Shane: Chinks in the armor

A Critique of a champion
By Shane from Centerpoint

In my opinion, Alabama running–back Mark Ingram cemented himself firmly as the front-runner in the Heisman trophy race Saturday night in Bryant-Denny Stadium. He sliced and diced his way through Steve Spurrier’s South Carolina Gamecocks like a Ginsu knife through butter. Ingram touched the ball 26 times and rumbled for 269 yards, setting a stadium record with 24 runs for 246 yards. In the end the Crimson Tide offensive line dominated, shoving one of the best rush–defenses in the nation around.

Yet, the passing–game seemed to digress, turning in a poor performance for the second week in a row. Truthfully, for the past two-weeks, Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy has been playing like a rookie. The offensive line and receivers have done a good job, but G-Mac’s timing seems to be off. However, his problems do not appear to be catastrophic in nature.

We must remember that the young signal-caller (in terms of on-field experience) is still learning. He just needs to settle down and play with instinct like he did earlier in the year.

Actually, I don’t think Tide coaches are ready to push the panic button, mainly due to the fact that the running game is simply awesome. South Carolina’s defensive coordinator, Ellis Johnson, put 8 and 9 men in the box attempting to slow Ingram down. It didn’t work!

Much like he did last week at Ole Miss, Ingram “trucked” the Gamecocks, leaving jock straps all over the field. This guy is a “thoroughbred”. He displays the same speed and powerful moves in the fourth quarter that he does on the first play of the game. That winning trait is the mark of a champion.

Meanwhile, McElroy needs to get a grip on his poise in the pocket because the Crimson Tide’s next two opponents, Tennessee and LSU, are just as good as the Rebels and the Gamecocks on the defensive side of the ball — especially defending the pass.

In other words, extreme pressure is going to be coming at Greg for the rest of the season. He must refocus and respond in order to get the football into the hands of the open playmakers — instead of throwing into triple coverage.

McElroy – like all winning quarterbacks – must limit the turnovers as well. “Sudden changes” could be the difference between Alabama’s being a champion or a runner-up.

Head coach Nick Saban said it best when he said that Alabama was basically one-dimensional on offense Saturday.

He knows the passing game is also important and the Tide has too many explosive athletes for it not to be utilized.

With that said, the Alabama offense can afford to go through a few growing pains because this Tide defense can literally destroy an opponent’s will to play.

Like I said after last week’s dismantling of Ole Miss’s gunslinger Jevan Snead, somebody will have to show me this stop unit’s Achilles heel. I just don’t see one!

They now understand Saban’s system and are executing every game plan to near-perfection — and should get even better. Watch out!

I’ll say this: I don’t envy Tennessee’s Jonathon Crompton or LSU’s Jordan Jefferson. They have the unenviable task of being the next two “victims” in line to face this vicious pack of quarterback–killers.

Perhaps the most impressive part about this defense is the fact that, when they lose a player, another steps in and the unit continues to play with deadly precision.

The one area that leaves me suspicious and puzzled centers on the Crimson Tide’s special teams, specifically the kick-off team’s kick coverage, or lack thereof. Opponents are gaining too many return yards.

Alabama is also getting penalized constantly on both kick and punt returns. Numerous “block-in-the-back” and “holding” calls are negating very good field position.

In fact most favorable outcomes in the tougher SEC match–ups are directly affected by field position. As a result, Alabama cannot afford to continue giving up territory by stopping themselves.

Realistically, I think everybody agrees by now that this football team is very good. But, they do have areas where they need to improve in order to win the national crown.

Ultimately, consistency is most important because Alabama is going to get the “best shot” from every team they play.

Also, college-age young men tend to become complacent with winning. They have a tendency to rest on their laurels and relax due to being undefeated and the status it brings.

Some very good teams even punish themselves with a loss before they get totally focused on execution and winning. Florida and Texas barely escaped on Saturday.

By all indications, Alabama shows no signs of heading in that direction. Nevertheless, if all else fails, doesn’t defense win championships?
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

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  1. 1

    Shane, go back and watch the pass rush again. Carpenter seems to be consistently getting beaten by fast ends every time. He’s not quick enough to get turned and get the ends contained to keep the pocket in-tact. The O-Line is having a hard time on the edges controlling that rush. I’m not sure what’s changed, but it’s worth talking about, I think.

  2. 2

    Mark Mays mentioned that sometimes you need the back to help with those speed rushers. Carpenter is still young at the position, and in the SEC there is always someone on these defenses who can exploit any problems.

    However, I think I jinxed McElroy. A few weeks ago during a Cowboys game I tweeted that the Cowboys needed to have Romo watch McElroy to learn how to take care of the football.

    Yeah. You can send your hate mail to me…Alan. Because I knew when I said it that things were going to unravel.

  3. 3
    E.G. White

    The opponents pass rush is not Mac’s problem dude. The problem is Mac himself. Our opponents QB’s are the ones who have to contend with a deadly pass rush, not Mac. Lack of time is not the reason Mac is throwing into double and triple coverage when he has other men open. It’s not the reason he’s just enough off target to keep our excellent recievers from catching the ball either. He knows what the problem is and has promised to correct it. We’re gonna find out if he’s Tebowesqe or not this week! The damn return team is what pisses me off! Who the hell is the ST coach anyway? How can you have a team loaded with the best athletes in the country and they can’t stop a damn runback? We can’t keep giving big play, fast strike spread offenses the damn football at midfield. Why not just stick their damn fingers in an open light socket? It’s bullshit and it’s never ending. The ST coach needs his ass kicked! RTR!

  4. 4

    How you COW COLLEGE people doing today?

    I bet you COW COLLEGE people got a little “CAT SCRATCH FEVER” today. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

    Gene Chizik, your a GREAT coach.

    Malzahn, your just a FREAKING “GENIUS”!!!



  5. 6
    E.G. White

    Hell no! You gotta win 6 D1 games to be bowl eligible! They’re gonna lose to LSWho, Ole Piss, Georgia and Bama. Even if they manage to beat Georgia, that would make them 7-5. Subtract Ball St. and Furman and they will only have 5 D1 wins. Hell, they ought not count UcheaT as D1 either! LMFAO! RTR!

  6. 7

    I think right now the awebeens had better hope they can play in Birmingham in December.

    I’m with E.G., what is it with the special teams? We have a nice return and then march back down inside the twenty because of the same old penality each time, a block in the back. If I were a betting man I would bet that area of play will get some big time work this week, lets hope so anyway.

    With all that said, Bama is still the most complete team I have saw this year, and if the mistakes are corrected, they can go as far as they want.

    I think you would have to go back to Musso to see anything near to the determination that Ingram displays, every play. I think as a soph. he is the best I have saw.

    G-mac will get it right and the special teams will improve, Bama is on course for something very special.

  7. 8
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    That Kentucky game hurt like a mutha….We plainly arent there , or even close to there yet. I wouldnt say we couldnt beat LSU Ole Miss or Georgia ….Who knows what can happen in this conference.

    What kills me is the way yall are throwing GMAC under the bus…..Egg, do you even realise you beat SCAR by 2 touchdowns ? So, GMAC was a little off. Spurrier had a good perimeter rush on . All you Bammers act like the O-lineman were just letting them by for the heck of it . I promise they were doing there best. Again, YOU WON THE GAME ! ! ! And , you won last week as well. By 19 points. All I heard before that game was “GMAC FOR HEISMAN !!!”…..A couple of off games later now its ” INGRAM FOR HEISMAN !!”….Make up your minds people . Your now the number one team in the nation. Appearantly , the rest of the CFB world say something great in that crappy ole win you got the other night. Yall just need to shut up and be glad your in the position you are in.

  8. 9

    Ball Play that is exactly why I have told y’all before, no one, with the exception of a few programs, have a clue what it means to be National Champions, year end and year out. Bama folks, me included, always expect excellence, and nothing else will ever get it.

    I know you or anyone else, except for most Bama folks, can’t umderstand that, nor will you ever. My entire life Bama has always been expected to compete for the NC. To walk into any staudium in the SEC and the most of the Nation and feel the hate is something you learn to live with as a Bama fan early in life and I love it.

    You awebeen folks don’t have a clue. Don’t tell us how to look at OUR team, you have enough to concentrate on, figuring out what is wrong at the university of awebeen.

    Do you really enjoy trying to compair those wanna-bees with Bama? What a sad life that must be.

  9. 10


  10. 11

    Ballplay that is very true we have won by 14 last week and 18 against ole piss and not allowed a touch down in two games..Dam this ole boy is not sad or mad about any thing.I really think this team can take it all the way just the way they are playing now.Defense wins championships and that is a fact.We have that and we have the best field goal kicker in the S.E.C. So all we need is defense and three points and game over.That is the way i look at it.Also GMAC will get it together and when he does it will really be nasty.No one on schedule that can stop this run away train right now.So god bless and ROLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  11. 12

    Let’s not get carried away Carl….what’s this shit about being National Champions “year end and year out.” With the exception of 1992, y’all haven’t sniffed an NC in 30 years. All those years you were no where near being in the running, that mindset just made your fanbase look arrogant, delusional, and frankly, ignorant. Now before you go talking about 1957, it’s not my fanbase that runs around with that attitude.

    I know it’s admirable to have the old Bear Bryant “act like you been there before” mentality, but let’s keep it in perspective. Remember, there was more than a handful of y’all that started claiming one halfway through last year. Still a lot of ball to play, but it’s definitely bammers to lose.

  12. 13

    AUROX and BallPlay….Typical Auburn fans that come to the Alabama site to try and lecture Alabama fans. Talk about arrogance! I’ve never seen a fan base that is so pathetic! If you want to know the scoop about what is going on in Tuscaloosa, ask an Auburn Fan. Want to know about current Alabama recruiting violations? ask an Auburn Fan. Want to know what color underwear Saban wears? ask an Auburn Fan. My Brother-in-law tells me he hates Alabama (out of the blue). I tell him I don’t feel the same. How can you hate your little step-sister?

  13. 14
    E.G. White

    BP I don’t know who’s damn post you read, but it sure as hell wasn’t mine. I haven’t even thought about throwing Mac under the bus. But he’s having some technique problems that he better get straightened out damn fast. And SC’s pass rush was no better than Ole Miss or VT’s was. The one I want to throw under the bus is the damn ST coach! RTR!

  14. 15

    Thanks for clearing that up for me Aurox. You are another excellent example of what I was talking about. You have no clue and never will my friend.

    You know I guess what really gets me is this, you don’t have to stay in the dark all your life, you can always caome over to the winning side. Why continue to be for a waana-be, when you can be a part of the real thing.

    But I hear you loud and clear, you meant keep it down home cuz, at least thats what you said sounds.

    Can’t stand it can you? I know it must be tough to be a red headed step child forever, but remember you do so by choice.

    We are spending way to much time trying to enlighten you retards, its tenn. week, and where is that sux vol indy? Hiding like he has all year!

    Indy sux vol Bama is going to beat the puke orange out of y’all come Saturday, but then again no we aint, y’all don’t have enough sense to stop wearing that puke color. You just like the awebeens, aint never gonna learn. Y’all and your little boy coach will get it Saturday worse than any tenn. team has in 25 years.

    “Glad that I’m not down on rocky top, down in the tenn hills. Bama gonna beat the hell outta us and probably always will.” Sing that to your little tune inspector boy.

  15. 16
    JD Cahill

    The Passing game isn’t in trouble. They’re simply trying to go to Julio to get some of the heat off of the other recievers. Lets face it. We need Julio to be doubled covered so Peek can get the catches. Bama is running different plays, so that the passing game will be their when we need it. Look at Auburn, they’re stuffs not working lately because everybody has seen it. Take a look at Florida, they’re stuffs not working either, because everybodys looked at the same crapp for three years. How many times have you watched the Gators run the same ole dive play. Sabans very smart and he knows, that you can’t keep running the same stuff over and over, you have to give em something else to look at and save the good stuff to pull out later, when you need it. Hell! Sabans not the only one watching film,,,,and the passing game, again Soutn Carolina played us tuff, Dude…. When I watched us play Ole Miss., We didn’t get any pass interfearance calls, Its hard to catch the damn ball when you have two guys hanging all over ya,,,,Shane.. I wouldn’t worry about the passing game it will be their when we really need it….ROLL TIDE

  16. 17
    JD Cahill

    I listened to you on Finebaum this afternoon. What did you mean when you said that the Gizzes players were ready to go over the hill. What have you heard. I would like to hear more on this topic. If their not buying into the program on the farm then they have some really bad problems. I kinda feel like the Gizz is makeing a misstake by letting his coaches talk. You don’t see Saban giving his coaches a stage to get another job from…ROLL TIDE

  17. 18
    E.G. White

    Cahill, you’re wrong. Saban’s not trying to confuse future opponents by running an offense that puts us in danger of losing for 3 and 2/3 quarters llke Saturday. Where do you come up with that kind of crap? There is a problem with the passing game and its name is McElroy. He’s making bad choices, forcing throws, making bad throws because he’s not stepping into them like he was. Jesus those quick jump passes he was throwing in the the UNT game were deadly accurate and unstoppable. Many of them the reciever was covered llke stink on shit. And with those kind of passes the pass rush is ineffective. I don’t care who the other team is. Right now we can’t make those kind of plays cause right now Mac couldn’t hit himself in the face. It also doesn’t help that Julio has dropped more passes than he’s caught and dropping the same type of difficult passes that he caught last year to earn MVP honors. And Peek dropped a TD pass Sat. too. But once again even though he was wide open the ball wasn’t well thrown. (cont.)

  18. 19
    E.G. White

    (cont.) Look Mac himself said he is the problem, and he intends to straighten it out. I have faith that he will. You can’t be that good and suddenly be that bad without there being something you can correct. Nobody has any better pass rush than we faced with VT and he both sucked in the first half and straightened it out in the second half. He can do it again. But he better hurry up because UcheaT, LSWho and the Barn are our most hated rivals. And Miss. State has a real bad history of upsetting undefeated Alabama teams. It doesn’t matter how loyal a Bama fan you are. You can’t look at everything through Crimson colored glasses. You can’t fabricate bullshit to gloss over the problem. It just makes you look like the stupid mullet that our rivals claim we are. GMAC and McElwain and the Sabanator will fix it. Just hope they make some serious progress by Saturday. RTR!

  19. 20
    JD Cahill

    Yadda Yadda Yadda.
    GMac is hearing footprints. I’ve heard it all. He’s throwing into double coveraage because the coach is telling him too. You wait and see. If we get behind in one of these games Gmac will start looking like a pro again. You wait and see. You have to be a forward thinker. Saban is. He is in complete controll and knows whats going on out their. We did run some of the plays that we ran in the past and guess what he completed those passes. Then he stopped running them. If your going to win a national championship you have to be thinking ahead. Mark my words. The passing game will be their when we really need it. They know what works and their saving it….The only thing that bothers me is the miss reads we have from time to time. Some of these teams have good speed on the outside and if you have a miss read it could leave you open for some big plays….

  20. 22
    JD Cahill

    Look you can’t come out their every saturday and run the same plays. You have to give them something else to look at. Most players we face in this league are smart, or they would be playing some where else. If they were stupid they would be playing at a school that gives you the grades. I don’t know. Playing somewhere like South Florida or Auburn. I only mention Auburn because of the two or three times they have been caught giving grades….ROLL TIDE

  21. 23

    AUROX, Bama has sniffed or been in the race a few times since 92. We went 11-0 in 94 and lost to Fla by 1, won SEC in 99 and lost to Mich by 1 in Orange, started 9-0 in 05 and lost last two (the sack game), and last year. Alabama has still been in the picture a few times, even thru the probation periods, and now we’re finally back to where we should be. Give Chizick 2 years of recruiting and Auburn will be right back up there with us.RTR

  22. 24
    E.G. White

    Cahill that’s some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. No wonder our rivals call us mullets. It’s tards like you who fabricate bullshit that has nothing whatsoever to do with reality, who give Bama fans a bad reputation. People from rival boards who know better, look at that shit and just roll on the floor laughing at us. CNS is not God and he’s not a magician with a Goddamn magic wand you stupid tard. He didn’t hold back fucking plays against two outstanding teams – Ole Miss and USC – putting us in danger in both games, just to hide our ‘awesome’ offense from 3-3 Tennessee and Chattanooga! In fact only LSU has the potential to be as good as our last two opponents and our first one. He’s human and he has no magic fix for the damn offense. If he did he damn sure would have used against USC after we stunk up the field against Ole Miss. You are an absolute tard and you’re embarassing me. I’m not even gonna discuss it with you anymore. Just STFU! RTR!

  23. 25
    E.G. White

    Oh and by the way by embarassing me I meant as a part of the Bama Nation I’m embarassed to be associated with you. Ballplay Injun what do you think? What’s your perspective on this from a Barner point of view. Although sometimes I think you’re actually a closet Bammer! By the way where’s your sidekick Omnipissant? Lots of you Barnies have disappeared like farts in the wind! ROTFL! RTR!

  24. 26
    E.G. White

    Hey Bammers, I know this suggestion will be disgusting and will make your stomachs churn; maybe even give you the runs and insomnia. But consider pulling for Auburn this week. If LSWho loses then everyone in the West will have 2 or more SEC loses. That would virtually give Bama a bye into Atlanta. It would take some of the pressure off the team and it would keep LSWho out of Atlanta should the unthinkable happen next week. Uhh, Go Barnies? Uhh, Raw Beagle? LMAO! RTR!

  25. 27
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Bamaman and Carl…..Aurox nailed it. What your saying is akin to Harvard saying “weve been there before and expect excellence”. They wouldnt be lying. They have won more NC. than Bama. So does that mean their arguemnent holds water ? Haaayell no it doesnt. 17 years ago isnt even recent history. Shut your arrogant pie holes you turds.

    What I said went right over your goober pea sized brains. YOU ARE GETTING EXCELLENCE !!!!! Your pass and rushing attack are seldom in sync even with the best teams. But Bama had one compensate for the other in 2 dominating performances. Your defense is the best in the country. Period. your arguements about excellence are a friggin joke. 4 (or was it 5) years of Shula ?!?!?!?!?!! I hear ya their expectors of “excellence”…. The bar was high on that hire , and even higher on keeping him their for that long. Give me a break. GMAC is an outstanding quarterback. HE HAS TO GROW !!!!! He hasnt started a game until THIS YEAR !!!! Taking that into consideration, he is doing waaayyy better than I thought he would. Let him mature some. Your SEC schedule is starting to take a toll on him ( as I predicted)..But, he will get it very soon. EGG, special teams are feast or famine. Your team isnt bad at special teams because of 2 games. In fact your return game is great , its coverage thats lacking.

    Again, give GMAC another game or two. He will come around … Every team from here on out will consider Ingram the main threat, and that will open up holes for GMAC….

    What about them Hokies ????? Havent heard much about that loss. Of course, I didnt really expect to.

  26. 28
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    J.D. Cahill……You know what your talking about. Therefore , you have no business on this board.

  27. 30

    Yes, Bama has had far to many penalties by the offense and the special teams in the last two games. However, I think the OC has to take some of the blame for his conservative play calling on 1st down and his “not so” conservative play calling in the red zone. For instance, on 1st and goal at the Ole Miss 3 yard line, the OC calls a pass to Julio that falls incomplete and on 2nd down we get a five yard penalty. Now, we have it at the 7 yard line and the OC calls two straight pass plays. We have to see more of the Wildcat formation in the red zone, with a hand off to Julio every now and then. I’m not saying we have to resort to trickery, but we need to turn the offense loose early in the game so we can get in a rhythm and stop hurting ourselves with play calling, penalties and turnovers. Also, I don’t think there is a team remaining on our schedule that can beat us, but we could easilty beat ourselves by not correcting our mistakes.

  28. 31

    Elephantstomp….I hope your right about Auburn being 2 classes away from being able to compete. As much as we all hate to admit it, Alabama and Auburn both benefit from both being good.

    Bamaman…..let me clear something up for you. I access the “capstone” via Finebaum’s website. is just a quick link for me to keep up with all of SEC football. The capstone report is the only bammer site I have ever frequented, and I do it mainly for the entertainment value. I know, in typical bammer fashion, you must think I’m so envious of my “big brother” that I sneak on bama websites just to feel better about myself. Not the case. If Paul ever links to a similar Auburn blog, I’ll be there.

  29. 32
    Indiana Vol


    007 (aka Crimson Turd Moron);

    You show what a true moron you really are!

  30. 34
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    IndyVol……Tennessee is going to get the ass kicking of a lifetime on Saturday. If you cant see that , then your blind …. Crompton will be running for his life…And throwing the ball to whoever wants it. Including the defense.

  31. 35
    E.G. White

    Yeah Ball State is (chuckle) D1. But at 0-7 and only the Barn in that record with a winning record, they ought not be. Still means you have to beat Jaw Jaw to go a Bowlin’. RTR!

  32. 36
    E.G. White

    There’s no doubt the G-man will come around. I’ve stated that clearly. But for 7 straight games the kick coverage has stunk up the field and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna change. With the O struggling to get it in the endzone, I’m getting an ulcer watching us get 3 and then give them the ball at midfield. One day it’s gonna bite us in the butt. This crap is the ST coaches fault. Julio looks great at everything he does except catching the ball, which is the one thing that requires focus. There’s talk that there is another issue besides the fishing trip that hasn’t been released yet. I wonder if that could be affecting his concentration? Sure would be nice to see some improvement to all these issues against UcheaT, and then a perfect game against LSWho. RTR!

  33. 37
    E.G. White

    In case ya’ll missed the release, or my post on the other thread. Mark has been awarded the 4th annual Halfway Heisman by the Heisman Watch Commitee. Their first two selectees went on to win the Heisman and last year McCoy finished 2nd. That’s a hell of an honor to be placed in the same esteem as Colt McCoy and Lord Tebow! Go Mark! RTR!

  34. 38
    Indiana Vol

    “IndyVol……Tennessee is going to get the ass kicking of a lifetime on Saturday. If you cant see that , then your blind …. Crompton will be running for his life…And throwing the ball to whoever wants it. Including the defense.”

    BRING IT ON; Bammer is nothing but a bunch of habitual cheaters and its coach is a horse’s ass!

    rammer-jammer, yeller-hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

  35. 39
    Indiana Vol

    BRING IT ON; Bammer is nothing but a bunch of habitual cheaters and its coach is a horse’s ass!

    rammer-jammer, yeller-hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

  36. 40
    Indiana Vol

    What does the Tuscaloosa 10 year old say when she is losing her virginity?

    “Git off me paw your crushin’ my Marlboros”

  37. 41

    Indian, first of all, change your stupid long ass name already. I got one for you- WANNABEE AS GOOD AS BAMA or PLEASR DON’T BEAT US 36-0 AGAIN. RTR

  38. 42

    “Auburn is a Joke” (aka Ballplay) & “AUROX”,

    Do you COW COLLEGE people still have a little of that “CAT SCRATCH FEVER” today?

    If you still do, maybe Patsy (Finebaum Show) can give you some of her Whisky (if your 21 and over).

    I heard that’s how she’s getting over her “CAT SCRATCH FEVER”. LOL

    Keep up the good work guys, because your gonna be real busy in here (some of you are probably the main callers on the Finebaum Show also) taking up for the COW COLLEGE’S “Manhood” over the next 4 or 5 years.

    The COW COLLEGE will need all the help they can get, just try not to type your little fingers to the NUB. LOL LOL LOL



  39. 43
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Indy…….I am an Auburn fan….You know Auburn, right ? The team that you havent beaten in about 15 years. Yeah, that Auburn. And believe me, I hate bama….But they are gonna kick yalls asses up around your ears.

  40. 44

    there is chinks in your armor for sure

    retard shane.tebow will win the heisman

    again this year lil retard. fla will be

    bcs champions once again.

  41. 46
    JD Cahill

    E.G. Didn’t you hear what Barker said this morning. He said that bama wasn’t running the same plays, play action pass etc. etc., you dumn ass!! but its kinda on the down low,,,,,Didn’t you here what Gizz said at his press conferrence that he was running the same stuff, he believes its all about execution,,,he’ll never win a national championship with that kind of short sightedness. AS for Auburn…don’t get your head down, it’s the guys first year. Give it a chance.

  42. 49
    E.G. White

    You’re right. They aren’t running as many play action passes. That’s partly because McElwain has been calling a stupid game – evidence against Ole Miss 15 passes to Julio and 10 of them into double and triple coverage, with only 4 completions. Part is because McElroy isn’t checking off on those stupid calls, and part is that he hasn’t had time to run play action with the rush he’s been facing. He needs more screens to his awesome RB’s like he called Sat. And more quick outs and slants like he had against UNT. That would eliminate the effectivness of the pass rush. But Mac has misplaced his accuracy. He hasn’t been throwing those fire darts because Julio and Peek have been dropping them. And just like Sat he’s been misfiring on the rest. Hell, Sat Upchurch came out of the backfield wide ass open in the middle and Mac overthrew him by 5 feet. You can’t run the type of O we did in the first 4 games, if the QB can’t hit shit, is not checking off, and locks in on one reciever and throws to him in triple coverage.

  43. 50
    JD Cahill

    Sec championship….Cahill down and out in Georgia
    When returning home from the SEC championship. I had to explain to Thomas why the RV door he had just replaced was now gone, ripped from it’s hinges. Here’s what happened Thomas. I said..
    I was just one of the many people in the press room listening to Meyer give his low down on the game and what it is like to win another SEC championship. I really didn’t fully understand his reaction to me right after the press conference, perhaps it was the look on my face. I’m not very good at hiding emotion, or at least not good at hiding the look of complete and utter disgust. Or perhaps he just knew who I was, I doupt it was the latter.
    While passing me in the corridor. Meyer stopped and looked at me. I don’t want you writing about my guys in your blog Cahill, he said. I was caught completely off guard. Holy shit. I thought. This guy knows who the hell I am. What? I said! I don’t want you writing about my team in your shitty little blog, He said. What? Man! I’ll write about who the hell I want to! I said. No you want , he replied. He then growled.He freaking growled, are you kidding me. He growled. Then, slowly, he said “tonight I’m coming for you Cahill”. Then turning He walked away. One of the reporters looked at me, and said. Man! I wouldn’t won’t want to be in your shoes tonight. What I said? Man, you know. he’s a werewolf right. Tim and I started laughing. But, as Meyer turned to round the corner of the hall he stopped, glanced at the small group of reporters I was standing with. Well! Have you ever seen, how an animals eyes glow at night, when you shine headlights directly into a it’s eyes, that’s what we saw. Meyer’s eyes glowed red for a moment, but it happened. Only for just a moment. All the reporters sort of moaned. I heard one say. I wouldn’t be in your shoes tonight. We just laughed and walked away.
    Two hours later Tim climbed on a small plane headed for D.C., and I was left alone. Tim was flying to meet Thomas in D.C. with buyers he knew. Sure. We were a little creeped out, but for the most part we thought his eyes glowing was sort of humorous. We laughed about it all day. Hell! We had assumed, his eyes glowed from the light coming from all cameras that were in the small corridor. I remembered Tim laughing and saying, I think it’s a full moon tonight! Hell! I know it was a joke, but still?
    Well! I climbed aboard the RV and headed back to Thomas’s 2nd story home slash office feeling tired and a little creeped out. When I left the RV I looked up at the moon. It’s not a full moon. I said as I entered my friends house slash office in Atlanta.
    After making some note’s on the lap top. I decided to have one more silver bullet and turn in for the night. I walked to the window and looked out at the moon. I chuckled as I looked up at the moon, but as I turned to walk away I saw something run across the street!! At the time. I wasn’t sure what it was but, it was running upright, and it was very hairy. Holy shit! I exclaimed!! Locking the window and running to the door. This thing what ever it was. Leaped the 7 foot gate that was in front of the house. And sprang up onto the porch. Oh shit!! I said, grabbing the phone that was now dead. I ran for my cell phone, remembering, that I hadn’t charged the battery that was now completely dead, with no bars showing..
    I could hear It breaking down the front door. Entering the fore. I listen to it growling at the bottom of the stairs. It stormed up the stairs to the second floor. I didn’t have my gun. Absentmindly leaving it under the seat in the RV. I looked around and couldn’t find anything there to fight with. I could now hear it at the second story door. It must have just been standing at the door. To me I had supposed, or I could hear it just standing there breathing in my scent. I ran to the closet. Hell!! There wasn’t anything in there to fight with either. So. I went into the closet having one thought. I would pull the closet bar down. Realizing to late that with the door closed I couldn’t take it down. Suddenly the door entering the room was quickly kicked down. I felt my knees began to shake a little, an all I had to fight with was a wire coat hanger. For once in my life. I didn’t know what I was going to do.
    I had only moments to think. Seems again that my luck didn’t fail me. You see. Funny thing about that little closet. I remembered that it was a double door closet with clothes on one side and a hot water heater on the other, a second door that went into the hallway. So as that G*&damn Ole Wolfman tore the room apart. I slipped out the door and into the hall. Moving quickly now. I passed the door that was just recently torn all to hell and back only seconds ago. I saw the damn thing going for the closet. I’m not sure how long it took for that fu*er to realize that I was gone, but I’m pretty sure it would soon know where I had retreated to, the Old RV.
    I jumped into the RV!! Where I so often fled, In lets just say, in times as these. I remembered to grab the broom stick and jam into the new cheap ass door thomas had just replaced. I grabbed my revolver. I knew that I only had silver bullets to drink and not any to kill this thing with. Lets face it the only silver bullets in the RV were for drinking not shooting at Wofman. If he wanted a good drink. I had it covered, but I really don’t think he was there to share a few drinks and trade stories. Hell! He was there to eat me. But still, I had my 38. I thought I might be able to make a few holes in the damn thing, if only to discourage it from killing me. I sat in the seat and fired up the 427 while reaching for a sip from the bottle of beer left over, in the drink holder, from that evening. I knew Ole Wolfman Meyer could hear the dual exhaust on my Old RV. So as it fired up I slammed it into gear and blew out of there. Boiling the tires coming out of the drive way, I had backed in earlier. Ole Wolfman Meyer leaped out of the second story window and into hot pursuit of the Old RV.
    I ran the RV through all the gears not missing a shift and laying down lots of rubber trying to get the Old heavy ass RV rolling. I could see Wolfman Meyer closing in on the RV fast. So I knew. I would have to get to somewhere safe or onto the interstate. Where I could get up to a high speed an be able to put some space between me and this thing. Reaching down I flipped on the lights and the old loud ass burglar alarm, I often used as a siren, in case of emergencys such as this. So, I’m hauling ass down the road with a Wolfman on my ass. I’ve got a 38 in my lap and sipping on a half empty hot beer left over from the night before. Red lights flashing. Loudass burgler alarm blaring and lost bigger than shit.
    So there I am. I can’t find the damn onramp and ever time I make a corner this m*&therf&*er is getting closer. Then I realize the damn radio set to oldies is playing the night they drove Ole Dixie down. Well F*k I said, ain’t this some shit. Suddenly it came to me. I remembered the way to the onramp. But when I made the last turn for the road leading to the onramp ole Wolfman Meyer caught me, leaping onto the side of the Old RV, pulling at the door. I could see Wolfman from the side mirror and pulling on the new cheap ass door, Thomas recently payed to replace. I grabbed my 38 and started firing through the door. Hitting him. I know at least 4 times. I thought that it would be wise to save, at least one bullet for point blank range in case I needed it. On the last shot he fell from the side of the RV, hitting the ground and rolling. Quickly he got up again and staying in pursuit of the Old RV. Leaping back onto the door once again. But I knew that now he must be at least hurting a little.
    He was now, back at the door. I realized that all I had left was one more bullet left in my gun. I feel like It was a wise decision I made when I elected to save it, because I didn’t know if the new cheap ass door Thomas bought, was going to hold much longer, and the broomstick was starting give away. I saw that there was a sixfoot wooden fence running along side of the road. I thought that for me, that wooden fence would become a mighty handy thing. So I pulled over to the fence and creened Old Wolfman Meyer through it, tearing the mirror off the side of the RV as well as Wolfy. I could see him fall from the RV. Hitting the ground and rolling through all the debris from the fence, I had just torn all to hell and back. Ha!! I screamed out loud, take that sh*t M*@therf*ker. Looking over, and realizing that my side mirror was now gone. What had been fear, now turned to anger. Ol hell no I said out loud, dropping my last beer to the floor. Tear my mirror off. I’ll show your ass. I wheeled the Old RV around and headed for Old Wolfman, who was now trying to get up off of the ground. You know what? I think he was trying to lure me back, and I fell for it. As I approached him. With the ideal, that I would run his hairy ass down.
    To my surprise! Wolfman leaped to the side and back on the damn door again. Ole shiiit, I said out loud. What had been anger immediately returned to fear again. Jd you dumnass, I said to myself. I mean, I was home free. All I had to do is get onto the interstate and back to Bama where I would be safe, but no, I had to go back for more. Man!! Some times I’m just a dumn ass.
    Well the broom stick finally gave way and so did the lock on the door. He had me!! As soon as he stepped one foot onto the floor of the RV. He growled and showed his long fangs and long claws and just as he was about to eat me. I decided to give him one last thing from Bama. My last bullet. I shot his ass right in the face driving him backwards. You know what. They were right about those silver bullets and the effects they have on werewolfs. To my surprise and his!! He slipped on the empty silver bullet that was rolling around on the floor. Loosing his balance. He fell backward grabbing onto the RV door. For a moment he sort of swung out the door suspended and hanging onto the new door. I said to myself, laughing. I said self, it worked once it will work again. I drove the side of the Old RV into a telephone pole tearing the door and ole Wolfy Meyer off the side of the RV. As I rolled up the onramp of the interstate, I hit the yea Alabama horn and rolled off into the night. Leaving Wolfy Meyer and the new door laying in a ditch in Georgia.
    As I finished my story to Thomas. He just sat there and stared. He begin to laugh, If you don’t want to tell me what happened to the door, fine then he said. You and Tim can buy the next one yourselfs. No! really I said, that’s what happened. He replied sure fine then.
    When I got back to the house, I thought I would try and end this thing with Meyer I got his number from some friends and left him an appology on his machine and sent some emails. Trying to end this thing with him. I don’t need to be worrying about him hunting me. I’ve got plenty of other problems of my own to worry about. I think I will send him a friends request an make him my no 1 friend, as a peace jester of sorts.
    You know I wonder if T-bones a Wolfman also. I thought the way he played these last couple of years was a little supernatural. I would have sworn that in the Ole Miss game when there was a fumble I heard Ol Meyer yell Fetch T-bone fetch. Do you reckon last year. They gave the Heisman to a Wolfman. That really doesn’t seem fair to me.
    The next time the moon is full and wolfbayne is in bloom. Take a look and notice where these guys are. If they are there with you. Remember Jd told you so. Maybe you sould get the hell out of Gainesville, or you may become the next Wolfman quarterback for the Gators when T-bone is gone……..ROLL TIDE……

  44. 51

    That was way too long! Anyway, is calling us cheaters the best you’ve got? Even if we are, Saban knows the rules and it will take alot to bust him for cheating. He’s just that good! Don’t hate on the antichrist!RTR

  45. 52
    JD Cahill

    I had a friend. His son plays for Saban. One week his son came home with the play book. Dad he said. I’ve got to study the play book this week end. Good his Dad said but first would you mind if we looked at the plays. Sure he said. The reaches into his bag and pulled out the play book. My god I said. What the hell….The adverage play book is probably about 150 pages. Their were 350 in Sabans play book,. When we opened it. My buddy said to his son. Most of these are the same plays . No dad look closer. You see on this play you place your hand here and on this play you place your foot here and turn it this way etc,etc, you see /dad its all about technique….

  46. 53

    Whats up people? MISS ME? Sorry I have been moving and changing jobs ( GO OBAMA ) and lifes gotten complicated. BUT I have watched CFB and WOW…. Anyone remember that SHane blog on GMAC for HIESMANN????

  47. 54

    Whats up people? MISS ME? Sorry I have been moving and changing jobs ( GO OBAMA ) and lifes gotten complicated. BUT I have watched CFB and WOW…. Anyone remember that SHane blog on GMAC for HIESMANN???? Remember who I told you was YOUR studd…. Mr Ingram… WOW is better than most thought huh? NOT ME.. And howabout them TIGERS??? I LOVE EM


  48. 55


    i agree with you about hussein obama
    i wished he would go off a cliff some where. ingram will not win the tebow trophy this year.ingram could if he continues be in the running next year.

  49. 56
    Indiana Vol

    A young lad from Alabama decides to attend college at a small school out of state. After a couple months away he writes home to tell his parents he met a wonderful girl and has fallen in love. “She is beautiful, smart, and is a virgin” he says in his letter. Upon reading the letter, his father immediately calls him on the phone to voice his concern. “Son”, the dad says, “So she is a virgin”? “If her own daddy does not want anything to do with her, then there must be something very wrong with her”.

    Q: What do you call a 14 year old virgin in Alabama?
    A: Someone who can outrun her daddy and brothers.

    Q: How do men in Alabama order an extra gallon
    of milk from the milkman?
    A: They pin a note on their wife’s bra before leaving for work.

    Q: What do a divorce in Alabama and a tornado have in common?
    A: Someone is getting ready to lose a trailer.

  50. 58

    I’m glad we have Jay Leno posting. Let me try a joke……Who coaches the University of Tennessee Volunteers?

    Answer: Lame Kiffin. Pretty funny huh?

  51. 59
    Indiana Vol

    “I’m glad we have Jay Leno posting. Let me try a joke……Who coaches the University of Tennessee Volunteers?

    Answer: Lame Kiffin. Pretty funny huh?”

    You may not think it is so funny come Sunday morning!

  52. 60

    You guy’s better hurry up and get your punches in on “Indiana Vol”.

    Because he/she want be around anymore after 5:30pm (Central Standard Time)Saturday OCT. 24th, 2009.



  53. 62

    IndyVol…..I’m not one of those who picks bama to blow y’all out. TN seems to be peaking at the same time the tide is not playing up to it’s potential. Could be closer than we think.

  54. 63
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Crompton will dump a gold turd when Cody McLain and Co. are breathing down his throat. At least 3 picks for Crompton. Tennessee has no more than 250 yards total offense. 150 on the ground 100 through the air. Bama wins it 34 – 10

  55. 64

    idy vol you forgot one very important question.

    Who you goona call when you need a toilet imspector? Of course its the tennessee grad that got ran out of his favorite and now resides in indy, who happens to call himself the indyvol.

    You are so sick boy, I don’t really believe you actually graduated slUT, but you said so, so I’ll take you at your word, the same I do as you telling us all that you are a toilet inspector. Come to think of it, I guess you did yourself good, seeing as where your degree came from. Heck you could be selling tomatos with ole phat phil.

    I hope for your sake you don’t take sux vol football as serious as you say, because if you do we wont ever near from you after Saturday.

    Bama-48 the sux vols-3.


    Hey SUX vols! Hey SUX vols! We goona beat the hell outta you! Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, give em hell ALABAMA…..

    Sweet Dreams SUX BOY!!!!!!!


  56. 67
    E.G. White

    Jesus Christ, there’s some people in love with themselves on this board. They even think they can write. But damn, those f–king novels waste my time having to scroll through ’em. It’s a shame everybody can’t be perfect like me! RTR!

  57. 68
    Indiana Vol

    Hey Carl the Crimson TURD Moron,

    Funny, I never said I graduated or went to Tennessee. Fact is, I went to UNA. I grew up in Tennessee and have been a lifelong fan. As far as the career, my position in the insurance industry has taken me to different parts of America through promotions including 5 years in the cesspool that is Birmingham, AL. This is where I got to see for myself what others had said, Bammer fans are the most classless, uneducated fools in college football. Fact is, the company I work for probably insures your double-wide!

    You really need some help; get your facts straight before you make and ASS of yourself. Oh, you have already made an ASS of yourself.

    Rammer-Jammer, Yeller-Hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!!


  58. 69

    Indiana Vol,

    Do us all a favor and never move back to the STATE OF ALABAMA.

    Keep on making those millions up there hawking that Insurance for those double-wides in cold AZZ Indiana.

    Will be thinking about you hawking that Insurance up there in cold AZZ Indiana while we’re down here in good ole Alabama laying out by the Gulf of Mexico (Orange Beach)! LOL LOL LOL



  59. 70

    OH I SEE indy vol, not only are you a slut fan bur you also admit to lieing. I’m not going to take the time to search all back through these posts to point out where you said you were a ut grad., but you did say that as I’m sure omni, aurox, ballplay, and some others will remember, as they were involved in the postings during that time. Fact is it’s not important, if you are a fan of the UcheaT u that’s enough.

    To compair the entire state of Alabama, to what I agree is a cesspool, known as Birmingham, is about as valid to comparing apples to oranges. I have not, and will not ever live there, but I think more of that rat hole than I do the entire state of tenn.

    I can assure you toliet boy, you don’t write the insurance on my doublewide, for you to do that I would have to live in one. How anyone that attended UNA could have turned out like you is very suprising. Why don’t you go bace there and tell some of them how you feel about Alabama, cause I’m sure some of those red blooded American guys would beat your stupid ass.

    Are you really in insurance, or is that a lie as well? Are you really a slUT fan, or is that a lie? What explains most of this to me is this, if you are in fact involved with the insurance industry in any way would make me question anything you say. Because to be in insurance isn’t part of your training in the art of misleading honest folks?

    You are a lot lower form of scum than I at first thought, not only a ut guy, but a insurance man, that claims to inspect toilets. My opinion of insurance people is lower than most any other industry. I hope you are happy in indy, because most folks I know in Alabama would be happy you’re there, scum boy.

    A scum boy, living in a scum state, pulling for a scum team. What a life you must have. Do me a favor scum boy EAT IT!!! Your team is going to Saturday.

  60. 71

    Went to school at Florence State huh? Worked over on Pine Street once, I used to go to the little soda shop by the campus when I needed something to eat. There were some pretty cute female students who stopped by from time to time. Enjoyed mingling with them. One thing I noticed, and the girls tended to back it up, was that some of the dudes, definitely not all, were kind of ‘light in the loafers’ if you know what I mean. I’m thinking that you ‘Indiana, Toilet Face, Volunqueer Suck Boy’ might be one of the light loafer boys. In fact, judging by your profession, obvious love of the male toolkit, and unbridled passion for Lame Kiffin, I would have to say, D@mn boy go sign up with the rainbows and get the H3ll off of this site.

    Bama 40
    Hillbillies 6

  61. 72
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! How I LOVE THIS SITE! Lots of crazy, hilarious stuff that ALWAYS makes me come back for MORE! Can’t get enough of it. ANYWAY, “INDY VOL,” why is it that people like YOU always pull out the inbreeding jokes? Maybe its because YOU have a GUILTY CONSCIENCE? Psychiatrists have called this TRANSFERENCE. TRANSFERRING your guilt-ridden psyche over to others in order to justify your degenerate activity. IS THAT IT? Haha, just picking on ya a little bit. CARL pointed it out and I REMEMBER along with many others that YOU SAID you were a UT grad. I UNDERSTAND WHY you will keep the flag flying for Lane & Co., but get ready dude; THE TIDE IS ROLLING and the Vols are gonna get SWEPT by a PSUNAMI!!! Later!

  62. 73

    Actually E.G. White, we only have to beat Furman to make a bowl. If we beat Furman and lost the rest we would go to a bowl. Yeah Ball State is having a rough year. They did win 12 games last year though. Maybe we can add Florida International and North Texas to beef up our schedule next year.

  63. 74

    Auburn High-Opelika High tonight. At least Auburn has 1 team number one right now!! Cory Grant hasn’t lived up to the hype so far…..may have a big night tonight.

  64. 78

    Hey sux vol indy, I’ll give you one thing, your little boy coach did as good a job as could have been expected on his first visit to the “Mecca.” But you seasoned sux vols have got to teach him, that when he is on all fours at the Meeca getting one rammed to him, he has to be like you big boy sux vols and swallow instead of choking!

    When you’re a visitor at the Mecca you trully have only two choices while suxing, CHOKE or SWALLOW! SUX VOL!!!!

    Tick,Tick,TICK, the clock just struck and the sux vols once AGAIN, proved they sux like none else!!!

    Now go on back to your hole and keep your pie trap shut toilet BOY!

  65. 79

    Where you at Indy? Close but no CIGAR! I don’t give a shit if we win by half a point as long as we win. I haven’t been that crunk after a win in a while.Mt. Cody deserves to be the hero. Bring on the Hat for his annual ass whippin!RTR

  66. 80

    I do have to say, I wish UT could play Auburn again. Crompton has gotten better. He made some really good throws yesterday, and his recievers drop alot of balls. I almost felt sorry for Kiffin because he just knew they were gonna beat Alabama until Cody yanked that victory out of the air. It really was a boring game until the 4th qtr. Everybody’s gonna be talking about whats wrong with Bama, but every Nat Champ team has a game they could have/should have lost and they find a way to win, so thats all I’m gonna say about that. Saban will use the off week wisely and then whip LSU’s ass in 2 weeks. RTR

  67. 81
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! THANK GOD WE WON! Its ALWAYS GREAT to defeat those orange-clad invaders from Knoxville. Terrence Cody IS THE MAN! The open date comes at a great time. The batteries DEFINATELY NEED re-charging. I’m sad to say that the offense reminded me of 2006. When we got in the red zone we bogged down and we’ve got to put teams away to keep from being caught in a situation like yesterday. A so-called “ugly win” is better than a “moral victory” any day of the week but I’M CONFIDENT that Coach Saban & Co. will get this thing fixed. The Bayou Bengals are next on the list. LSU looked good last night. Sorry Aubies, but the truth is coming out about that team from the village. Lack of depth, at best a 7-win team. One last comment about the win over Tennessee; give those Vols the credit they deserve. They played a heckuva game. Their defense bent but didn’t break and their offense made enough plays to put them in a position to win, but THE TIDE ROSE AND OVERCAME ADVERSITY. That’s the mark of a championship team.

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