Anderson’s Lawyer: No conspiracy

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The Birmingham News’ Kevin Scarbinsky spoke with the non-football fan Curtis Anderson’s lawyer and posted an update at According to the story, “‘It’s all so ridiculous,’ (Anderson’s lawyer John) Plunk said. `He couldn’t care less about football. You can say there’s a lot of smoke on both sides, but there’s no fire. There’s no Alabama conspiracy (on his part), and there’s no Auburn conspiracy.”’

The Birmingham News report also places on the record important details about Anderson’s family association. His wife is an Auburn fan and son attends school there, according to the report.

While the Jones and Ingram trip was discussed, and important information about how Anderson knew Julio Jones was presented, nothing new was presented about how Anderson met Jerrell Harris. Likewise no information was provided about how Anderson allegedly provided an extra benefit to Harris.

Speculation has entered overdrive since revelations last night that Alabama was awaiting an NCAA ruling on Harris’ eligibility. Speculation increased further once Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban revealed that University of Alabama president Dr. Robert Witt visited Indianapolis in August to discuss the case with the NCAA. It is highly unusual for a president to become involved in a minor eligibility question. This has increased speculation about the scope of Dr. Witt’s conversations with the NCAA.