More to the Curtis Anderson story

The mystery of Curtis Anderson deepened Thursday with the Tuscaloosa News report that Anderson gave Alabama Crimson Tide sophomore football player Jerrell Harris a laptop. Anderson was the” non-football fan” who took Julio Jones and Mark Ingram on a fishing trip. After months of speculation, Anderson and the trip was publicly revealed by Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News earlier in August. Anderson portrayed himself in the article as not knowing Jones’ or Ingram’s status as football players.

With news that Jerrell Harris was provided a laptop from Anderson, that story seems less likely. And it sparked a host of questions, including Internet speculation of Anderson’s potential football allegiance. The puzzle was enhanced when the talkative Anderson (who was quoted earlier in the week by the press) declined comment Thursday afternoon. He said no comment and referred the press to his lawyer, when the Press-Register contacted him.

Thursday also brought an interesting tidbit on the eligibility question when Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban said on his talk radio show that University of Alabama president Dr. Robert Witt was the party who flew to Indianapolis to meet with the NCAA.

Why would the president of the University of Alabama fly to speak with the NCAA over an eligibility issue?

Witt didn’t even fly to Miami to hire Nick Saban. He sent Mal Moore.

Those paying attention might see more in the NCAA trip than simply an eligibility issue. And they would likely be right. Only something critically important to the health of the institution would garner the attention of Dr. Robert Witt.


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    All I want to say is that anyone who thinks they are helping the University of Alabama by providing illegal gifts and benefits to our athletes is really a traitor. We are not Auburn, Oklahoma, or Miami. We are Alabama, and we do things the right way. Don’t call yourself a Bama fan while you engage in conduct that gets us in trouble with the NCAA!

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    You are right Tide Man…YOu have been proven as of late to be worse than Oklahoma or Miami…..

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    Alabama simply can’t screw up, or screw around with the NCAA. I don’t think they want to prematurely stop the construction of the south endzone.

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    Could this guy be an Aubie mole? He does this stuff and it gets leaked and pretty soon we get the DP because of it. Skarbo and the Aubies are all over this. There are others in the SEC that would also benefit from a Bama fall. It’s sad that they can only excell by trying to cripple Bama and not a fair competition.

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    Where there’s smoke there is fire boys. The barn is behind this and my thinking is that Witt went to Indianapolis to discuss the issue with the nazi’s.

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    Most of you are missing the point. This is not an issue with UA affiliated boosters. It is likely a concerted effort by another institution to attack the UA football program.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    You people crack me up. Even if…..Thats right turds…..EVEN IF…The man had the intentions of “taking down your white as a lilly football program” (cough, cough) , If you cant link it back to the University, then there isnt a thing you can do…

    How about his…How about we put the blame where it belongs….WOW!!! What a concept…How about blaming the players who know beyond the shadow of a doubt not to take a napkin from a McDonalds without asking coach first ????

    There isnt a player with half a brain that couldnt have known how wrong what these guys did was. If they are that dumb, well then its just a matter of time before the real big pinch is coming…

    Charger gate anyone ? Oh, but Im sure an evil hand wringing Aubue was behind that t0 right ? It doesnt sound so far fetched now does it ????

    You people cant see the truth when its pointed at your face.

    Plus there is XERO proof that this guy is a AU booster at all…..He just said that his relatives pulled for Auburn not Alabama. Chances are , the dude just wanted to get in close with some future NFL money….Thats all…At least thats my opinion.

    Get a grip bammers. Put the blame where it belongs. That would be on your players.

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    I’m not a Barner booster.. but I think I’ll go buy some bling and pass it around to the players down in aubieville. I’ll wear a wire… who wants to be the camera man?

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    Tide Fever


    I agree with you to an extent, and I’m not trying to call you old, but when I was 18 and someone offered me a laptop I’d take it too. These are kids we’re dealing with and we all know how hard it is for kids to say “no”.

    I agree with it being solely Harris’ fault. And whether or not the speculation of Anderson’s allegiance is true or not, it does sound more and more fishy by the day.

    The reason being is over at ITAT it was reported that Harris had several contacts with Auburn boosters (whether he gained a benefit or not doesn’t matter). He was surely an Auburn lean but ultimately chose UA. In the aftermath of his decision, one of the Auburn boosters stated at some sort of club meeting “We’ll get Harris and Alabama back for this”. I don’t know if you read the story or not, but head over there and dig up the thread.

    Anyway, the current speculation (and again it’s SPECULATION ONLY) is Anderson is being used as a middle man by a few AU boosters to land Alabama in hot water with the NCAA. What makes more sense is he claims not to be a “fan” of any football team, yet he has a room decorated in nothing but Auburn. Secondly, his daughter attends Auburn. Thirdly, he’s strongly affiliated with two prominent Auburn boosters WHO were also connected to Jarell Harris’ recruiting.

    Even Auburn fans posted a thread on Track Em Tigers a few months ago (dig it up under the fanposts or fanshots whatever it’s called). When the story broke about the two boosters swearing they’d get Alabama back, one of the Auburn fans posted an epic novel on how the rivalry is stooping to a new low.

    As of right now, over on Tide Fans someone posted an article stating that the Alabama Attorney General is getting involved.

    I’m not trying to pick a fight with you Ballplay, because you are a pretty hilarious guy and I enjoy reading your posts. I don’t post much on the Internet often, but read more than anything but I just wanted to post this to clear things up.

    What you said was COMPLETELY RIGHT. Harris was stupid for accepting this and HE should be punished. But on the other hand, whomever is Anderson’s superior (if this leads to be true) should also be punished along with Anderson. These aren’t pro-athletes we’re dealing with here THESE ARE KIDS! Kids with a bright future and trying to diminish their hopes just because you hate the team they play for is foolish. We can blame the players, but we shouldn’t put more blame on kids than we should the ADULTS who are tampering with these kids’ careers.

    It may or may not be true, but the pieces to puzzle fit and we were warned of this a few months back when the boosters promised they would get us and Harris back.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Listen close dooshbags…..If you did just that, and a player accepted something that he shouldnt, then it HIS FAULT !!!!!!!! They all know the rules. If they choose to break the rules and endager the football program, then they should go. I dont care how important they are to the team. Ill never hear an Alabama fan on this board say antything remotely close to that.

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    I’ll say it. If you’re an Alabama player, you’d have to be willfully ignorant to accept a laptop from a 56 year old man and think it’s OK. That doesn’t absolve the 56 year old man however. He’s guilty too. It’s been known from the day Saban was hired that EVERY school in the SEC would do anything to take ‘Bama down. Especially Auburn. Tennessee may have dropped a dime on ‘Bama before, but no other school benefitted as much from the Tide’s demise the last 10 years as Auburn. The Tigers, Plainsmen, War Eagles, whatever your name is, know their time has passed, unless Saban goes. So keep trying Aubies. Bama will do it’s dirty work in November.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Tide Fever , Your post slipped in before mine did….You seem to have a reasonable streak for an Alabama fan.

    I agree with you…If this man went out with harmful intent to use these guys as a way to get to Alabama…Then he should be held accountable. If it links back to the University, wich it will not, then they should be held accountable.

    your right , these are kids. But when they sign on the line, they had better grow up fast. Thwy are major players in a multi million dollar organazation / corporation, and they cant even get a laptop ? ITs crazy….

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    Put the blame where it belongs: on the PLAYERS. They knew they were breaking the rules. And if they didn’t, they should have.


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