Football: Tide-Vols on CBS & links

Alabama’s traditional game against Tennessee will be on CBS. Here is the official release, and you’ll find links below that. Enjoy.

CBS to Televise Alabama-Tennessee Football Game; Kickoff Set for 2:30 P.M. CDT on October 24.
TUSCALOOSA – The Southeastern Conference announced today that CBS will televise the Alabama-Tennessee football game to a national audience beginning at 2:30 p.m. (CDT) from Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday, October 24.

Alabama and Tennessee will be meeting for the 92nd time with Alabama holding a 46-37-8 lead in the series. Alabama has won the last two meetings, including a 29-9 victory last year in Knoxville. The two teams have met every year since 1944.

Other SEC games to be televised on Saturday, Oct. 24, include Arkansas at Mississippi (11:21 a.m. CDT on the SEC Network), Vanderbilt at South Carolina (6 p.m. CDT on ESPNU) and Louisiana-Monroe at Kentucky (6 p.m. CDT on FSN). ESPN and ESPN2 will make their selections between the Auburn at LSU and Florida at Mississippi State games following the games of Saturday, Oct. 17. Those games will be televised at 6:30 p.m. CDT regardless of which network televises them.


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  1. 1

    Listening to some of the Barn boys talk this weekend,they are so delusional that they think Arkansas would have beat any team in the country Saturday.Could they be any more pathetic?

  2. 3
    Indiana Vol

    Get ready to rumble with Tennessee’s D, Bammer Morons! Your Crimson Turd has not seen a D of this strength this season!

    Vols in a close one:

    Vols 10
    Crimson TURD 7

  3. 6
    Indiana Vol

    “My “idiot” coach beat your “genius” coach.”

    By idiot, you must be referring to that horse’s ass Nicky Satan!

  4. 7

    Carlos, please don’t let an unexpected win against a hapless Georgia team give you false hope. You seriously may not score.

  5. 9
    E.G. White

    Delusional schitzophrenia. That great Volunqueer D took it up the ass from Auburn without vaseline. Ohio did pretty good too! Yep, the Sabanator is terrified! NOT!!! MORON! Nico and Rolando and Javier and Kareem and Mark and Rod and Courtney and Corey and Terrence are all salivating at the though of some Crompton ordourves being served up! Yeah and Jerrell will be back too. I think we ought to give the O the day off. The D can score 5 td’s themselves off take aways! Final score Bama 38, Volunqueers 0! RTR!

  6. 11
    Indiana Vol

    Lots of Bammer Moron BS, EGGHEAD.

    I want you to promise me that you will come here 2 weeks from today to take your medicine when the Vols upset the Crimson Turd!

    Remember, Florida is a better team than Bammer and the Vols D was awesome!

  7. 12
    E.G. White

    Florida better than Bama? NOT!!! You and Florida are the only ones left that think so! Think you have a D asshole? When our D gets through with you, you’ll think the Pittsburg Steelers have relocated to T-town! Don’t be patting yourself on the back for Florida fool. Tebow among others had the flu and you were never, ever in danger of even making Florida sweat, in spite of the score. Same as LSU. Man you blinded by that big orange spot just really don’t have a clue what kind of team Tennessee’s gonna run into do you? Just call it Taz for short. The Tazmanian Devils! RTR!

  8. 13

    Just think, if by some incredible miracle, UT beats Bama, how in the world will the Bama nation cope? I think I could open a suicide prevention hotline and retire a millionaire within a week 🙂

  9. 14

    EG White: Don’t you remember what always happened to Taz? He got outsmarted by Bugs EVERY SINGLE TIME (usually getting blown up). So I hope your analogy is correct!!!

  10. 15
    E.G. White

    Yeah well the difference is this is real life and bunnies don’t win! Also this aint a game of smarts. Bama just like Taz just tears hell out of everything that gets in the way! Bring your bunny smarts if you got any. Bama will knock that shit back to Dollywood! And I aint goin anywhere cept maybe to Pasadena if I can get a ticket! Like all the experts are saying – nobody can beat Bama but Bama. UcheaT may beat Bama eventually, but it won’t be this year! RTR!

  11. 16
    alex hamilton

    IndianaVol can’t help but be a blithering moron, guys. Don’t beat him up here.

    After all, what else can you say for the product of a drunken evening in the backseat of a Model T Ford between Alfred Kinsey and a ten year old Dolly Parton, in the hills of east Tennessee; hence the fact that this twisted love child became known as “IndianaVol”.

    “IndianaVol” has lived a very hard life since his unseemly conception. Neither the famed IU sex professor Kinsey nor Parton would publicly acknowledge that either were the real parent of IndianaVol. IndianaVol was left to be raised by Parton’s great aunt. He also spent his summers at Indiana University where he learned a true affection for shitty football.

    Kinsey and Parton kept their product of perversion secret until shortly before Kinsey’s death. It is rumored that IndianaVol spurred on Kinsey’s death from complications of syphillius and used to claim in his sex disease dementia that “Indy” came out the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Parton privately sued the failed condom manufacturer in 1970 as plaintiff “Jane D.D.D. Doe” claiming that because of the broken condom, she was forced to give birth to a male child with the IQ of 74, oversized gums, and a perverse love of Tennessee football.

    Poor, poor Indy. Let’s allow him and his Gay Partner Carlos the opportunity to vent here. The world has been mean enough to you two courageous boys. You speak your mind about those Volunteers. Jonathan Crompton is not dog shit anymore! Be proud of your Volunqueers boys!

    And while you’re here, why don’t you leave your Facebook info for Julio. He’s all down and out. Not only did Auburn loose this past weekend, but he got so mad he got in a terrible fight with his live in Fillipino boy of the past three years, whom he had affectionately given the pet name of “Tubs”.

    It seems that Julio and “Tubs” were not having great sex in the past month ever since “Tubs” grew tired of Julio’s extremely small penis. From the sexual frustration and the fight Saturday afternoon it all became too much for “Tubs” to take.

    “Tubs” left Julio for the greeter at the Opelika Wal-Mart, and now, poor Julio is just devastated.

    Perhaps, this Blog can serve a true purpose in this evil world. Let’s all bring these gay men together and allow them to live in harmony in Orange bedsheets. It’s so much fun to play matchmaker. Have fun Boys!

  12. 17

    Also don’t forget that Taz was extremely STUPID. I loved the one where Bugs convinced him to try and go into the train tunnel to catch and eat the train. Oh, that was ripe. Or when Bugs had a bundle of TNT with feathers tied to one end and told Taz it was a turkey and had him eat it.

    Yup, the average bamer has about the same IQ as Taz. Advice, pick your analogies carefully.

  13. 18

    Man, this poorly coded and designed blog is going to be a joy to see after the big upset. Don’t forget, I will be offering grief counseling starting at $59.99 per hour the Monday after the game.

  14. 20

    IndianaVol, I have read your bullshit on the Knoxnews website for a while and just wanted to let you know GO FUCK YOURSELF

  15. 21
    E.G. White

    Well Volunqueers, hope springs eternal. But there’s only one team left that has any hope of an upset of this Bama team and that is South Carolina. They are a good team coming at a bad time between Ole Miss and Tennessee. I’ll say the same thing I said 3 weeks ago. Nobody will come closer than 14 points to Bama the rest of the season. There’s no one left that is as good as Virgina Tech. All of you retards are gonna need to find a couple of new things to gig CNS with. Cause now he’s gonna have those back to back 10 win seasons and then some. And there won’t be any losing to at least 1 underdog anymore. RTR!

  16. 22
    Alex Hamilton

    Who can argue with a guy that has cartoons memorized?

    Yep. You’re the expert Carlos. You must use that knowledge of Bugs Bunny to get tons of girls. Nothing makes a college girl drop her thong faster than a full account of Warner Brothers cartoons.

    I think GQ should do a feature on you, Carlos. And with that brilliant idea to make money off of destraught Bama fans after the game, you should be rolling like a true playa in da club. You’ll be buying chocolate milk for all the ladies.

    But, I’ve come to expect this nonsensical bullshit from fans that think that a big mouth legacy is a step up. You were the first bunch that approved of that joke Trooper. Big shock there.

    Get ready for the third straight beatdown, Vols.

  17. 23
    Indiana Vol

    alex hamilton,

    Please keep your day job because you are a lousy fiction writer and a true Crimson Turd MORON!

    rammer-jammer, yeller-hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

  18. 24
    Indiana Vol

    Hey EGGHEAD White,

    “Nobody will come closer than 14 points to Bama the rest of the season.”

    You must really be drunk on the Crimson Kool-Aid; LSWHO, Auburn and the Vols will stay within 14 of the Cheaters and the Cheaters will lose at least 2 of those! Even if the Crimson Turd makes through the season unbeaten, Florida will whack Bammer in the SEC CG and Boise State will whack the Tide in some bowl!

    rammer-jammer, yeller-hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

  19. 25

    Wow Indiana Vol. I never thought someone could make Lane Kiffin look mature; however, you just did. It is easy to see why UT hired Kiffin now…his stupidity appeals to dumbass fans.

  20. 26
    Indiana Vol


    You obviously do not or have not perused the rantings and ravings of the Crimson Turd Morons who frequently post here. ..And I am immature??

  21. 27
    Indiana Vol

    Here is a Typical Bammer Grad Story:

    A pediatrician accused of child
    pornography and raping a teenage patient had been fired by three hospitals in Tennessee; including the Lawrenceburg hospital. But that didn’t get in the way of him setting up a practice in northeast Alabama. A review by The
    Associated Press found that, despite Dr. Michael Roy Sharpe’s troubled history, no state has taken disciplinary action against him. A graduate of the University of Alabama medical school, Sharpe was first licensed in Alabama in 1974. He was also licensed in Connecticut, Georgia and Illinois as well as Tennessee. But court testimony showed Sharpe was fired from a hospital emergency room in Lebanon, TN, in 1992 after a woman complained he touched her inappropriately, and a hospital in Lawrenceburg, TN, fired him in 1994 after a woman claimed he fondled her breasts. The doctor was fired from another hospital in Shelbyville, TN, after a woman complained that he hit her son during an emergency room visit, although testimony didn’t indicate when the incident occurred. However, there was evidence the teenage boy was extremely drunk and provoked Sharpe, Dixon said.

  22. 28
    E.G. White

    Oh well you can lead a Jackass to water but you can’t make him drink! I guess every cloud has a silver lining, or there’s a flower growing under every turd or something like that anyway. If we didn’t have the Volunqueers and Battle Buzzards entertaining us this week, we would be bored to suicide; ’cause Carolina fans just don’t have the fire in ’em to come over here and flame with us. So God Bless you poor pitiful Orange Assed Bastards! ROTFL! RTR!

  23. 30
    Indiana Vol

    If you read the story, the good doctor was a Bammer grad!

    Any other questions from the Bammer moron peanut gallery??

  24. 31
    E.G. White

    Well the Barn just got a reprieve. Kentucky has lost Steve Hartline for the season. Big loss as no other QB has any game experience. RTR!

  25. 32

    Actually, the guy is a graduate of UAB since UAB owns the U of A medical school. UAB assures everyone that it controls the medical school–and the dean reports to the UAB president.

    Again, since we are talking perverts, is that rapist still on your football team?

  26. 33
    E.G. White

    Yeah Volunqueer, you can catch my answer on the other topic you posted that bullshit under. I’m not gonna type it twice for you tards! RTR!

  27. 34
    Indiana Vol

    Hey EGG Head,

    Nice spelling of “forfit” and “prabtice”! This shows your Bammer education.

    Hopefully, Nicky Satan will keep the Crimson Turd home and forfeit. The less of that ugly red, used tampon color worn by the Crimson Turd on the TV would be a blessing.

  28. 37

    Whatever the case, at least UT is not a “serial repeat violator” with an “abysmal infractions track record” and an “extensive recent history of infractions cases unmatched by any other member institution in the NCAA,”

  29. 38
    E.G. White

    Ok Hawes, whatever. We can be the Christ Child or we can be the Anti Christ. But as far as you’re concerned we’re gonna be UcheaT’s ass whippin daddy in 2 weeks and for some time to come! And we don’t give a shit what you think cause ‘We Are BAMA’! RTR!

  30. 39

    Or if UA makes one more mistake, NCAA Daddy will impose the DEATH PENALTY and the Tide will be a pop warner team for the next 20 years.

  31. 43
    E.G. White

    Everything we do, we do the best dude! LOL! But we’re not bastards. We know who our daddy is (CNS), and our granddaddy too (CPBB). We even know who our redheaded stepchild is (Alabama Poly)! Next we we’ll introduce ourselves to you orangeneck bean farts and take you out behind the woodshed. RTR

  32. 44

    The sad part about this whole thing is, neither CarlosHawes or IndianaVol will show their faces here after receiving their third pasting in a row. It’s really not fair that we have to hear their “HEE HAW! THEM BAMMERS ARE GONNA PAY!” and not get to give it back to them.

    Oh well, I guess I’ll just grin as I imagine them slumping back into their stacks of hay for the night after realizing the chasm that exists between The Alabama Crimson Tide and The University of Incest and Rapists.

  33. 45

    I’ll be back, win or loose. Can you say the same?

    ps Don’t look past South Carolina this weekend. What rockets scientist at Tuscaloosa decided to tweak Spurrier’s nose by scheduling him as the homecoming opponent? Granted, UA should win by 30, but you never know with the ‘Ole Ball Coach.

  34. 47
    E.G. White

    Hey, whatever turns you on tard! The NZAA seems to think so. The Barners, Viles and Corndogs seem to think so. However, most everybody else has enough sense to know that the pot doesn’t call the kettle black! Yep no doubt we’ve aquired some players by questionable methods. But like everything else, we’ve obviously done it better than everybody else, since we have a dominating winning record against everybody else. If you’re gonna do something, asswipe, do it right! ROTFLMFAO! RTR!

  35. 48
    alex hamilton


    The sad thing for you is that truth is way more depressing than the fiction.

    Truth: Your school has a convicted rapist on its team.

    Truth: Lane Kiffin shoots his mouth off and doesn’t know the NCAA rule book.

    Truth: Jonathan Crompton is the worst quarterback in modern SEC history.

    and the final truth, the only thing that you have to look forward to in your pathetic life is thinking that you are somehow making us mad by calling us Crimson Turds.

    Let me tell you something little boys (Indianavol, Carlos, and Lane) you beat your chest and run your mouth all day if you want to. When the game is over, I will look up at the scoreboard from my seats on the 20 yd line in KK and let you know that the only thing that matters is that final score.

    We are going to beat the hell out of you. Bank on it.

    You’re going to need some orange tampons to stop the bleeding after we stomp your face with a hobnail boot.

    Suck on that douchebag.

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