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    Indiana Vol

    Where theirs smoke, THERE IS FIRE. It is only a matter of time before more cheating in revealed in Tuscaloser!

    Dear NCAA,

    Put an end to this rampant Bammer cheating by shutting down the program.

  2. 3

    Indy Vol is a real asshole. Next time I have the misfortune of being in Elkhart – I will make it a point to bitch slap your happy ass.

  3. 4

    Just read the blog and it sounds and looks like fishing “buddy”.
    Could “fishing buddy” be Santa Claus ?

  4. 5
    VA Tide

    Stop it already. This is crazy. As an Alabama alumni I am tired of all the NCAA “out to get us” mess. Enough. Let’s talk about football. Forget Tennessee and most of all Auburn. They are scared to death of our program.

  5. 7

    Omni, as you prove daily, any idiot can pull up his gym shorts and settle in front of his computer to say whatever comes to mind. And yes, it is damaging, whether it’s true or not.

    But we’re still going to be the ever loving *#@! out of Abarn and UCHEAT this year. Grab your ankles, Omni. Grab your ankles.

  6. 8
    VA Tide

    Omni – you just confirmed my post. That Auburn education or just apart of the fanbase is really showing through. Thank you.

  7. 9

    ITK once again you come after me for saying nothing. I always new by your writings and that AWFUL 3rd grade poem last year that you were into BOY POCKET… But Sir even as a heterosexual man I am TO MUCH MAN FOR THE LIKES OF YOU!…… FUKN IDIOT! All I said was
    If you dont cheat you dont get in trouble.
    SO you know YOU COULD not pull MY shorts up. I can out play u in Bball, Football, BaseBall, Softball, Golf, Volleyball, Bowling, U name it And I got ya ! Sissy ass Old man quite dreaming of days gone by!

  8. 11

    Is everyone else as sick of hearing from Omin and Ballpark as I am? Why don’t you guys go back to writing on the bathroom walls at the gas station? It at least seemed more like poetry there, and we would have the perfect smell to go along with your drivel.

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