More to the Curtis Anderson story

The mystery of Curtis Anderson deepened Thursday with the Tuscaloosa News report that Anderson gave Alabama Crimson Tide sophomore football player Jerrell Harris a laptop. Anderson was the” non-football fan” who took Julio Jones and Mark Ingram on a fishing trip. After months of speculation, Anderson and the trip was publicly revealed by Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News earlier in August. Anderson portrayed himself in the article as not knowing Jones’ or Ingram’s status as football players.

With news that Jerrell Harris was provided a laptop from Anderson, that story seems less likely. And it sparked a host of questions, including Internet speculation of Anderson’s potential football allegiance. The puzzle was enhanced when the talkative Anderson (who was quoted earlier in the week by the press) declined comment Thursday afternoon. He said no comment and referred the press to his lawyer, when the Press-Register contacted him.

Thursday also brought an interesting tidbit on the eligibility question when Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban said on his talk radio show that University of Alabama president Dr. Robert Witt was the party who flew to Indianapolis to meet with the NCAA.

Why would the president of the University of Alabama fly to speak with the NCAA over an eligibility issue?

Witt didn’t even fly to Miami to hire Nick Saban. He sent Mal Moore.

Those paying attention might see more in the NCAA trip than simply an eligibility issue. And they would likely be right. Only something critically important to the health of the institution would garner the attention of Dr. Robert Witt.