Crimson Tide players hoping for better finish

AP: Expectations have only ratcheted higher for the Tide after last season’s surprising ascension into the national championship mix, thanks to a loaded defense and stars like receiver Julio Jones, nose guard Terrence Cody and linebacker Rolando McClain. … The Tide will try to reverse a recent trend: Since 1996, the four Alabama teams following seasons with double-digit wins have gone a combined 17-31.(read more on the Alabama Crimson Tide embedded below.)


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    E.G. White

    Yeah well all those teams were depleted by scholly restrictions and were lucky to have the talent to get 10 or more wins in the first place. They didn’t have the talent or the coach that this team does. We’re at the portal of a decade of double digit win seasons! RTR!

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    E.G. White

    Just about every top 25 team has lost at least 1 star player to injuries, misbehavior or legal problems. Some have lost 2 or more, such as Florida and Ole Miss. Bama, knock on wood. 100%
    intact, discounting Peeks stuborn ankle that he says he’s going to ignore. But leave it to some lowlife Bastard to grab his foot and do a maypole act with it! RTR!

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