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    Unless something happens with our passing game, we won’t see the NC game, and maybe not even the SECCG. You gotta be able to pass to win consistently. We dodged a bullet today.

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    alex hamilton

    Where’s IndianaVol?

    The only turd I saw was wearing #26 for the Vols….Miss Danielle Lincoln.

    Look at the bright side IndianaVol, you now have 364 days to think of a new moniker for us. Or, you can continue to act like a ten year old and use your tired, pathetic lines.

    I will just keep on calling you a loser.

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    I believe Mr. Daniel Moore will be utilizing the style of that photograph for the next Bama portrait – “Rocky Block”! Big seller!
    (Hey, UA – drop the suit!)

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    Yep — it’s definetly going to be a Daniel Moore painting. I will remember this game FOREVER. A win is a win I suppose you could say.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the voters edged Florida (won only by 10 against Miss. St.) over us or even Texas. Fine with me — whoever takes Atlanta will go to Pasadena. The bye week couldn’t have came at a better time. Our players need rest big time.

    My only concern is offensive production. I really am concerned about the O-Line / Secondary / QB. If the O-Line will protect the pocket for Greg — I am convinced he can put it on the dime to the receivers. We have GOT to pass — and be efficient, or we will be hanging out in the Superdome in January as opposed to the beautiful winter weather in Pasadena. We can NOT be one dimensional with the run game. I just pray McElroy will get it together.

    Another note — did the ref’s decision of no headsets in the first part of the game throw them off balance? I saw the look on Coach McElwain’s face like : “oh shit — what do we do?” — I thought he was going to have to go down to field level.

    I know LSWho has been on a shaky path this year — but they are a WAY better team than Tennessee — we got a big time ball game coming up in 2 weeks — and we have GOT to get it together offensively — a win is a win — I’ll take it — I can’t even explain what all was going through my head in the last 4 seconds in that game. I was thinking more about the future than anything. RTR!!!! Must prevail.

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    Sometimes you just have got to be Lucky. This fan will take that Luck when it comes.
    Yep. If we don’t find some or any type of Groove on Offense – it’s going to be impossible to reach for the Goal.
    Mac really needs to be benched – but clearly that is not an option.
    Hey! It’s great to BEAT those orange bastards!
    F*uck You INDYVOL.

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    Neither he nor CarlosHawes will step in here again until next summer when their pipedreams for the 2010 season begin.

    3 in a row for the first time since 1990-92. Love it!!!

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    Yes i think you take Mac out and put Star in and let him be a running qb.Let Mac see what is happening from a different angle.But some thing needs to be done at qb position because Mac is not getting job done period….

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    Sorry IndianaVol,
    But on the bright side of things this will probably catapult UT straight into the top 3 of the Moral Victory National Championship.
    Some may call it luck. But even if Codi didnt get it, Jeez, there was no way to kick it over Julio and exect it to go the distance. He must have cleared 12 feet on that jump!

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    In the picture it looks like the pigskin is headed straight into Julio’s crotch…LMAO
    Coach Pat Dye would love it.

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    Is there anyway i can get a high resolution copy of this photo. I am a student and me and my friends make a 36×29 poster printed in the ferg. I have one from VT, FIU, NT, Ole Miss, but i need high res pictures from Arkansas,KY,USC,& UT. Please email me at jjbeckman@crimson.ua.edu if you know where i can get High Res photos.

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    Indiana Vol

    I am right here, Bammer fools!

    I want to know what happened to the Crimson Turd fools who promised a blow-out against the Vols??? Anything to say??

    The look on the faces of the Crimson Turd Morons was priceless when the Vols set up for the FG!!

    Enjoy the win, Bammer Boobs because the days of beating the Vols are O V E R!

    Go Gators, beat Nicky Satan and the Crimson Turd IF Bammer makes it to the SEC CG!!

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    alex hamilton

    You’re such a douchebag IndianaVol.

    The best look was the look on Kiffin’s face after he was denied. Suck on that.

    UT has no talent up front. You’d better worry about your own damn team little boy. It’s far from a “lock” that UT goes to a bowl game this year. Other than Vanderbilt, you don’t have another winnable game.

    12 to 10 is a great score. Those are pertinent numbers. As in: 12 Bama National Championships that are 10 more than the 2 AP National Championships that U cheaT has on their resume.

    And you keep pulling for the Gators. They are the only team that can beat Coach Saban. He has UT’s number. You will never beat Coach Saban.

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