Tide holds at #3

AP Top Ten: The first six spots were held by major college football’s six unbeaten teams, with Florida, Texas and Alabama making up the top three for the second consecutive week. Florida received 39 first-place votes, Texas received 10 and Alabama 11. TCU moved up two spots to No. 4, bumping No. 5 Cincinnati and No. 6 Boise State back a spot. The rest of the top 10 is Georgia Tech at No. 7, followed by Pittsburgh, Ohio State and LSU.


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    I just don’t get it. I know the rankings don’t mean anything really until after the SEC Championship game — but we got more first place votes than Texas. We beat a ranked opponent on Saturday (ranked no. 9 — a top ten opponent) and we get no respect. Did the UcheaT game really do us in that bad? Texas beat up on an unranked UCF team — give me a break ….

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    Hunter Ford

    I would prefer that we not be ranked any higher than three going into the SEC Championship. We were ranked one last year and for some reason, I think it makes a mental difference to the players, knowing they have to prove themselves up until the final game.

    Co-Saban would say that nothing matters…not rankings, not gimmick jerseys, not anything except focus and execution. Still, I want us to be third going into SEC Championship, win that one, go play Texas as the second ranked team, beat them and END THE YEAR #1

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    Quit bitching about our ranking, if we take care of our business we are in. Only wanna be metrosexuals care about a bullshit national perception.

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