Julio for Heisman? What about Cody?

Chris Low of ESPN provides a list of potential SEC candidates for this season’s Heisman Trophy. On the list from the Alabama Crimson Tide is Julio Jones.

Low writes, “OK, Jones probably won’t have the numbers to make a serious run. Then again, look at what he did last season as a freshman despite the kind of injuries that would have sidelined a lot of players. The Crimson Tide plan to move him around more this season to make it difficult for teams to double-team him. What kind of shot does he really have? Put it this way: If the Heisman Trophy is truly about the nation’s most outstanding college football player, then Jones ought to at least be in that conversation. The next time he goes down on the initial hit in a one-on-one situation will be the first time.”

Very good points.

However, why not Terrence Cody for Heisman? His impact as a player last season for Alabama was obvious. The Crimson Tide was much better with a healthy Cody anchoring the defense than without.

Low places Tennessee safety Eric Berry on the list. It is good to see a defensive player getting attention, but why must it always be a “skill” position player and not a lineman?