Former Alabama RB Glen Coffee gains 129 yards

AP: Hill, who went 5-2 as the starter last season, wasn’t a whole lot better than Smith although he did avoid turnovers. Hill was 3-for-7 for 20 yards in the second quarter as the Niners relied heavily on rookie running back Glen Coffee.

Coffee, a third-round pick out of Alabama, gashed Oakland’s run defense, ripping off four runs of at least 10 yards, including a 35-yarder that led to a field goal by Joe Nedney. Coffee, who replaced Frank Gore after one series, finished with 129 yards on 16 carries. (read the entire AP report below)


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    Auburn Man

    Bo Jackson played at Auburn!!! And now we are RunningbackU!
    Eat your hearts out envious Bammerturdneckermullets!

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    Auburn Man

    No day is complete unless I say something classy like ‘DOOSHE’ So there you have it! A superior intellect showing absolute class and sophistication!!!!
    I am an Auburn Man!

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