Erin Andrews on Oprah

From the Associated Press: ESPN reporter Erin Andrews thought her career was over after secretly taped nude footage of her began circulating on the Internet.

Andrews appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” on Friday in a 10-minute segment taped Aug. 27. This was her first interview on the topic and it was part of the show’s kickoff to its 24th season.

Wearing a black dress, Andrews was composed in talking about the “nightmare” of knowing the blurry five-minute video was on the Internet and being harassed by paparazzi after the story became news in July.

Andrews learned about the video from a friend, but initially laughed off the possibility it could be of her. After she watched it at his urging, the first thing she did was call her parents.

“I kept screaming: ‘I’m done. My career is over. I’m done. Get it off. Get it off the Internet,'” said Andrews, her eyes watering as she remembered talking to her father. “They thought I was physically injured, (that’s) how bad I was screaming.” (read more embedded in this post.)


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    Translation – “My Agent told me that if I was going to make the big time – I had to concoct this story about me being nude and being soooooo shocked – shocked – that people saw me nekid.
    You’re still boring Erin.

  2. 4

    After looking at the Post-Oprah spin – ( is it Okra ? ) – nothing has changed my mind . Erin is caught up in the typical life span for a female “reporter” of her “Talent”. Not saying any of this is right – but Erin is getting older and there are younger talented women knocking on the door.
    It was a Stunt to save her “career”. Once she goes back to the backwater – there will be the Book ( ghostwritten of course !) and the “made for Television” Movie.
    Who will play Erin ?

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