Tuberville praises Alabama’s McElroy

The buzz surrounding Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Greg McElroy just went up a notch. And you can thank former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville. There is an excerpt below, but be sure to follow the link and read the entire column.

From Razorback Central: Peyton, Eli and many of the counselors participated in Air-it-Out at the camp, doing passing drills in front of fans. This year, the college quarterbacks tried to hit moving golf carts at various yard lines. They competed for several rounds and Johnson won the just-for-fun competition, but Tuberville came away impressed by McElroy.

“Watching him handle himself, the way he threw the ball, listening to the other quarterbacks talk about him, I think he’s going to be a very, very good quarterback,” he said.

Tuberville is all too familiar with the singular highlight McElroy accumulated during his first two years at Alabama. Late in last year’s 36-0 victory over Auburn, McElroy threw a 34-yard touchdown pass. It is one of his 16 career completions.