Alabama climbs to #4; gets 2 first place votes

According to the AP, the Alabama Crimson Tide is now ranked #4 after climbing one spot in the newest poll. Alabama grabbed two first place votes; Texas held two first place votes and the remainder, 56, went to the Florida Gators.

Why did anyone vote Alabama #1? One of those pollsters posted a blog this morning at Here is why: “So I didn’t look at my preseason ballot until I’d finished my second or third draft of this ballot. That was new. Then I tried to think about each team as if I didn’t even know the name of the school, much less the reputation. I just considered what happened. Who won? Who did they beat? How good was the team they beat? And here I did consider preseason ranking, because it’s a way to judge the quality of a win, and that’s important.”


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    Envy is a terrible thing, Omni. But we’ve come to expect it from the Barner Nation. Bama beats a top 10 team, and Auburn beats the Sisters of the Poor Community College. Bama’s getting recognized, and people think Auburn’s in Georgia.

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    yep, here we go again.

    byu jumps eleven spots into the top ten after BARELY beating oklahoma without it’s trophy qb.

    this is like matching byu up with say……a 6 – 6 michigan team in a third rate bowl and crowning them national champion when they win.

    uhhhh……..oh yeah, that’s happened.

  3. 4

    Hey BF are you seriuos? Its not envy you indignat rat! Its called the truth, 3 teams USC, Florida, Texas… in the top ten that on the field looked leaps and bounds above uat! And there were other teams as well that did their jobs on Saturday as they were supposed to do. Thats all I said Jerk! AND for the record if uat woulda have played AU? uat would have won IMO! INBRED LOSER YOU ARE…

  4. 5
    alex hamilton

    I just can’t believe that Omni even knows the definition of his name.

    Reading your posts is like listening to Roseanne Barr sing the National Anthem. I’m sure you both are fat and grab your crotch at the end of your presentation.


    Whew, Omni. I’m sure that left him crying for his momma. How pathetic.

  5. 6
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    BYU will not go undefeated. They have Utah, Fl State , and Im thinkin Oregan maybe ? No way they run the table. Oklahoma looked horrendous. I think they wouldve lost without Bradfords injury.

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