OUT OF CONTROL: Another Vol coach speaks

OUT OF CONTROL: Another Vol coach speaks
SEC Commissioner Mike Slive’s inept response to Tennessee Volunteer coach Lane Kiffin has emboldened the riffraff. Now one of the worst coaches in the history of the league has besmirched the integrity of the SEC; Volunteer assistant coach Ed Orgeron alleged consistent bias on the part of officiating crews.

According to a Knoxville newspaper, “Seems like some people get the calls and some people don’t,” Orgeron said while speaking to the Knoxville Quarterback Club on Monday. “I’ve been in this league and I’ve been a part of that. Whether that’s true or not, you can never prove that.

“I do know this: there were some very questionable calls in that game that could have went either way and they went Alabama’s side. There were very questionable calls throughout the season and it seems they go for the better team. Whether that’s true or not, we can never prove that but that’s what it seems like.”

Will Slive respond to this new challenge to his authority? Kiffin doesn’t care about the rules, and sending a surrogate out to attack the SEC speaks volumes about Tennessee’s disregard for the rules.

Slive must suspend Kiffin and fine the University for its failure to control the coaching staff. If the institution cannot control its coaches in ethical rules of conduct, what other areas has the institution failed to control? We already know Kiffin ignores NCAA recruiting rules.

How long until serious recruiting violations emerge?

We should ask Phil Fulmer what is going on up there. I bet he would share some interesting tidbits on the present staff. Anyone willing to buy him lunch for the inside scoop?

You have to bet probation is coming to Knoxville.

In the interim, Slive must immediately end this conduct, or face a complete Balkanization of the conference. Does he have the courage to do what is necessary?


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    If Slive has any interest in taking over as head of the NCAA he’s going to have to take disciplinary action against UcheaT. Not doing so will only prove him to have a yellow streak down his back. It’s going to be interesting to see what emerges over this.

  2. 2
    Indiana Vol

    Typical BS from the Bammer Moron Nation!

    The Bammer college in Tuscaloser is the dirtist college football program in America!

  3. 3

    I dont see Nick arguing about the blatant pass interference on Julio that wasnt called, or constant holding by the UT offensive line.

  4. 4

    12-10 Indy Hoe. 12-10 Indy Hoe. Copy ?
    Slive has got to do something. Talking Bullshit without backing it up ? What is Leadership Mike ?

  5. 5

    I don’t see Saban griping about the horse collar hold from the Vols offense on the final play of the game or the fact the Jones was pushed in the end zone, not bumped but PUSHED.

    Get over yourselves Vols fans and face the fact that you have a coach who can’t keep his trap shut and is blatantly disregarding the rules and code of ethics and putting a blemish on our precious SEC.

  6. 6
    E.G. White

    You know every team in every conference gets calls they don’t like. What the hell is going on in the SEC with all this titty baby whining and illegal accusations of the officials. The conference is being embarrased in front of the whole nation. Kiffin and UcheaT in my opinion have finally stepped over the line. He has brought the Southern Cal disregard for authority to the SEC and if Slive has any balls and any hope of maintaining power, he has to bring the hammer down! Either he needs to exercise his authority or just disband the whole damn SEC! If not, it won’t be long before somebody tells him to go f–k himself. UcheaT is a bunch of pussies! RTR!

  7. 7

    Indiana Vol,

    I see your still a SORE LOSER !!!!

    Just like your coach, Baby Kiffin is!

    By the way, that onside kick by Tennessee was an Illegal play.

  8. 8

    That onside kick by Tennessee was Ilegal in two ways. There should have been a PENALTY on Tennessee!!!!!

    Tennessee ended up with less than 4 players on one side of the kicker. There should have been a PENALTY on the HILLBILLIES.



  9. 9

    I will agree that the SEC officiating crews are sub-standard as of late. In their desire to ‘just let the two sides play’ things are getting a little out of hand. The cold hard facts are that there could be penalties on just about every other play and then people would bitch about that. Most SEC teams push the envelope as far as ‘holding’ and ‘interference’.
    The last good job by an officiating crew I have seen lately was the North Alabama vs Valdosta State about a week ago. The SEC crews by in large are letting things get out of control, or at least too close to the edge.

  10. 11
    Indiana Vol

    Try to justify your NARROW 12-10 victory over the Vols because you know what happened; THE VOLS OUTPLAYED AND KIFFIN OUTCOACHED Nicky Satan and the Crimson Turd on Saturday. Any way you slice it, Tennessee should have won that game!

    What happened to the BS last week about a Bammer slaughter of the Vols? Come on fools, you know who you were.

    Keep talking Morons, no SEC Championship for you this year thanks to Florida.

    BTW; get ready for Kiffin to pick up where Fulmer left off; owning the dirty, cheating, classless Crimson Turd!

  11. 12

    This just in after further review the score still stands 12-10. However the sec has decided to award the Vols a moral victory. That brings their moral victory total to 2 for the year(see Florida). Best 3-4 team in the country!

  12. 13

    Would of — could of — should of — that’s all the vomit I hear coming from your mouth IVoL — I’ve never seen someone who just couldn’t accept a Loss.

    We WON.

    Simple as that.

    The Alabama / Tennessee rivalry has always been close under excellent coaching conditions — sorry Fulmer ruined it for a couple of years. Well — not really sorry LMAO.

    RTR!!!!!!!!!! rocky flop again.

  13. 14
    alex hamilton

    Wow. I wish I was the guy that came up with the “indy hoe” line. That is hilarious.

    Indyhoe, why don’t you go back to The Tennessean message boards and talk your garbage to someone that actually cares?

    What’s so wrong in your life that you got to keep saying hateful things here?

    Did Carlos break up with you? There are other faggots, er, fish in the sea that wear orange. I’m sure you’ll find another boyfriend to wear your home jersey with to road games. And, I’m sure that you can find someone else that appreciates all the interesting windbreaker and visor combinations that Hello Kiffin wears during the games. Your coach is so much more interesting than traditional coaches that wear the same thing every weekend. I mean, who gives a shit if you win the game if your outfit is boring. Life is truly great as a Vol! Show that fashion spirit!

    Oops. I’ve been suspended by the Kansas City Chiefs.

  14. 15

    Would like Cody to bull rush Indy Queer and put him in the hospital for a few days? Kidding maybe or just like to bitch slap
    that piece of shit back to Indy!! RTR

  15. 17

    Another thing — if “ole Ed” popped off — shouldn’t Mike Slive reprimand him too? Hell — just let Monte run the show while the oRaNgE krew is suspended — Monte runs the team anyways.

    Crimson prevails…………

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