama has the West a 2nd year in a row. And, five years following Saban’s departure from LSU, the tigers are a shell of their former selves after being battered and bludgeoned by Alabama.

    What’s the old saying? Something about being the man and beating the man? Yeah, we did that last year at the former “mans” house and we continue to do it to this very day on the field and in recruiting. We’re the man of the West. Now, on to the Conference Championship. There’s one more set of nuts to cut.

  4. 4

    I wouldn’t look past Miss State. They are playing great run defence and the run is our trump card when we are struggling. Had MS coach not thrown the game for his ole buddies (fake punt from the 20????), things might have been different. State might well be a tougher game than Aubie!

  5. 5
    E.G. White

    Tigahbait, it’s obvious you’re an idiot because you can’t come up with anything original to say. All you’re doing is copying the same post from thread to thread. Well I’ve already answered every point of your dumbass post on another thread here. I’m not gonna do it again. Go look it up! Oh by the way, you lost fool. And it wasn’t close. Guess you should have beat Florida too? Guess you should be undefeated and ranked #1! Guess Miss St feels the same way? LMFAO! Oh by the way, who gives a shit if Miss St thinks they’ve got a good run D. It’s not as good as VT or Ole Piss or the Gamepenises or UcheaT or the Corndogs, and we hit thore five up for close to a 200ypg average. RTR!

  6. 6

    I love the fact that LSU fans had to tuck their tales and Geaux home losers.
    They weren’t so cocky after they got Rammer Jammer sang to them or watch their guys laying all over the field.
    Two most cocky loud mouth fans, LSU and Florida; and we’re gonna shut them both up. I wonder what kind of excuses we’ll here from Gayturds?

  7. 7
    Buford McKinley


    Everyone wants to be in your state? Why have so many transplanted New Orleans folks settled in our pitiful state and absolutely love it? I have 4 families in my church who rave every week about how they delight in getting out of wonderful LA.

    And one of them refers to Baton Rouge as “cancer alley” as per them it has the highest cancer rate in the nation????

    Go fly a kite and get out of our website. You smell like a corndog.

  8. 8
    E.G. White

    Yeah, and I believe DJ Fluker left NO and finally ended up at Foley where he became the #1 player in the state and #1 offensive lineman in the nation. Now he’s at Bama along with Kenny Bell #25 WR, Eddie Lacy #13 RB, and Darrington Sentimore #13 DT. 3 four stars that we took away from LSWho, and a 5 star that left on his own. Nobody wants to live in Floosiana. RTR!

  9. 9
    LF Campbell

    I have read all these comments about the officiating from the anti-Alabama fans (Lame Kitten included) and have come to the conclusion that the SEC Refs. shold have a new rule to follow: when Alabama is playing a SEC rival all questionable calls shold go to the rival. All offside penalties by a rival are because Ala. drew them offsides. All pass interference penalties by Ala. should be assessed at twice the normal amount. All questionable out-of-bounds calls should be made in favor of the rival regardless of proof whether its indisputable or not. And last but not least lets just go ahead and penalize Ala. 50 Yards at the beginning of each half because all anti-Alabama fans know their guilty of SOMETHING

  10. 10

    Yeah that’s right. Let’s just spot them a touch to make it “fairer”
    Let’s just make the sum bitches really happy before the Lesson.

  11. 11

    As if a call in the Alabama -LSU game has anything to do with Auburn sucking and getting beat by SEC cellar dwellars lately.

  12. 14

    Fact #8 You wont play Texas, but Boise State
    Fact #9 Nicky the midget and mullet dwarf nation will be recruiting champs after being embarassed this year again.
    Fact #10 In two years a new Leprachaun will be at Notre Dame, not Redneck U.

  13. 15

    Fact #11 Shane from CenterPoint Trailer Park will still be a pseudojournalist.
    Fact #12 Alabama will be busted for some other NCAA violation this next year.

  14. 16

    Fact #13 Alabama fans are the most obnoxious, arrogant, never stepped foot in a classroom fans in the entire nation.

    I could start with the psuedo 12 national championships, but this is all facts which can be looked up in Wikipedia.

  15. 17
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Coould you imagine the Mullett nation having to explain another loss to a WAC or MAC team ? Yeah, thats right Bama, BYU would straight up stomp you just like UTAH !!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA !!!!

    Then we would here “We didnt want to be there”…………AGAIN !!!!!!

  16. 18
    E.G. White

    BH did you say you suck a dickopedia? Thought so! Think what you want pig fart. Bama 21 straight regular season wins. 2 straight SEC West titles. 36-0. 9-0! Flawed Smeagles 1 straight regular season win. 0 titles. 0-36. 7-3! Go away gnat! RTR!

  17. 19
    E.G. White

    The Flawed Smeagles certainly don’t have to worry about losing to a MWC or WAC team. Cause at 7-5 you won’t be good enough to get to play one of them! ROTFLMAO! Anyway their O’s would score 200 points on your pathetic D! Oh yeah, say bye bye to Maltz Liquor. Bwwaaa Haaww Haaww! RTR!

  18. 20

    Even Auburn fans will agree that the LSWHO fans are the worst — BamaHate — you got issues — and that’s saying a lot for the internet — you obviously don’t have enough pride in your own team you and ENVY the Crimson Tide — maybe one day your program will pony up some cash — get a good head coach — recruit relentlessly — supreme facilities — you know the deal — oh — you got to have a good fan base also who stays until the last second of the 4th quarter — I wish I could punk you bitches like E.G. does but maybe one day you will take pride in your program —- ’nuff said.

  19. 21

    Why is it jealousy comes across as hate? We have no hate for Aubarn. We just have a hard time understanding stupidity. It is not ignorance unless you are incapable of reasoning. The records stand and the history continues. You have a university of higher learning at which I have to believe they teach history. Why is history important? When you answer, you will begin to understand why we can not understand Aubarn football fans. You have no fundamentals for an argument.

    How bad does it feel to think your program was finally going to recognized for the dream of the Aubarn nation to your normal placement of cellar dwellers in the SEC. If football is an important part of your life, look to the past to find your future.

    Auburn Football – hard nose team that assumes an underdog role in the state of Alabama, occasional wins against higher ranked opponents, 5 SEC Titles (only Kentucky and MS State have less)

    Alabama Football – 12 National Championships, 21 SEC Titles, Enough said

    13 and 22 are right around the corner. Can you see your 2nd and 6th? Who could?

    You will beat the Crimson Tide again one day, but is unlikely you will ever win another National Championship. I guess beating BAMA is like a National Championship at the barn.

    It sux to be an Aubarn tiger. It always has, and it always will.


    Louisiana is the rectum of this country. Look at it how you wish. The Mississippi River empties itself at New Orleans. All the runoff this side of the Continental Divide empties in your state. The butt hole of the east side of the US. Maybe this why most of you are the way you are. It is why your state has such a fowl odor. Every time I visit the “good life” state I feel dirty. There is just a feel of nastiness that perm-ates my skin. Maybe it is your French heredity. Go take your monthly bath.

    Your coach is an idiot, and he is systematically dismantling a great program built by Saban. Your state actually stinks. Your roads sux. Your neighbors travel to our beautiful beaches every summer. Our nuts travel to your state to get drunk and whore around. Your baseball team is great. I think MS State use to hang their hat on that post. Having two SEC schools in our state does not leave much room for a NFL team. Hypothetically, if the Saints and The Crimson Tide would have played since the Saints became a franchise, what would the record be? You would not still have the Saints if it were not for the charity of the NFL after Katrina. I can not think of one reason to live in LA and only one reason to visit. The Sugar Bowl

  20. 23
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Enjoy another useless season….Auburn, florida and BYU will go 3-0 against you turds. And yall are far and away the worst fans.

  21. 24

    Ballplay, I’m glad you are on the BAMA site to let us know we are so awful. Its great you come to the BAMA Fan site and talk about Alabama. Other than Shane, you have alot to say and know more about Alabama football than anyone. Does Auburn have a fan site like this one? I honestly think the Bama fans on this site have no idea. Maybe you can let us know. I’m sure I can get even more information about Alabama on a Auburn site.

  22. 25
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    BamaBoy…..I have verbally abused you so much on this site over the course of the last couple of years so much, I almost feel sorry for you. almost……… I will try to explain this to you slowly so your special ed. lazy eyed arse can understand. Its a free country. I will frequent here as long as I wish. Get over it. Tell Cap and ITK that you dont want any hits from Auburn people on this site reeeeaallll nice and they might stop writing anti – Auburn opinions on it. Yeah ….right…..You see. They want as many hits as they can get. you know , good for business and all. Got it ? Now quit acting like I slapped yo mamma, and take it all personal, and shut up, or get into the fight sonny boy (though it wouldnt be a fair one unless I tied a arm and a leg behind my back.) Its like shooting fish in a barrell !!!!! BANG !!! BANG !!!!

  23. 26
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Again, BYU will make UTAH look like a close game !!!!! BWAWWAWAWAWAWWAWWW….HA !!!!!!!!

  24. 27
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    What is the BYU mascot ? I need to start on my material for after the game ? Last year the mighty UTES / polygamist mormans opened a pretty big can on you guuys…..Just trying to get a feel for the post game chatter you know.

  25. 29
    E.G. White

    Let im rant. Will just make swallowing the big red elephant dick that much tougher after the beatdown! 42-0! RTR!

  26. 30
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    No , Egg. The only one that will be hurting is you . Now go tune up your tide box with crap paper on a stick for the beatdown that Missy St. is about to put on you.

  27. 31

    If you fall off the roof and die, you’ll be no good to the wife and kids. Please call Chris Stewart at Guttercap. Hurricane season is here.

    Please call my good friend Jimmy Anyhony at Allstate.

    LT (

  28. 32

    Cap it don’t snap it. Durante widows and siding. It’s time for taste of the table. Rockstar has great vocals. Deagio fine liquids

  29. 33

    Ballplay, you are such a loser. If I met you face to face I’m sure you would turn out to the big P–sy, that I think you are.

  30. 34
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    As Ive said before Bamaboy, its too easy to verbally assault you, so I wont do it. Its akin to trying to speak logically to the chimanzees at the zoo. They just look at you and sling a turd. Much like you, they just dont get it.

    Ive said it before baby, 265 lbs of war machine is what you would be looking at brutha.

  31. 37

    Anyways….While I wait for a devastating response from BallsPlayer, what do the Bama fan’s think about Miss St.. Is it a trap game for us?

  32. 38

    I think we’ll handle Miss St. but it may be close for a few quarters.

    And Ballplay, I don’t think I would mess with BamaMan. Just my opinion.

  33. 39

    What do you guys think about the segment Trash on the Table? PSA? never let a chick cut off your junk! Ha ha ha! Yellow school bus? I do not pull for either team. I wear black.

  34. 40
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Ahhhh Bamaboy, you talking about my stompin grounds now…..What about it ?

  35. 41
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Seriously, Ive said it before, and Ill do it again….EVERYTHING I say is tounge in cheek….If what Ive said, makes you throw darts at my picture at night, dude I apologize…..The last thing I want is some raging psycho showing up at my doorstep. In todays world, you just dont know. So Bamaman, plese take me off of your “People to kill today” list……Thanks. Again, tounge in cheek…Internet message board….JOKING…..Not serious…..O.K. man……

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