Report: Alabama linebacker arrested

Tide Source: University of Alabama linebacker and special teams player Courtney Upshaw has been arrested in Tuscaloosa County on a third-degree domestic violence/harassment charge.

Bama Beat: One of the rising standouts in Alabama’s preseason camp, Upshaw was competiting for a starting job as the Crimson Tide’s Jack linebacker.
Link: mugshot


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  1. 1
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Whats the deal ? I know that Saban wont say a word , even if he were about to kick him off the team. Did him and his girlfriend get into a spat ?

  2. 2
    Indiana Vol

    Give me a T!
    Give me an H!
    Give me a U!
    Give me a G!

    What does that spell? THUG!
    Who has the most THUGS? The CRIMSON TURD OF ALABAMMER!!

    rammer-jammer, yeller-hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

  3. 3

    Self defense isn’t usually attributed to thuggish behavior. No formalcharges filed from either party, and other dropped soon; her dad took our player’s side.

    But good try, U-CHEAT fan. See ya at your annual a** kicking in a couple of months.

  4. 4
    Indiana Vol

    We will see about that. A Bammer Moron calling someone else out for cheating; THAT IS TOO FUNNY!

    rammer-jammer, yeller-hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

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