Phil Fulmer wants to coach again

AP: But the end of his time as Vols coach left him wanting more. “I just don’t think I’m finished. I’m a young guy. I’ve got great energy.” Fulmer, who will be 59 next month, said he’s already working on a staff. “When you win 75 percent of the games you’ve played, you’ve done something right. I would think there would be some opportunities.” (read the entire AP report embedded below)


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    I hope he ends up somewhere like Bill Curry did. Next September’s game with Curry will be f-u-n, though I’m sure he’ll somehow find a way to take credit for our win.

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    Big deal,Fatboy could beat Dubose,Shula,Kentucky and Vandy.He was 0-4 vs Meyer….1-4 vs both Saban and Tuberville….4-9 vs Spurrier and 3-5 vs Richt…..9-26…..what the hell is he beating his chest about?

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    Legion Field

    If Phil has the patience to wait 2 years…he can coach in the SEC again. Auburn, South Carolina, and LSU should have slots open by then.

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