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    Good one! You should have drawn another dummy holding another, where the Auburn player has a better shot at blocking it.

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    Coach Pat Dye

    Auburn Creed my Ass.
    My Creed is hit’em below the waist,
    kick’em when their down and most importantly go crying to the NCAA that they cheated, when YOU GET CAUGHT.

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    I, Like Cappy, just can’t help seeing a pattern, or at least a new staff that condones that kind of behavior. As long as Pugh continues to dress out, this staff is just as dirty as the staffs of old. We’re not talking about one or two instances. Three or more by one player is a pattern. That’s dirty. And that’s Auburn football.

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    All the UA@T posters just slay me, first part of the season you do nothing but put down every other programs, especially AU and Ole Miss, now that AU has made some strides and are ranked and 5-0 all you can do is talk about cheating and the culture of cheating at AU, as someone who’s not a fan of either I find the hypocracy freakin’ great. UA@T has become the most frequently busted team in college football in the past 10 yrs. Mainly due to arrogance and a total disregard for the NCAA.Capstone failed to mention that fact in his blog. As for chop blocking, it’s as much a part of interior line play as is holding. As someone who played and started 23 games in as a college center it happens all the time by every team. Guys double team and hit high and low, undercut guys, try to take knees out, step on hands and ankles. IT’S PART OT THE LINE PLAY ON EVERY FREAKIN’ PLAY. Has been since 1868 and will continue to be. Trust me the only way to stop it is to throw a flag everyplay it happens on and the coach will bench that player. But to call for a specific player ouster from college football is just being a whiner. I wonder if this gets written if AU is 2-3 or 3-2. I seroiusly doubt it. Typical UA@T fans who can’t stand criticism of their program or their coach. They always attack and deflect criticism

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    “I wonder if this gets written if AU is 2-3 or 3-2. I seroiusly doubt it. Typical UA@T fans who can’t stand criticism of their program or their coach. They always attack and deflect criticism”

    Reality, for one, just who is criticizing our program? Last I checked we were firmly planted at #3, with most pundits admitting that we’re the best team in the country right now…only in that slot because of the starting positions of Florida and Texas.

    But more importantly, Auburn has a very pronounced pattern of chop blocking, and no, Gomer, that’s not football. And a win/loss record does not determine what is right or wrong. If you really played center and did that, you’re no better than Ryan “Dirty” Pugh, and trying to convince you otherwise is like trying to convince a pedophile that frequenting the playground and skating rink after school is wrong. You’ll never get it. Much like your beloved Bulldogs will never make it back to the Georgia Dome.

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    First of all what beloved bulldogs, and secondly quit looking thru crimson glasses. Anything anyone says about Uncle Nick and UA@T that is the least bit critical or hell even questioning,such as a fake field goal or throw in the end zone on 4th with less than a minute to go; the Bama fans get all their dander up and start name calling, been doing that for years. I played center and if you really knew anything about football you would realize that in the interior line on both sides of the ball, it’s anything goes.You show your ignorance by comparing chop blocking to pedophile. By the way Gomer was a UA@T fan. I miss you on TV wearing your overalls and holding the tide box on a stick.

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    By the way, if UA@T gets hosed out of the BCS game because UF and UT don’t lose, you’ll whine and bitch and claim you were robbed just like ’66. Funny when it happened to AU it’s great and funny and typical Auburn. But you will be screaming how the BCS needs to end and how UA@T is the best. That’s typical

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    You moron. If UF and UT don’t lose that’ll mean UF beat us in the SEC Championship game and deserve to go. And I’M ignorant?

    You never played college football, you twit…unless Herzing Career College fielded a team while you were there. But with your “anything goes” mentality, I’m sure my tax dollars will be paying for your room and board in one of our finest federal institutions one day, if it hasn’t already.

    Look, Bama is a force right now, Poly Tech isn’t, and we’re the best in the West. Simple as that. Go have a crying fit and get over it, but stop coming in here and confirming our belief that you’re stupid.

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    By the way room, “realitycheck” wants us to know he played center in college. He’s only mentioned it every time he’s posted in here.

    Hey bud, when you get a wrong number at the house, do you make sure and throw that in before they hang up? And is it on any clearly visible tattoos you have?

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    look dumb ass you just proved my point, any criticism and you start name calling. and that’s all you can do. and if you had any ” in the know” you wouldn’t compare chop blocking to child molestation but then again you’re an ignorant ass who can’t have a logical conversation without resorting to name calling. Typical Bama fan. And another think stupe, i included my experience to give a little perspective which is something that you can’t do. So just take your little opinion from your little mind and cram it. I was trying to give an explanation but arguing with you is the verbal equivilent to jousting against a midget on a shetland pony. and another thing tell your sister err.. your wife i miss here

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    You asked if this gets written about if Auburn had a bad record?

    The answer is YES. I wrote about it last year after that thug did it in the Iron Bowl. Remember last year? Auburn sucked and got beaten soundly by Alabama.

    The issue isn’t one dirty play. Everybody gets mad and the emotions get the better of them. However, when a guy does it year after year after year and the Auburn coaching staff keeps playing the guy, it becomes an issue for the entire conference.


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    Wow. Ten words and no punctuation admitting you are WRONG after the dissertation you blessed us with earlier today.

    The point was, is and forever will be, an intentional move, like chop blocking, that can and does end a player’s season or even career is not tolerable, regardless of who it is…Bama, Abarn or whoever floats your boat. And for all the “arrogance” and other hatred you spewed about THE University of Alabama today, you can’t get around the FACT that Abarn has a rampant repeat offender who is allowed to start for them every Saturday. If you’re okay with that, and okay with that kind of practice, you’ll never see eye to eye with a civilized human being. And whatever snappy retort you want to hammer out right now won’t change the fact that this is thuggish behavior that’s actually criminal in its intent. Stepping between the lines to play football does not mean subjecting oneself to permanent injury due to an INTENTIONAL move to maim or injure.

    And yes, if we had a player who was habitually doing it, I’d see through my “Crimson Glasses” and say the same damn thing. Period.

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    alex hamilton

    Looks like Arkansas provided the real reality check. 44-23, enough said.

    Well, there is one more thing….OVERRATED!

    Auburn sucks. Always has.

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