COWARD: Kiffin won’t comment on latest gaffe

According to the AP story embedded here: “Tennessee spokesman Bud Ford said (Lane) Kiffin would not comment on the reprimand.”


If you believe the SEC is cheating as your remarks clearly indicate then either defend your statement or apologize. For reference here are your remarks, “”You run another play and you throw an interception or they throw another flag on us — I wasn’t going to let the refs lose the game for us there and some magical flag appear,” Kiffin said.

You just accused a group of people of cheating. And now after being bitch slapped you won’t say anything? You sir are pathetic.

Be a man and stand by what you said, or be a man and apologize for crying.

The entire AP report on Lane Kiffin, Dan Mullen and the SEC’s officiating woes is embedded below.

According to the AP story embedded here: “Tennessee spokesman Bud Ford said Kiffin would not comment on the reprimand.”


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    Mullen and Petrino actually have a case.All Kiffin has is a case of the whiney-ass.If any team got jewed by the refs Saturday it was Alabama.Numerous holds.clips.pushes in the back while Crudton was running for his life and a blatant non-call on pass interference against Julio in the endzone.

  2. 2
    alex hamilton

    I agree. Julio is the “recipient” of a lot of non calls for pass interference. Ole Miss mugged him on every throw his way.

    It’s almost as if the contact is expected by the SEC backjudges and there is an expectancy by them to see some contact since they perceive Julio to be a physical receiver.

    Kiffin will never come out and apologize. All he does is talk shit. It’s who he is.

    The fact is that he had the momentum and his arrogance was the undoing of his team. Kiffin sat on the ball, rather than continuing the drive. His comments now are trying to justify his cowardice. The art of a real immature piece of shit is that they are magnificent rationalization artists. Kiffin is full of excuses. He’s not got an ounce of intestinal fortitude, though.

  3. 3
    Lame Kiffin is 0-1 against Daddy Saban!

    Just remember… Mike Shula had moral victories over UT, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Auburn in 2003.

  4. 4

    I hope boy blunder keeps running his big mouth and the SEC
    suspends the dumbass for a game or two. The Vol Nation should be real proud of this dumbass clown for a coach!!
    His daddy was to business in pro football to beat the shit out of
    the little brat!! Kiffin is steve spurrier on training wheels from 20 years ago!! RTR

  5. 5

    The problem with him speaking up even more is he would be suspended for a game… that is a lot to ask… He stood up, he was wrong… but to call him a coward defies logic…

  6. 6
    VA Tide

    SEC officals addressed this in the Birmingham News on Sunday. They said the play was over, no time on the clock, end of story. It was a judgment call by the refs. Kiffin is an ass and he confirms it everytime he opens his mouth.

  7. 7

    The problem with not speaking up is that it confirms he was talking out his ass.

    Either he is right or wrong. If he is right then he should stand by his principles. If he is wrong, he should apologize.

    To just pout like a little girl isn’t what a man should do.

  8. 8

    What we are seeing from Kiffy is what Al Davis was referring to when he fired Kiffy… Its time his daddy spanked him and sent him to his room, after all if it were not for daddy these games would not be close.. How many points for moral victories???

  9. 9

    Kiffin was mostly wrong. He was correct that Cody should have drawn a flag, b/c he took his helmet off while the play was still live. (it was until someone fell on the ball). However, a blocked fg results in a change of poss. at the end of the play. Therefore, Bama still would have gotten the ball (-15 yds) and the taken a knee on the following snap. Game over. Where Bama should thank their lucky stars is that Tenn was too stupid to pick up the ball and run it in for a td after the block. The ball sat on the ground for about 3 seconds before Julio fell on it.

  10. 10

    Baby Kiffin had his Press Conference today on TV.

    Baby Kiffin never corrected his incorrect statements about MOUNT CODY taking off his helment on his Presser today, go figure.

    But better yet, the HILLBILLIE PRESS surrounding that HILLBILLE EMPIRE in the heart of TVA (GOVERMENT) POWER CO. (one of the most CORRUPT) didn’t ask Baby Kiffin if he wanted to correct his incorrct staements about MOUNT CODY!!

    Now that’s what I call COWARDS !!!!!



  11. 12
    Indiana Vol

    Hey VA TURD;

    Kiffin and the Vols sure scared the SH#T out of the CRIMSON TURD nad Nicky Satan on Saturday!!

    0 TDs
    4 FGs

  12. 13

    I swear this guy is a little beotch. Lame Kiffin does it again — the boy blunder. They should of gave Monte the head title — he’s running the show anyways. I hope he continues to bury himself in the SEC grave. One thing you don’t do is piss off/disrespect other coaches in your first year (already done) and complain publicly about the officiating. I’m pretty sure the SEC ref’s would LOVE to throw favors to LAME Kiffin in the future.

    He has burned so many bridges and it’s only his first year barely over the half-way mark.

    Going to be tough for VOL nation in the future…………..

  13. 14
    VA Tide

    Indiana Vile, you are as stupid as your coach. Go read UcheaT blogs on how to date your sister. I am surprised you can read and write especially if you went to UcheaT.

    As to there should have been a flag on Cody if you carefully watch the replay the clock was at zero when he took off his helmet. Time was out, end of story. Vile fans are sore losers. You lost get over it. Three in a Row!! Roll Tide, Roll.

  14. 15

    VA Tide, you ignorant slut. It doesn’t matter that the clock ran out if the play was still live, which it still was until Bama FINALLY dove on the ball and the whistle blew. Look at the film. Cody is halfway off the field with helmet in hand and the ball is still laying on the ground untouched. By your rationale, it’s impossible to draw a flag on a last second hail mary pass once the buzzer sounds.

  15. 16
    VA Tide

    Julio, please don’t call me a slut. I might be easy but I am not cheap. I am simply taking the rationale of the SEC officals that have been quoted in the papers. The game was over. I have looked at the film my friend. What I said has nothing to do with a hail Mary pass. This stupid conversation is about a dead ball foul. You can insult me all you want but this entire is a mute point. The game is over. Alabama won.

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