Report: Jones, Richardson injured in scrimmage

Tuscaloosa News: “Sophomore wide receiver Julio Jones gave both fans and boosters who were invited to attend the closed scrimmage at Bryant-Denny Stadium a scare when he twisted his ankle on a long pass. He did not leave the scrimmage.

“True freshman running back Trent Richardson sustained a sprained shoulder. Neither injury is considered serious.”


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    Auburn Man

    They could have came to Auburn and been fine young Auburn men.
    Instead the Chose to play for Nick $atan. Serves the bastards right if you ask me!!!!
    I am Auburn Man and I ooze class from every pore!!!!

  2. 5

    So you (Alabama fan) post as “Auburn Man” and say repugnant things?

    Wasn’t “I am Auburn Man and I ooze class from every pore!!!!” a little too obvious? I’m not trying to interfere with the drama. I’m just asking.

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