McElroy has 3 TDs, ‘Bama races to 53-7 win

From the AP: Greg McElroy passed for two touchdowns and rushed for another before sitting out most of the second half Saturday in No. 4 Alabama’s 53-7 victory over North Texas.

Mark Ingram ran for 91 yards and a TD on eight carries, and scored on a 29-yard reception for the Crimson Tide (3-0) in its final pre-SEC tuneup before Arkansas visits. Freshman Trent Richardson added 87 yards and a touchdown, and Terry Grant scored twice and gained 79 yards.

It was the highest-scoring game for Alabama since a 56-3 win over Louisiana Tech in 1993, six head coaches ago.

Star receiver Julio Jones missed the game with a bruised right knee and the subs got plenty of action after ‘Bama raced to a 30-0 halftime lead. With starting quarterback Riley Dodge out with a separated non-throwing shoulder, North Texas (1-2) was outgained 523-187. (entire report embedded in this post; watch for updates.)


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    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Bama was impressive. Some other things Ive noticed today……USC has no offense. If they dont lose today they soon will. Its tied at the half. VT was overrated, not a jab at yall, I just think they were overrated.

  2. 3

    How has Washington’s offense looked?

    I’ve been impressed with Tennessee’s gameplan against Florida. I just get sick whenever Crompton throws the ball.

  3. 4

    “It was the highest-scoring game for Alabama since a 56-3 win over Louisiana Tech in 1993, six head coaches ago.”

    anybody else catch that??

    on twitter, he “tweeted”, “in ‘bama time, that was six head coaches ago”.

    i googled this guy, he covers alabama (state) sports for the ap but couldn’t find anything in the way of a biography.

    considering all the talk about gene stallings comments this past week on talk radio, what are the chances mr. zenor’s been listening in???

    “VT was overrated, not a jab at yall, I just think they were overrated.”

    no jab taken. after watching osu/usc, i thought we could beat both those teams. feeling the same about texas.

    and after all, isn’t that the definition of “overrated”, beaten by ‘bama???

    (sarc off)


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    Huge difference between Nebraska, Virginia Tech and WVU this year.
    Dont forget it.
    It might save you from being “Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian” for another year.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    USC has ZERO offense. I think we could beat them. Serously. And thats not bragging on us. They just look awful. Another overrated team IMO was BYU …Bowden beat the snot out of them.

    To be honost , Florida was unimreesive against a good defense. They really struggled at times. Bama, It pains me to say. But you could have the best team in the country.

    Texas didnt look all that good either.

    Dont you know Pellini wants to jump off a cliff ….

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    Ballplay, Auburn isn’t going to play a ranked team until the end of October, when your depth problems will be showing a lot more. West Virginia gave the game away, and they are really not a very good team anyways. VaTech would beat Auburn if they played today.

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    If I were an Auburn fan, what would concern me is not so much depth but the fact that was the WORST tackling Auburn team that I have seen in my lifetime.

    Auburn’s offense looked about like a middle-of-the-road SEC team, but the defense looked bad–and I don’t think WVU is as good as LSU, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Alabama, Arkansas or Georgia. To beat those teams, Auburn needs to make tackles.

  8. 9

    I agree. Auburn has been taking chances, and playing with nothing to lose. Everyone had written them off. But I will give Auburn props for winning, which they had a hard time doing last year. Wait until that first loss comes, then the wheels will fall off. I still see Auburn as a 6-6 team this year.

  9. 10

    “finebammer Says:
    September 8th, 2009 at 3:55 pm
    yep, here we go again.

    byu jumps eleven spots into the top ten after BARELY beating oklahoma without it’s trophy qb.

    this is like matching byu up with say……a 6 – 6 michigan team in a third rate bowl and crowning them national champion when they win.

    uhhhh……..oh yeah, that’s happened.”

    told u so.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Our defense gave tackeld poorly. I am not too afraid of the defense sucking. I think our coaches will correct the problem in time. Poor angle and defensive backs out of position killed us. Plus Devine is beyond fast. Yall are right. WV isnt a good team. But they arent a bad one either. After seein the Nebraska / VT game I wouldnt be so quick to give the edge to VT. They stunk in that game.

    What concerns me as much as anything was our ability (or lack of) to run the ball more effectely against the 3-3-5….I know they put their corners up tight to play the option / sweep, but come on. We should have been able to run it better than we did.

    Didnt Todd look good ? Even you bammers have to admit he did alright. 275 yards and 4 touchdowns was it ? One interception. Not bad.

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