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    E.G. White

    That depends on which version you’re talking about? It appears completely different with each search engine. With Google there are no graphics but the script is large and easy to read. Each thread is broken into small pages. It loads even when it won’t on other browsers. But I can’t post! With Yahoo there are nice graphics and long pages, but the scipt is horribly small and difficult to read. Sometimes it won’t load a thread. I can’t post with it! Bing is the one I use because it’s the only one I can post with and the script is large and with less pages than Google. However, there are no graphics, and at least 30% of the time either the site or some threads won’t load or advance. This week a couple of your new threads went straight to the last page instead of the 1st, 2nd, etc. The best was with my previous phone that was preloaded with Windows Mobile. Using Yahoo everything worked perfectly. But that was before you modified the site. Maybe the problems are unique to Nextel/Motorola? Life is such a bitch! LOL

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    Larry Whitman

    Access from Safari. Like the ability to get each story, but wish I could access full site and links.

    Overall, great job!

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    I like it, It’s got the important parts of the site. As LW said, the whole site with links would be great, but what you have is very good.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. For those on iPhone, you are supposed to be able to scroll to the bottom of the page and turnoff the mobile version and get the regular version of the site.

    But, if you guys want, I can disable the mobile version completely and get back to the normal site.

    Thoughts? Preferences?

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    Tab Whisenhunt

    Looks much better from a BB or an iPhone. Easier to navigate. More Shane please. Have him on video. He is the main reason we are here.

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    alex hamilton

    Works well on my iPhone. I got a good view of it as I was on a bye week vacation and 3G was my only free internet.

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    Mobile site is ok; however, the way the site appears on google reader is awful.

    When you click on the link and it expands, it has some of the article which is not that big of a deal (sites are 50/50 on whether all the content is provided when viewed on google reader). On the other hand, it has a bunch of junk links when you get to the end of the content provided (i.e. digg this, post on facebook, etc…). I don’t care about any of this junk, and it is annoying to have to scroll through it.

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    E.G. White

    Hey I like those links at the end. There’s some interesting stuff in there that you would never know exists otherwise. Of course it would look different on an Iphone or a BB. But for me Nextel doesn’t use the Iphone, and the BB is just too damn bulky. I like my I9. It’s like a sophisticated Razor.

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    E.G. White

    Did any of you guys follow Caps links yesterday? There was some damn good stuff. One in particular I want to frame and put on my wall. I can’t link it with this phone so I’ll just have to type it in my own words on this post. At the start of the Tennessee game when the teams came onto the field, Jerry Duncan was communicating with Eli Gold and it went something like this. – Jerry: They’re coming onto the field, and there’s Smokey. He’s about a 100yds away now. If I had my deer rifle I believe I could get him. Back to you Eli. ROTFLMFAO. That is the funniest thing I’ve seen in years. I wonder if that actually went out on the air? Just picture it. How many Bama fans feel just that way about the Volunqueers? Bwwaaa Haaww Haaww! RTR!

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    I THINK the bookmark/share links should be out of the Google Reader now. Let me know if there is still a problem.

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    Tab Whisenhunt

    Where is Shanes article for the LSU game. I would love to hear his breakdown of the game. I am really concerned about this game. Hope gmac can throw deep. RTR.

    bama- 89′ – 93′

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