REPORT: Julio Jones, Mark Ingram eligible

Report: UA has not self-imposed penalties in open investigation involving Julio Jones and Mark Ingram

According to the Bama Beat, “The school has not self-reported violations in the matter, but the process is not complete, sources said. Per standard procedure, UA must notify the Southeastern Conference of the findings of its self-initiated investigation. Thus the sophomores’ status is subject to pending approval by the SEC and perhaps the NCAA.” …”As it stands now, the two star players are eligible.”


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  1. 1
    Auburn Man

    a damnable lie!!!
    my star private eye firm was out there (in the gulf) posing as a manatee and taking photos of everything. We have the HARD EVEIDENCE. Finebaum will be hearing from us…..
    Fear the Package!!!!

  2. 2

    2 trips. One fishing, the second a cruise. total cost $1,167 combined. Hearing their first game back will be Tenn

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