Alabama ranked #4; gets 2 first place votes

It looks like the Alabama Crimson Tide and Ole Miss Rebels game will be a top five showdown.

AP TOP FIVE: Florida remained No. 1 after it’s second landslide victory. The Gators received 56 first-place votes. Texas is still No. 2, with one first-place votes.

No. 3 Southern California received a first-place vote for the first time this season after Matt Barkley and Trojans used a late-fourth quarter touchdown to rally past Ohio State 18-15 on the road.

The Buckeyes’ latest slip up on the big stage — they’ve lost six straight against top-five teams — cost them three spots in the poll. They dropped to No. 11.

No. 4 Alabama received two first-place votes. Mississippi and Penn State tied for No. 5.


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    Considering that au is not even ranked in the top 25, I’d say all the voters are very reasonable. Everyone knows that beating up on 2 cupcakes doesn’t qualify a team for top 25 consideration.

  2. 3

    Copy that. All this silly ass talk from the Aubs that they’re going to run the table – and score 50 points a week – they better get real.

  3. 4
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    I have not heard ONE Auburn fan say we should be in the top 25. But Ill tell you if we beat W Vigina we will be in the top 25.

    Our defense is going to be what wins for us pluto, just like every year. The difference is this year we will have a much improved offense to go along with an already stout defense. Ive gotten real already. What about yall ? What game does Saban choke away ? If you dont think that will happen, you are the one that needs to get real. His track record has proven that.

  4. 5

    Bamafan MY POINT EXACTLY!!! What has uat done to deserve 2 first place votes. VT?
    NIce win, Not a first place killin. and Florida Interntional?? Once again GOOD GAME but UGLY. Bottom Line 2 CUPCAKES and 2 wins there are still questions concerning #1…… Oh and at least u bammers stfu on AUburn. All year you guys were like LaTech is gonna OWN AUburn and then it was Miss St was gonna SLaughter AUburn and YOU WERE WRONG and dont even have the INTEGRITY to take it…

  5. 6


    stfu you don’t even know what your talking about. can you imagine what VT would do to Aub’ silly ass, probably something like bama did to yall 36-0 now eat it homo

  6. 7
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    ^^^^^^^^^^^Clarly a 13 year old bama mullet on mommys ‘puter^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  7. 8

    Right… I ll bet you 2 dollars even you get those same 2 votes this week NO MATTER how bad FL kix the shot outta Tn or TX waxes whoever they play!

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