Colonial’s slide & Auburn’s slide

Coincidence? Correlation? Causation?

A reader sent in this interesting graphic showing the decline of Colonial’s stock price and how almost in tandem the Auburn recruiting class declined following the 2007 class. What does this mean? Is it a coincidence? An interesting correlation? Maybe not having a strong Bobby Lowder hurt the entire Auburn athletic department?

One last word on the Colonial situation
According to reports, several banks were interested in buying the collapsed Colonial Bank. Among the losing bidders were: Canada’s Toronto Dominion, JPMorgan and Spain’s BBVA. This became known thanks to the Financial Times report on a collapsing Texas bank. You might recognize BBVA around here already. You can read the source embedded below.


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    Big Ed

    And Alabama’s rise ( see the graph above)can be compared to the graph (below) of the price of peas in China.

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    Auburn Man

    Not since the Great Depression has a captain of industry like Bobbo Lowder been brought so low.
    I know of no finer human to swill wine with (and throw the empty bottles at the homeless) than Bobby Lowder.
    You Bammers are just jealous that you arent a true blue blood like Bobby and I.

    I am Auburn Man. and I am better than you.

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