Flu continues assault on Alabama

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban
Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban

The flu continues to make its way through the Southeastern Conference, and the University of Alabama football team. This week Crimson Tide backup quarterback Star Jackson had the flu, and according to Saban is “probably better” today. However, now Mark Ingram has it. Alabama began treating Ingram as soon as his roommate, Star Jackson, came down with the illness. “Hopefully Mark won’t be as bad as Star was,” Saban said.

Saban said the players sick with the flu now would likely be able to play Saturday. However, Saban admitted he was “worried about someone getting it Friday.”

One big challenge from the flu is the disruption to practice. This can “make it difficult to get continuity,” according to the Alabama Crimson Tide coach.

Another topic covered by Saban during the SEC teleconference Wednesday was the Wildcat. Saban hinted that Alabama knows it is important to throw out of the formation, and has the personnel who could do it.

Saban said the Alabama football team would continue to work on the formation, and “try to improve on it.” The formation is more effective if you have a guy that can throw it, “and we have a few guys here who can throw it.”

One other interesting item from the teleconference, Saban explained a little about how the decision was made to play Brandon Deaderick. Deaderick was shot in the arm when a masked man attempted to rob the football player on the Monday before the Virginia Tech game.

Saban said the decision was reached after consultations with doctors, a gunshot expert, the player and parents.

Deaderick came out of the game in good shape. “He had no issues after the game relative to what he did in playing the game,” Saban said.

Deaderick missed practice this week because of a death in his family.


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    No need to rush Mark back in the line up coach.Let him heal.Let’s see some Trent action for a full game.Got a feeling that he would be just as good as Mark if given the chance.ROLL TIDE BABY;;;;;;

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