Julio for Heisman? What about Cody?

Chris Low of ESPN provides a list of potential SEC candidates for this season’s Heisman Trophy. On the list from the Alabama Crimson Tide is Julio Jones.

Low writes, “OK, Jones probably won’t have the numbers to make a serious run. Then again, look at what he did last season as a freshman despite the kind of injuries that would have sidelined a lot of players. The Crimson Tide plan to move him around more this season to make it difficult for teams to double-team him. What kind of shot does he really have? Put it this way: If the Heisman Trophy is truly about the nation’s most outstanding college football player, then Jones ought to at least be in that conversation. The next time he goes down on the initial hit in a one-on-one situation will be the first time.”

Very good points.

However, why not Terrence Cody for Heisman? His impact as a player last season for Alabama was obvious. The Crimson Tide was much better with a healthy Cody anchoring the defense than without.

Low places Tennessee safety Eric Berry on the list. It is good to see a defensive player getting attention, but why must it always be a “skill” position player and not a lineman?


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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Good question Cap….Linemen are the most unappriciated players on the field. YOu will rarely see a defensive player of any type ever even mentioned for the heisman. Its screwed up. If your not a runnung back, wuarterback, or wide reciever, then you aint gonna win it.

    Remember Tracy Rocker back in the day. Not even mentioned ……Its a sham.

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    Hugh Green nearly won it in 1980 as a Defensive End for Pitt. They just aren’t going to give it to a lineman. That’s what the Outland and Lombardi trophies are for, and the prestige of those awards is getting really high.

    Ballplay, I still think the fact that Tracey Rocker won both the Outland and Lombardi in the same year makes him one of the top 5 greatest D-Lineman of all time. Auburn’s D only allowed 8 pts a game that year. Incredible.

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    E.G. White

    It would be hard and unfair to try and say who was actually the more valuable returning player for Bama last year. Javier, Julio, Terrence, or Rolando were all absolutely critical. Javier with dual duty could be my choice. Besides being one of the best CB’s in the country, he is the top Spec. Teams athlete career wise. His returns drove stakes in the hearts of several opponents, and consistently set up an inconsistent offense in great field position. Unfortunately the Heisman has already been ceeded to one of the Big 3 QB’s. IMO an athlete should only be given the Heisman once in his career. Once given, no one ever forgets. He will always be an extremely valuable player. It doesn’t need to be awarded again. There is always more than one deserving athlete, so spread it around. As for Julio, who may have the most potential. He is hindered by Bama’s offense. The amazing stats neccessary will be accrued by a reciever in a spread offense. For Julio to get those kind of stats, the OL will have to be at least as good as last year, GMAC will have to have a breakout year, and McElwain will need to install his complete Fresno St. West Coast Offense. Tall order. RTR!

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    I agree about Arenas, hes an awesome athlete. But eeg……Are you sick ? Are you saying that a spread team could be beneficial to a wide reciever ? How can the spread beat the pro set at anything ?

  5. 6

    Smith was most certainly uats best player last year.. YOU lost him you lost to UTAH you do the math! and Julio has several factors saying he wont win the Heismann. One is hes not even in the top 5 best college players. Need I say more?

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    E.G. White

    Once again Omnipissant’s failure to pass the required course, Hillbilly English 101, at the Barn has caused him to make a fool of himself! Guy, we’re discussing the potential candidates for this years Heisman, not last years graduated spoiled brats! However, since you brought it up – there’s no doubt that Smith was Bama’s most neccessary player, if not the most valuable. If he had stayed, and with the whole nation seeing the importance of his talent, I believe he would have ended up in the top 10 for the Heisman. As for julio. How does it feel to be the only idiot in the nation that thinks he’s not good enough? He was the #1 recruit by 2 of the 3 recruiting services. The other one picked Tyrelle Pryor. Good athlete, but not even close. Julio is as fast as a scatback, has suction cups for hands, the agility of Randy Moss, carries 6 defenders 10 yards after the catch and has never been brought down on first contact. He was taken off Special Teams last year because of his secret injuries. But he was back returning kicks in the spring game and he broke 2 against the 1st defense where Javier didn’t break any. He won 3 Freshman of the year awards, 2nd. string All SEC because they had to give AJ Green something. And set every Bama freshman recieving record. Don’t give me that shit about him not being good enough. It just makes you look like a fool! RTR! Ballpark Weiner, I said receiver’s, not QB’s or OL’s. Those are the 2 positions that the spread hurts in the pros. I’d still like to see Bama run the Wishbone with, Ingram, Upchurch, Richardson, Lacy and Grant at halfback, Marrow and Matchette at fullback, Jones and Peek as recieving threats and blockers, and Star at QB with his speed, agility and feet. Unstopable, especially with defenses that would have to abandon their game plans and learn everything new just for the Bama game. RTR!

  7. 8

    OK I missed the word RETURNING.. You are equally ignorant in your words you slick leggin pillow biter you! I never said he WASNT GOOD enough. I said there were better players (not top 5)!!! I stand by that. I googled it for egg heres one of a few that thinks so to.http://www.sportingnews.com/college-football/article/2009-06-01/top-25-college-football-players-tebow-no-1

    I think maybe a lil higher but not much
    GREAT PLAYER but there is to many BETTER PLAYERS in the back field that will get it first. Hell ones on is team (Ingram)
    and if Tebow dont do it I preseason pick Colt McCoy!

    So its my opinion and yours sux too!

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    E.G. White

    Ok. This isn’p a prediction, just a scenario. But first let me say that as good as Ingram is, until he was injured Upchurch was the only RB that never failed to move the chains, even against the teams that shut down Coffee and Ingram. I predict that Richardson will make it a 3 back offense and will that will eliminate all three backs from the Heisman picture. Now my scenario. If Florida wins the MNC, Tebow wins the Heisman. If OU beats Florida Tebow wins the Heisman. If Texas beats Florida McCoy wins the Heisman. If Bama goes to the BCSCG, then who they play – Texas or Oklahoma – their QB, McCoy or Bradford will win it. Win or lose the game. If Bama plays anybody else in the BCSCG – USC, Ohio St., Penn St., Ok. St., anybody else – then either GMAC or Julio will win the Heisman. How do you like them apples? RTR!

  9. 11

    They are rotten and full of ifs and worms. GMAC(name sux) WILL NOT EVEN BE CONSIDERED! And I have already told you why Julio wont! But the rest of it was about what I am thinking as well.

  10. 12
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian


    Holy Crap dude……..Have you been in the Thorazine again ? I thought I told you to stay away from that stuff…..

    GMAC for the heisman ?????????

    Did you really just post that ?????

    Really ?????

    GMAC will be folded up like a lwan chair. Rolled like a fine Cuban cigar. And then have his helmet inserted into his arse , when he finally starts against some SEC defenses……

    GMAC for the hiesman…..BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA !!!!!

  11. 13
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Hey Egg……I predict that if Auburn goes undeafeted in 09 that Kodi Burns will rush for 1000 yards while passing for at least 3000 and winning the Heisman……..

    See how stupid that sounds ?

  12. 15
    E.G. White

    Yeah BallPark Weiner, sounds real stupid because you began it with an impossible fantasy – the barn going undefeated! LMFAO! But Bama playing for the BCS is a real possibility. And if Florida, OU and Texas don’t make it to the BCSCG that means that Tebow, Bradford and McCoy didn’t have great years. But for Bama to make it to the BCSCG and win it, then GMAC would have to have had a Heisman type year and would without a doubt be the most valuable player in the entire United States. So stick your opinion! RTR! Bama #1 in ’09!

  13. 16
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    You are crazy as a craphouse rat Egg….Do you nor remember 2 years ago ? 2007 ? Tebow and Co. lost 4 games …….And guess what ? He won the Heisman……

    Next !!!!

  14. 17
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    And NO he wouldnt have to have a Heisman type year…..You are a run first team….I know you TURDS love to remember the great year of 1992….Refresh my memory EGGY BOY….

    Did Barker win the Heisman ?

    HELLS NO HE DIDNT !!!!!!!!!!

    But all that is irrelevent as Alabama will not go undefeated.

    NEXT !!!!!!!!

  15. 18

    I LIKED BARKER! He pulled a SICK PASS one game
    They snapped the ball he dropped back faked the handoff (NASTY) hid the ball behind his back and shuttled it off over the D’s heads for a reception! NASTY….

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