Alabama football: bad kick coverage & links

Fans are trying to diagnose what is wrong with the Alabama Crimson Tide’s kickoff coverage, and one expert has chimed in for Bama Magazine. Jamie Christensen writes, “When they have resorted to alternative kicks they sacrifice valuable field position. Overall, Alabama has become predictable on punt and kick off coverage. It is not execution that has caused the poor coverage.

“The opposing team knows what to expect when given a certain scenario. This must be corrected. Special teams can equalize a large talent differential quickly if going against a predictable opponent.

“Spotting the opposition one or two touchdowns and 200 yards of field position every game may prove to be costly to the Tide. If Alabama wishes to return to Atlanta they must become flawless on special teams.”

Alabama’s special teams were horrible last year. The football team hasn’t improved in this aspect so far this season. Can Alabama’s football coach Nick Saban solve this problem?

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    Houston Nutt is a good coach and so is Malzahn. They both were offensive guys and there football personalities are polar opposites. I do not foresee the same conflicts on the Auburn staff that were on the Arkansas staff.

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    From what I’ve heard about Malzahn, he is about as mature as Mitch Mustain.

    And we all see how that worked out for Mustain.

    As soon as Auburn loses a game or two, the scapegoating will begin and you’ll see Malzahn jockeying for the head coaching job and undercutting Chizik.

    Nutt is a great guy, and he couldn’t put up with Malzahn. I doubt it will be any different at Auburn before too long.

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