Pat Dye: Chizik isn’t my fault!

Former Auburn coach Pat Dye might not know where his pants are, but he knows where to place blame. It was Jay Jacobs who hired new Auburn coach Gene Chizik, according to Dye’s conversation with Paul Finebaum Tuesday. Pat Dye wasn’t involved. He didn’t even talk with athletic director Jacobs for about eight days! And in case you missed it, Gene Chizik isn’t his fault because Jay Jacobs hired him.

Jay Jacobs’ head is on the line in regards to Chizik. It is a Machiavellian move from coach Dye.

OK. Maybe not.

It is more like a Moe (of the Three Stooges) move than Machiavelli. Nobody in their right mind believes Dye wasn’t somewhat involved in the process. I’m not saying Dye was untruthful.

But Dye was untruthful.

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