Five Fun Facts For Bama Haters

Another week, another controversial call for people to cry about. Here’s a few fun facts for those of you who hate Bama. That is if you’ve gathered yourself from the fetal position you found yourself in when the last chance to see Bama lose sailed on you last Saturday.

Fact #1: Video evidence is inconclusive on the controversial play. You may remember the children’s story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, where the Emperor is convinced by his cronies that he is wearing a fine new set of threads, and he is actually standing there stark naked. In that ilk, you can convince yourself, and be convinced by those wearing your colors, that you have seen whatever you so desperately want to see. And your conclusions are directly proportional to your own personal bias. There’s a reason eye witnesses in a court of law are thought of as being for the most part undependable. Personal bias and other exterior factors dillute the truth.

The simple fact is, the clarity of the available video footage and proximity to the toes in question is likened to footage of NASA’s first trip to the moon.  It’s grainy. And it’s shot from the angle where you would have to see through Peterson’s foot in order to detect whether or not there is green grass between his white shoe and the white sideline. And two officials are on the scene. Admittedly, I’m not convinced they know what they saw. But they did what they are trained to do…confer, make a decision, then let the replay booth sort it out. Had they gone the other way, there still wouldn’t have been video evidence to overturn an interception call, and there’d be a different set of fans talking about it. But we wouldn’t be crying as Bama fans…but I’m getting ahead of myself…more on that in a minute…

But to hang your hat on LSU losing the game based on that one play is as pitiful as LSU’s strength and conditioning program. Alabama is better than LSU.

Fact #2: After Julio’s gallop and Richardson’s 2-pt. conversion, LSU takes over 1st and 10 with 10:18 remaining in the game…with the same score (21-15) as when the supposed interception took place. Corndogs, you had an entire game to put us away. Then once we took the lead, you had 2/3 of a quarter to regain the lead. But you couldn’t. Because Alabama is better than LSU.

Fact #3: Jarrett Lee is awful, and the only player on the field more scared than Lee was Jordan Jefferson. In Mike Tyson’s early days as a fighter, it was comical to see opponents go down in seconds, realizing in real time that the beast they climbed in the ring with was going to kill them. Jefferson looked like Hector Mercedes out there…who got the privilege of first discovering Tyson’s right hook. Jefferson looked scared. Jefferson looked rushed. And Jefferson looked for the sideline as soon as his ankle turned a little. And at that point, it was over. Corndogs, you wouldn’t have driven the ball 71 yards for a go ahead score if we gave you a fifth down throughout that drive to get there. Period. Because Alabama is better than LSU.

Fact #4: There were LSU bodies everywhere on the Bryant-Denny turf. I haven’t seen two teams with that big a chasm between them since last year’s Iron Bowl. The score was closer, but only because McElroy struggled to hit wide open Maize, Jones and Smelley for touchdowns. And because LSU actually scored. But we literally beat the ever loving crap out of LSU. We did to LSU what LSU did to Auburn. We were stronger. We were more physical. We were better conditioned. And we made them quit. Why? Because Alabama is better than LSU.

Fact #5: LSU had nine yards in the 4th quarter. Just say that out loud a few times and listen to yourself say it.

The right team won the game, and a reversal of one incompletion wouldn’t have changed anything. Had the interception happened in our endzone for a go ahead score, different story. But I’ll say it again…there was no way Jarrett Lee minus Charles Scott was going to take LSU further than midfield. Bring on the “Crimson glasses” comments, but please, people. If you disagree, you simply hate Bama and that’s all you have. Because logic has escaped you.