BCS reform update

BCS reform isn’t going very well because there aren’t many congressmen pushing for the reform. From the AP story: “Sure, you’ve got Orrin Hatch from Utah who’s unhappy,” he said. “There are a handful of congressmen and senators from districts or states that feel like the BCS disadvantages them and their constituents, but they’re a small minority of the overall Congress.”

If there’s a silent majority of lawmakers on the other side, “it’s only silent as long as the issue is just a bunch of noise,” Roberts said. “If a bill actually got some traction, you can bet that (Texas coach) Mack Brown would call the Texas senators, and (Alabama coach) Nick Saban would call the Alabama senators. There’s no traction in Congress for doing anything about the BCS.”

That is a load of crap. Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban has spoken in favor of something like a Plus-1 format pushed by SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. It sounds nice to say coaches like Saban are obstructionist, but it doesn’t fit the facts. If the crusade to reform the BCS wants to gain credibility, it should get its facts straight before spewing nonsense in the press. You can read the entire AP report on the BCS embedded below.