Volunteer admin rebukes Lane Kiffin

The University of Tennessee administration has buyer’s remorse. How do we know? Even the school’s athletic director and president supported the new Kiffin rule—the conference approved the stiffer penalties unanimously, and for you Volunteer fans, unanimously includes Tennessee.

It was a strong repudiation of the Volunteer coach; it cannot be viewed any other way. When the people who hired you support a policy created by your big mouth, your days are numbered.

Unless you win.

And Kiffin hasn’t shown he can win. He lost to a terrible Auburn team. He lost to divisional rival Florida and traditional rival Alabama. A quick survey of next season’s rosters for the Gators, Tide and Vols indicates the Volunteers will be substantial underdogs in 2010.

No amount of trash talk, street cred or BS will save his job if the Volunteers extend the losing streaks to Alabama and Florida. And the probabilities are substantial that the Volunteers actually get worse next year instead of better.

What happens if the Vols lose to South Carolina?

It won’t be only the administration with buyer’s remorse.