TV likes Alabama & Florida

From the AP story embedded in this post: College games are drawing strong ratings, too — none more so than the SEC. The conference’s games on CBS are averaging a 3.9 rating through nine weeks, up 39 percent from last year.

It’s by far the highest rating at this point of the season since the network resumed broadcasting college football in 1996. The previous high was a 3.5 in ’99.

Defending national champion Florida and Alabama are both undefeated, and, oh yeah, the Gators have this guy named Tim Tebow.

“Stories like that don’t come along in college football all that often,” CBS Sports president Sean McManus said of the Florida quarterback and 2007 Heisman Trophy winner.

That average rating could climb even higher after this Saturday’s matchup, when No. 9 LSU plays at the third-ranked Crimson Tide.

“As long as Alabama and Florida keep winning, we’re heading for quite a remarkable showdown in the SEC championship game,” McManus said. (read the entire report embedded on the website)


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    People like a “Name Brand” because they respect the Quality.
    Indy Hoe –
    First – I would like to apologize to the regulars for rising to your bait and getting slightly pissed about your crude and dumb remarks and responding on occasion to your shit. What I’m doing here is trying to be an Fan and post about my great love of Alabama Football. I enjoy being a Fan and talking about my Team. The problem is that for some kind of fucked up reason – you hate Alabama Fans. I will state – just being an lover of good Football – that your beloved Vol Team has shown itself to be a good Football Team over the season. Are you Man Enough to acknowledge that Bama has a very good Football Team ? Are you a Fan ? It is easy to call names and curse – but are you a fan and do you love the Game ?
    12-10 RTR

  2. 4

    So how is the Moral Victory National Championship going for you Indiana Vol?
    ….Nevermind. I wouldnt want to over tax your intellect.

  3. 6

    pluto, i think your thought is honorable but also think you’re barking up the wrong tree. (pun intended)

    to the national popularity issue. ‘bama’s been here before. those of us who are old enough to remember bryant’s heyday know. i recall fan clubs in other parts of the country like the most famous one in pennsylvania.

    popular music included references to alabama (“they got a name for the winners in the world…….they call alabama the crimson tide” steely dan)

    it’s now happening again.

    at 1:23 tim mcgraw sings “bear bryant won it”. the man’s been dead 26 years. at 1:38 tim sings “don’t let this crimson tide tee shirt fool ya”.

    buddy jewel sang a hit song a few years back called “sweet southern comfort” in which the chorus line includes “sleepy sweet home alabama, roll tide roll”.

    if anybody’s included tim tebow and florida in a hit song, i’ve missed it.

    (for the record, i understand lane kiffin recently was referenced in a rap line. the vols can have that with my hat tip. sarc/off)

    understand that phil fulmer did what he did for a reason. he feared alabama’s return to national prominence.

    the national public loves alabama as winners they way they love no other team.

    “winners of the world”


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    E.G. White

    Great post! And of course never forget our locals, Alabamas’ ‘My Home’s In Alabama’ no matter where I lay my head. And Lyonard Skinards’ ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. RTR!

  5. 8

    I would love to have Alabama fans only post here — no doubt about it — but the internet is in the millions — some people get their rocks off by stirring up shit — if you were to meet some of these people who talk shit on here in person — it would be a different story — people hide behind the computer — this Indiana VOL guy has nothing else better to do (along with Aubawrn folks) to come on here and raise hell — they don’t have enough pride in their own program — they want to BE Alabama — because of our success — their programs are staring (or some not staring) at a shitty bowl game in December — Alabama looks to January –’nuff said — RTR!! Lets kick some LSWho ass!!!

  6. 9
    Indiana Vol

    Hey EGGhead White

    Nice spelling of “Lyonard Skinards’”! You prove my point about the level of education found in Bammer!

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