Alabama-LSU officiating controversy

AP: The LSU coach said Monday he spoke with Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive and coordinator of officials Rogers Redding about a near-interception by Patrick Peterson late in the Tigers’ 24-15 loss to Alabama. Officials ruled Peterson caught the ball out of bounds and replay officials did not overturn the call, though video showed the LSU defensive back might have had a foot down in bounds.

LSU asked the league to review the call and Miles said he was satisfied with the response he received.

“I know these officials are trying,” he said during his weekly news conference in Baton Rouge, La. “They are doing everything they can to get it right. The final score is the final score. The officials are working hard to get it right. If I felt differently, I would say so.” …

Kentucky defensive lineman Corey Peters, who has faced both teams, doesn’t buy into talk that Florida and Alabama are getting a hand from the league.

“I think Florida’s a great football team,” Peters said. “I don’t think they need any help. Officials can’t put the ball in the end zone. They can’t put points on the board.”

Alabama’s McElroy said he also didn’t think the Tide and Gators had gotten preferential treatment.

“There’s been as many calls against us as there has been for us,” McElroy said.

As far as Peterson’s play, he said he hadn’t watched a replay.

“The SEC officials, they’re very professional in their job, they take their job very seriously and 99 percent of the time they’re going to get the call right,” McElroy said. (read the entire AP report on LSU’s Les Miles, Alabama’s Nick Saban and others speaking on the officiating issue in this post)


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    CBS had a particular camera angle that showed the foot touching the line. He may not have stepped out, but onefoot touched the line. The problem is, CBS kept showing two other angles that were questionable while Danelson rambled on giving us his biased opinion over and over again. LSU was holding at the corners constantly so their guy’s could turn the corner in the first half. Marcel Darius got through the line on one play with the defender’s hand under the grill enough to move the head and never got called. LSU is one of worst teams in the league for holding until they see whether the refs are gona call a tight game or not. We usually don’t have that trouble except for Carpenter. I guess Swamp Tech is gona flap their pie trap on this until next year since they can’t go to the championship!

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