USC has a QB; it isn’t Mitch Mustain

AP: Barkley also beat out Mitch Mustain, the former Arkansas starter who played eight games as Mark Sanchez’s backup last season. Sanchez, now the New York Jets’ starting quarterback, left USC with a year of eligibility remaining, a decision that initially bothered Carroll and set off the three-way competition. (read the entire report embedded below)


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    can you say tim couch???

    he did the same thing. screwed his career by staying at home in kentucky and eventually being benched by bill curry because he wasn’t a option qb.

    mustain may or may not have been the real deal. but his lessened his opportunity to find out exponentially by fucking around with mr. hotshot (nutts) currently in oxford and arkansas.

    it’s all about instruction. if you have the tools, go where there’s proper instruction.

    watch brady quinn this year for another example.

    i recall hearing a packers assistant speak on jay barker. said he was a fine man with all the motivation in the world, but he just didn’t have time to teach him how to be a pro quarterback.

    proper instruction in college. it will make (or lack of) or break a career.

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    USC was great for Mitch, while starting 8 games for Arkansas Mitch threw 9 interceptions. USC taught him how handing off the football cuts down on his constantly being intercepted. Mitch isn’t backup, he is 3rd string. Matt did in 4 months what Mitch hasn’t done in 3 years, learn the USC playbook. If Mitch wants to see an NFL stadium, Becky with have to buy him a ticket, and she has to have seats between the 40 yard line. Mitch can always say what might have been, but if he throws a pass this year, USC will realize it’s because he makes bad decisions.

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