Tennessee preps for Alabama

AP: “I think one poll got it right,” Kiffin said. “If you watch football and pay attention, I don’t think there’s any doubt who the No. 1 team is. Alabama has a great team — very well-coached, extremely talented, great special teams, great on offense, great on defense.” (read more embedded in this post.)


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    Indiana Vol

    A young lad from Alabama decides to attend college at a small school out of state. After a couple months away he writes home to tell his parents he met a wonderful girl and has fallen in love. “She is beautiful, smart, and is a virgin” he says in his letter. Upon reading the letter, his father immediately calls him on the phone to voice his concern. “Son”, the dad says, “So she is a virgin”? “If her own daddy does not want anything to do with her, then there must be something very wrong with her”.

    Q: What do you call a 14 year old virgin in Alabama?
    A: Someone who can outrun her daddy and brothers.

    Q: How do men in Alabama order an extra gallon
    of milk from the milkman?
    A: They pin a note on their wife’s bra before leaving for work.

    Q: What do a divorce in Alabama and a tornado have in common?
    A: Someone is getting ready to lose a trailer.

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    The biggest freaking vol IDIOT is trying to be funny!! He will not be laughning about 6:00 come saturday. VOLS GETS A ASS BEATING FROM THE CRIMSON TIDE!!

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    I will go with one more point for each team this year.Last year 29 9 this time 30 10.BAMA stays undefeated..ROLLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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