Andre Smith holdout

What more can be said about Andre Smith? He is a nice guy with horrible people around him. Now Smith is involved in a contract dispute that has ended in a holdout; Smith missed the first day of the Cincinnati Bengals’ camp. Smith’s agent situation is no doubt responsible for this mess; it has been a central problem for Smith since December. According to the AP, “All of the Bengals’ other draft picks were signed before the practice.” (read the entire AP story embedded below.)


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    Way to go Andre. There’s no better way to piss off a new fanbase and employers for that matter…before you’ve proven yourself in even one NFL game…than to do what you’re doing.

    Many, many good people have taken mortal hits to their reputations and futures by letting bad people get close to them. Looks like you’re joining the list.

    I hearby announce and remind everyone from this point forth that Andre was a Shula recruit. Our Saban recruits don’t behave like selfish babies.

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    He’s somoebody else’s headache now.
    Maybe Nick was right in not asking him to stay for that NC ring.

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    What’s so remarkable about all of this ? This is Cinco”s Team ? How many Bengals have been arrested under Marvin’s Watch ? The Russians say that a fish rots from the head down ……..
    Andre knows that the Owner is soft as the middle of a Moon Pie.

  4. 4

    when are we going to quit giving andre a pass???

    all this stuff keeps happening around him and it’s his uncle or his agent…..

    it’s andre, people. he’s the mike tyson of football.

    ignorance is no excuse.

    (especially with the breaks and opportunities he’s received)

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    True an agent is responsible for his player ranging from finances/personal needs/schedules. You have to admit after a while that maybe some of this DOES fall on Andre Smith. Time to grow up and start acting like a PRO Football player. It amazes me that people who are about to get millions piss it away on all the small stuff in life. Therefore I have no sympathy for the adolescent nature of this whole debacle that started with the Sugar Bowl. I always have appreciated Andre and what he did for U of A — but like ‘almightymc1’ said — he’s not our problem anymore.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Man , You guys are really appreciative of one of the greatest tackles to play for you, arent ya ? This isnt too uncommon. I dont blame the guy for trying to get paid. He may not get another contract, who knows ? tmc I believe he was a Senior ..

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    well, excuse me bp.

    in case anyone hasn’t noticed, things are pretty tough on the street right now.

    and apparently, andre is so far removed from the struggle, he doesn’t have to worry.

    somebody needs to hit his dumbass over the head and make him see what’s going on around him. he’s obviously too damn stupid to see the day to day struggles of the folks.

    and personally, i’m tired of hearing people cover for him. he’s supposed to have a college education.

    i guess the quote from the bible is right:

    “in their wisdom they have become fools.”

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    ITS ANDRE SMITHS FAULT!!! No agent No uncle(jamarcus) I have to agree with ITK HE hasnt proved a DAMN thing in the NFL he shoulda showed up, shut up, and put up! BUT know and that whole Shulas recruit….. Ya reckon Saban can predict what a 17 year old BOY is gonna turn into at 21 with the WORLD in hands?

  9. 10

    I don’t know, but one thing I do know: 900 jefferson county employees are out of work right now because of similar out-of-touch thinking, and this ingrate is holding out without ever playing a down, over millions. I’m just sick of him, no matter how great he was. He demonstrates how not to respond to the good fortune he was given.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Come on now….We arent talking about main street with the letters NFL anyways guys….Andre seemed like a nice guy. He noever got into trouble. He was an example when he played. He seems to be influenced by agents and family members, but who knows , that could just be rumor. What did he go ? #5 ? If he went #5 he should get paid for it. Its business. Dont think if he dont work out they wont kick HIS butt to the curb…Bad Economy ? All the more reason to capitalize on this deal.

    But I agree , he could have dome a few things better. Like find Springfield…

    I just think yall are still pissed about Utah.

  11. 12

    BTW for the Utah thing — we would of lost that game WITH Andre — it was more than just an OL issue…

  12. 13

    That’s right – team was not ready to play and that was Saban’s fault – can’t sugarcoat that Turd.

  13. 14
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    I agree blood… But this guy was a stellar lineman who never got into touble , and was ans example on that team when there werent many examples. He misses ONE game , and some of yall turned on him like he was Juwan Simpson. …..I have to take that back, some of you actually defended Juwan , and Jimmy Johns as well. How much sense does that make ?

  14. 15

    “He misses ONE game”

    yes, and isn’t that just the most effective life lesson???

    where i work, you can have successful project after successful project, but in the eyes of the customer that’s all a wash or worse with one screw up.

    in my workplace experience, i’ve noticed that’s a “pattern”, the “norm”, the “rule” rather than the “exception”, the “default” position.

    what’s that smell????



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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    But finebammer. I do not think the issue with the agent was Andres fault. Probably a family member. He did Alabama pretty well for a long time. Its just sad to see tha man thrown under the bus by his fans becaus of one game , thats all. I know that Andre was one reason for some of the wins that Bama wouldnt have otherwise gotten.

  16. 17

    we’ll have to agree………..

    and i disagree.

    an agent is like a lawyer. if you have one he works FOR you, not the other way around.

    they’re hired to advise you, if you act on bad advice………

    your bad.

    everybody thought brian bosworth was going to be the next big nfl thing.

    then he was exposed by…….cough, cough………..akkkkkkk!

    andre doesn’t have the grey material between the ears,

    he’s exposed himself.

  17. 18
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    All the more reason to get paid on this contract……Agree ?

  18. 19

    no, all the more reason to get his big, dumb floppin’ tittie ass in camp and try to learn something.

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