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    E.G. White

    I’m assumning you have the QB praying it’s ruled incomplete because he doesn’t want to go back in and face the Bama defense? Cute.

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    Too bad Jefferson owned yall till he got hurt. Half of our team got hurt. Yall were shaking. Congrats on barely beating us with horrible officiating and Three of our key players hurt(jefferson, scott, peterson). Just imagine if ingram and overrated jones got hurt. Ohh noo. Cant wait till next year, but we will see how much you all pay those refs. Peace

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    Ummm, Tigahbait? WE put Jefferson and Scott out of the game, not to mention Black, Peterson and a handful of others. We were more physical, and no, Jefferson was not owning us until (again) WE put him out of the game.

    It was a tough, physical game, but had our QB hit on just one of three WIDE OPEN receivers for TDs, it wouldn’t have been close.

    Have fun watching the championship game AGAIN this year from home. If you need us, we’ll be in Atlanta.

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    And Tigahbait? Ingram and Jones didn’t get hurt because they are better conditioned than your team, because our coach isn’t a paw-paw hat wearing bag of wind. He actually prepares our team for the season. Les Miles will never beat Bama again. You better hope he bolts for Michigan.

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    E.G. White

    What’s more, If McElroy, Ingram and Arenas get hurt again, we have Star, Trent and Marquise J. among others, who do just fine thank you. No it wouldn’t have crippled us like it did you. Bet Lee was upset. You know he thought he was going to make up for all those ints he tossed last year. Not! He ended the game with what? An int! Bwwaaa Haaww Haaww! Get ready for more Corndogs. Next year we’re gonna beat you down in our other home field cause we own Death Valley and our team is even younger than yours! ROTFLMAO! Good luck with the coach search after Michigan comes a callin’! RTR!

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    You guys have Les Miles as head coach. Saya that to yourself out loud for a few times and see how it sounds.
    A word of advice dump Elmer Fudd and hire Tommy Tuberville. At least he can coach.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    ITK…..Is this what you do for a living ? My 5 year old daughter could do better with her crayolas and some construction paper. Not to mention the fact that it was complete.

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    Yeah “anonymous” — I hope they schedule Alabama vs. LSWho AT NIGHT IN DEATH VALLEY next year just to prove the stink that I smell from your breath. Would of, could of, should of … the words of a loser. ex. “we lost our key players” — tough shit — got your ass kicked up and down the field.

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