Florida’s Urban Meyer fined

For those wondering what would happen to Florida’s Urban Meyer, here is your answer from the SEC:

BIRMINGHAM – University of Florida head football coach Urban Meyer has been fined $30,000 by the Southeastern Conference for his public comments concerning officiating, Commissioner Mike Slive announced Friday.

The fine is the first since the conference’s Athletic Directors, with the full support of the league’s Presidents and Chancellors, voted to have all violations of SEC Bylaw 10.5.4 enforced by suspensions and fines.

“Coach Meyer has violated the Southeastern Conference Code of Ethics,” Slive said. “SEC Bylaw 10.5.4 clearly states that the coaches, players and support personnel shall refrain from public criticism of officials. The league’s Athletics Directors and Presidents and Chancellors have made it clear that negative public comments on officiating are not acceptable.”


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    Tab Whisenhunt

    a pr move by slive. Very calculated. Maybe Florida will stop getting those favorable calls now. What do y’all think of the Roundtable now?improved or no?

  2. 2

    I think it sucks worse now. I listen/watch Colin Cowherd in the a.m. so I can miss the Roundtable and the OD.

  3. 4

    It’s horrible. I listen to Dunaway and Brown at 10-2. It’s a joke that WJOX has them sitting on an AM station and the other guys on FM. Should be the other way around

  4. 5

    It’s like Ian FatSimmons was never here — that’s the legacy of The Roundtable on WJOX — this Brian Straw guy IS an improvement though. I am a Sirius/XM subscriber and take full advantage of this in the morning well into the afternoon. I will listen to Finebaum everyday though for some reason — I do turn it off when it starts to get sour here and there —

    To listen to tit-fed Jay Evans — i mean Barker — aubbie Al DelGreco — and booze swelling Tony Kurre in the mornings is a head-ache. There are so many commercials on this radio format it will make you sick. Heaven forbid if you want to call in and wait for literally a hour to get your 35 seconds of call time in on this program. They do not like ANY type of negative criticism of their program or their comments. WJOX are running 19 minutes of commercials a hour PLUS news/traffic/ESPN Sportscenter — total time for actual radio content — you do the math — this is the same format for the Roundtable — Brian Straw and Lance Taylor absolutely HATE callers and they talk about bullshit that no one cares about like the MAC conference and basketball in the northeast.

    I switch to terrestrial radio around 2 pm to listen to Finebaum — just because of its entertainment — a successful radio program in Birmingham is a caller based show — this is a concept that the other cronies can’t figure out. Point : The Roundtable blows and The Opening Drive is an even BIGGER joke. All hail satellite radio. As far as Dunnaway and Clown — I’m all for giving them a FM slot —- replace The Roundtable with them — I’ll give them that much. When we start talking about radio — it fires me up — so post away.

  5. 6
    Tab Whisenhunt

    Hears what I am told about the Roundtable…that is very popular has good ratings. I figured Dunaway would damage LT. I know him a little and he’s an ok guy. But be warned he wears “outfits”. The commercials are crazy long. Maureen Mickey must pay them thousands a month.

  6. 7
    alex hamilton

    Dude. You listen to Colin Cowherd? The same Colin Cowherd that is stuck so far up Pete Carol’s ass that he could describe the papilla on his tongue? Seriously?

    The same Colin Cowherd that had Chadd Scott as a producer of his show. Yeah, the original douchebag, Chadd “I spell my name differently because I’m special” Scott.

    The same Colin Cowherd that relentlessly bashed Nick Saban for “lying” and “leaving the Dolphins hanging”….only to kiss Saban’s ass last season to get the best coach in college football on his show.

    You listen to that guy? I know that WJOX is bullshit a lot of the time. But give me Tony Kurre over Colin Cowherd anyday. I thoroughly enjoy Al DelGreco and Tony Kurre. Jay is really way too full of himself, but, if I were having sex with Sara Evans, I would be that full of myself too. Have you seen how incredibly beautiful that woman is? And as much as Jay wants to piss and moan about putting his fleet of children through school, I’m betting that as long as he is in Sara’s good graces money won’t be an issue.

    As far as The Roundtable, yes, it is a terrible show. Lance Taylor does not have any talent whatsoever. Unfortunately, that is what most 18 to 35 year old males like is a brainless idiot with a monotone voice, such as Taylor. But still, he’s more interesting than Colin Cowherd. Cowherd is the biggest jerk on radio.

    Lance Taylor will always have a job as long as that idiot Ryan Haney is the program director at JOX. Haney had two decent ideas that he stole from Herb Winches and stabbed his mentor in the back to become the head boss at JOX.

    I’d like to see Herb in the 10am to 2pm time slot. Dunaway is actually better than any, save Finebaum. If JOX were about quality and not cronyism, Dunaway would be on FM. Instead we have to hear monotonous, monotone, drivel from Taylor telling us in his single pitched monotone voice to buy GutterCap. I won’t buy that product or any other because Taylor endorses it. He’s just awful.

    Even so, the show is soooooo much better now that Fitzsimmons decided to get the hell out of Dodge. Fatsimmons was the worst. He constantly denigraded Alabama and Saban. I think he used the phrase “yellow school bus” 10 million times after the La Monroe loss. I hope Ian never, ever, ever returns to JOX. Alas, he was only on the air because he’s a crony of Haney.

    The Straw guy is just arrogant. Yesterday he tried to get into a debate with Wimp Sanderson and was about as much of a condescending jerk as he could be. Someone should remind that pompous ass Straw that Coach Sanderson is doing he and Taylor a favor by being on their show. They do not have the talent to fill four hours of radio and Wimp actually brings some senility, ironically enough, to their program. Wimp doesn’t get paid to do their show and it’s just atrocious for Straw to rip him on air. Sonny and Wimp were more interesting and had better guests than Taylor. Taylor is just awful and Straw is a fraud.

    What I really hate about JOX is the commercials.

  7. 8
    alex hamilton

    and one more thing….. I totally hate Lance Taylor for forcing that fucking idiot Chris Vernon on Birmingham once a week. I absolutely hate Chris Vernon and would punch him in the face if ever confronted with his condescension.

  8. 9

    Yeah, I listen to Cowherd. He is opinionated and interesting. I think most of his negative opinions of Alabama and Alabama fans come from that idiot Chadddddddddd Scott. Now that Scott isn’t there, the show is very good.

    Speaking of Scott, he was on Finebaum a few months ago complaining he couldn’t get a job because he was blackballed in this state. Actually, Scott sucks…no blackball was necessary.

    Local radio has gotten so bad I can barely stomach turning on the radio. Barker at times can be interesting, but those times are rare. Del Grecco is always spinning for Auburn (and that is often good because it gives you a glimpse of the official party line) and Kurre can be entertaining when he isn’t being an insufferable ass.

    As for the Roundtable, I think Lance often has interesting things to say. But the Straw guy and the general immaturity of the show’s content drives me away.

    I agree Chris Vernon is awful. So is that other guy from Tennessee that blogs for Fanhouse and insulted Tebow and journalism with the stupid question at SEC Media Days.

    All that shit, I’ll take Cowherd.

  9. 12

    Yeah — if I have to hear another commerical for gutter cap or maureen mickey or innisfree pub/grill — I’ll puke on myself — I understand that radio is a business and advertisement is actually down in the biz — WJOX’s format is actually being studied by other cities because it’s so successful in the ratings — so many commercials — so few minutes for actual broadcasting — plus on top of that — the roundtable will actually do free plug-ins on the air for their sponsors which is annoying — Brian Straw is an Ole Piss homer who definetly hasn’t made himself a good homecoming to Birmingham — plus he just sounds annoying on the radio with that whiny sounding voice — don’t worry about FatSimmons coming back to Birmingham — he’s got a nice long contract in the big D and his wife hates it here — so they won’t be back —

    One interesting thing — there is a rumor going around that Finebaum was seen at the Clear Channel offices one day (he works for Citadel) — this may be the future to come —

    Another note — that m’fer from Memphis — Chris Vernon — what a joke — they plug him and Clay Travis up all the time — I’ll continue to listen to my Sirius/XM until the blight has left the building of the airwaves.

  10. 13

    Is it what it seems? Perhaps it is calculated to have benefits for both sides:

    1. Florida complains about the refs to convey that it is not in a cooperative relationship with the refs / SEC.

    2. The SEC must then fine Meyer, which further supports the impression that the SEC is not in a cooperative relationship with Florida.

    If successful in conveying those ideas (whether it was intentional or not) it helped both Florida and the SEC.

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