Volunteer admin rebukes Lane Kiffin

The University of Tennessee administration has buyer’s remorse. How do we know? Even the school’s athletic director and president supported the new Kiffin rule—the conference approved the stiffer penalties unanimously, and for you Volunteer fans, unanimously includes Tennessee.

It was a strong repudiation of the Volunteer coach; it cannot be viewed any other way. When the people who hired you support a policy created by your big mouth, your days are numbered.

Unless you win.

And Kiffin hasn’t shown he can win. He lost to a terrible Auburn team. He lost to divisional rival Florida and traditional rival Alabama. A quick survey of next season’s rosters for the Gators, Tide and Vols indicates the Volunteers will be substantial underdogs in 2010.

No amount of trash talk, street cred or BS will save his job if the Volunteers extend the losing streaks to Alabama and Florida. And the probabilities are substantial that the Volunteers actually get worse next year instead of better.

What happens if the Vols lose to South Carolina?

It won’t be only the administration with buyer’s remorse.


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  1. 1

    the vols will stomp the bammers in 2010. the vols will beat fla,aub,ga,kiffin is the next great coach in the sec. the ncaa will be closing in on bama and all the play for pay thats going on in ttown. shorty will be looking for another job after he puts bama on serious probation. same old bammer

  2. 3

    @1: Pretty sad that UT is now measuring their season’s success based on how “close” they come to beating Bama.

  3. 4
    Indiana Vol

    More BS from the Capitol of BS; the Crimson Turd Nation!

    I can’t wait until next year when Kiffin’s recruits start kicking ass and taking name in the SEC, particularly Florida and Bammer!

    Keep talking, MORONS; your day is coming. The SEC will be won by Florida, the Crimson TURD will lose a bowl game and the NCAA will reveal more cheating uncovered at the Crapstone!

    Kiffin’s system is just like Novocain; give it a little time and it will work!

    Go LSU, GO AUBURN and Go Gators; pound the CRIMSON TURD INTO THE GROUND!!

  4. 7

    Tennessee=Vanderbilt. Reason being that Tennessee now celebrates moral victories just like their in-state rival.

  5. 10

    Saba had six wins in his first season at Bama.
    Kiffin is headed for seven or eight in his first season.
    Just thought you’d like to know 🙂

  6. 11

    It is pointless to reason with these mullets. I mean a “awful AU team” beat TN according to these idiots and TN can’t beat “traditional rivals” . Last I remember, if TN is so bad then why didn’t AL stomp them? I think it was because they were getting their ass handed to them at Bryant Denny. We will see how this ” awful” AU teams fares.

    It is really weird, but if you Are brainwashed enough, you actually start believing that AL is better than they actually are. We saw that last year.

  7. 12
    E.G. White

    Go suck cock on your own board you inbred faggots. Saban kicked your SEC East champion asses up between your ears in his first year using a probation depleted team. He whipped your faggot infantile coach in Kitten Shits first year even though we now know the officials actually helped UcheaT. Now he’s whipped you pathetic bastards 3 times in a row. Go ahead tit turds, keep winning. 8 wins would help our strength of schedule and would mean we beat a tough reanimated UcheaT. Now you won’t be able to blow off the loss and say we beat you when you were down! Stupid faggot bastards! RTR!

  8. 13

    I gave up trying to reason with them a long time ago. I just come here periodically to rattle their cages. I actually think they hate Kiffin more than they love Alabama. Most Bama fans are quite classy, but not around here. Capstone is the “Bama Institute for the Criminally Insane.”

  9. 15

    Ha ha. Is this blog written by an 8 year old? Whoever you are, you obviously have no clue what you are talking about. And this is coming from an LSU fan.

  10. 17
    E.G. White

    No Corndog, we have no clue what YOU’RE talking about! There are several different posters on here. While it’s a given that the Barners and Volunqueers come on here to stir up shit with their mostly imaginary information; I myself have posted nothing but verifiable facts. The only thing debatable is whether or not Carlos Hawes is a bastard or an inbred faggot. So if your post was in reference to me, then you’ve just shown your ignorance and irrelevance. Anyway, you’re just a corndog and you just like your team and coach are irrelevant and will be moreso after Saturday. By the way, you can take a message back to the Tiger Sports Forum for me. Tell Friendly Foe and Denis4lsu Bama’s gonna curb stomp LSWho and that them and all the Corndogs can KMA. Bwwaaa Haaww Haaww! RTR!

  11. 18
    Indiana Vol

    Crimson Turd Moron Nation, specifically EGGhead White,

    Get ready for your 2nd season in a row with nothing to show for it!

    Meanwhile, your future owner Lane Kiffin and the Vols will win out and get a good bowl win to propel the Vols back into the national spotlight. Next year, Kiffin will pick up where Fulmer left off, owning the behinds of the Dirty Habitual Cheaters.

    Per Kirk Herbstreit on College Gameday, “teams had better get their licks in on the Vols now, because the Vols are back and will be a force in the SEC for years to come.”

    READ IT AND WEEP; low-life scum!

  12. 19
    E.G. White

    Already responded to this retarded post on another thread. Go mate with your mother or a chicken, if you can tell them apart! RTR!

  13. 21
    Indiana Vol

    “buyer’s remorse” after the pasting Kiffin and the Vols put on BIG MOUTH Stevie and the Chickens?


  14. 22

    Mullet nation,
    No SEC title this year again and no bowl win. You remember a WAC team beat AL like a cheap pair of boots with stuck on mud against a tree. I mean, the crimson redneck nation thinks they are entitled to a SEC title victory, buying hotel rooms in ATL, wearing ugly Houndstooth hats, and slurring their speech to whoever will listen. You will play Boise State or TCU this year, not Texas. And the best game of the year will be these games watching a midget (Mini-me) cussing at his players, pacing the sidelines, and blaming the fan base after the game in the media. Sore losers, sore losing coach, and sore losing fans.

    My dream….AU a repeat of 89 at JH Stadium. That is if LSU doesnt make elephant gumbo this year first.


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