Erin Andrews: I’m being treated like Britney Spears

The Erin Andrews story has entered a new phase. The media has decided to follow her. Here is audio and a story on a 911 call from the ESPN sideline reporter. One of the most interesting lines of the 911 audio: “I did nothing wrong, and I am being treated like (expletive) Britney Spears, and it sucks.” More from the tape: “I’m all over the news right now,” and describes herself as “the girl that was videotaped in my hotel room in the nude.” You’ll also find an AP story on the situation. (both are embedded below.)


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    After seeing her in the nude – she looks pretty good. Shame that rack was blurred out – all of this is going to help her – there will be many dirty bastards such as myself that will look forward to checking her out while she blathers nonsense.
    wonder who’s dumber – twit by capstone or Erin ?

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