Bama, Boise St. with huge openers

From the AP: Even Nick Saban, a coach who is all about urgency, wasn’t quite ready to buy into the idea that the first game of the season was a make-or-break deal

“It’s horrible. It’s a horrible thought for any team to be out of anything after one game,” the Alabama coach said earlier this week.

True, but in college football, one loss can change a season, which makes opening weekend games such as Alabama-Virginia Tech, Oregon-Boise State and BYU-Oklahoma so intriguing.

No. 5 Alabama starts its season in the Georgia Dome for the second straight year, this time taking on No. 8 Virginia Tech, the Atlantic Coast Conference favorites. The Crimson Tide jump started a national title run in 2008 by beating up supposed-ACC heavyweight Clemson in Atlanta last season.


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  1. 1
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    I agree with all predicitons. The scores however I think could be upgraded in the bama game. With Jones and Ingram a two touchdown (or more ) victory is possible.I dont see VT scoring that much.

    Georgia will be a bigger victory maybe 10-14 points.
    Georgia could be a sleeper.

    No Auburn prediction ? What gives ?

    Auburn 35ish LaTech 10ish

  2. 2
    Hunter Ford

    If Bama is to lose any game this season and still challenge for the national championship it will be Va Tech, or perhaps Ole Miss.

    If we lose to Va Tech and run the table…win the SEC, BCS is still a strong possibility. If we lose to Ole Miss and the Rebs drop two SEC games… we could be in same position Fla was in last year.

    The earlier the loss the better for a one loss national champ…

    but then consider LSU a couple of years ago with two losses


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