Shane: Tidbits from SEC media days

By Shane from Centerpoint

Once a year, during the “dog days” of summer, the media converges on the Winfrey Hotel near Hoover, Alabama to join the SEC coaches – along with a few players from each team – in a season kick-off event. The event is designed to allow the media to gather important details about each team and relay the information to fans across the conference. However, this year’s event became a circus when one low-level reporter decided to make himself the star of the show. It is a sign of the times when one classless individual ruins a normally first-class operation. I’ve omitted his name and will refrain from writing about what he did, because the fool has gotten enough attention already. Most people know about the deal anyway.

In spite of all their publicity stunts during the spring recruiting season, Auburn’s Gene Chizik and Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin quietly slid in and out of the spotlight without any controversy. After watching the show all spring, I thought that one of them might’ve come in wearing a flashing sign that said, “We need players”! Also, nowhere to be found was the pair of carnival barkers (Luper and Trooper) that work for Chizik; and the world’s greatest recruiters, Tennessee tag team Eddie Gran and Lance Thompson, were hidden from public view. Truthfully, leaving those four out of the press may be the smartest thing either program has done in years.

I will send this message out to the rest of the Southeastern Conference: Under the guidance of Pat Dye, the Auburn football program will become dramatically more competitive – quicker than most might expect. Dye, through Chizik and others, will field a hard-nosed team that runs the ball well (from any set), and plays tremendous defense, along with improved special teams. Dye is hell-bent on returning Auburn to the top of the SEC and he has the ability to get it done.

Alabama’s top linebacker Rolando McClain is a freak of nature – and I mean that in a good way. He is listed at 6’4”, 249. He stated to some reporter at Media Days that he now weighs 258 pounds. Nobody that big and strong should be able to outrun tailbacks. McClain can and does. The bad part comes when he catches them. Anyway, Ro is a definite first-round NFL draft pick.

Nick Saban wasn’t the headliner at this year’s shindig. Yet, he still faced throngs of Tide supporters who waited patiently for him to make an appearance. He did, and signed autographs for quite a long stint. I guess he figures that those types of deals are part of the “process”. After spending two years as the main attraction, Coach Saban seemed to welcome being able to keep a low profile and talk football only.

Poor Dan Mullen! He seems like he is a good man, but he simply has no idea what he has gotten himself in to. Coaching great Jackie Sherrill struggled to keep State competitive. Sylvester Croom (one of Bear’s boys) couldn’t get the job done. Now, the powers-that-be at Mississippi State are placing their future in the hands of an offensive guru who has never been a head coach. I hope they know what they are doing over in Starkville, because nobody else does!

Houston Nutt and his Ole Miss Rebels were the Nation’s pick to win the SEC West, at least until the journalists who attended Media Days voted for them to finish third. My apologies to the national pundits, but we from the South know Nutt too well. He always chokes away a game or two. Oh well! So much for the “Ole Miss is going to win it all” theory.

Last but not least, I swear those “Radio Row” guys are like cartoon characters. They sit like vultures, waiting for a coach or player to pass so they can stop him and ask him the exact question that the other 40 radio stations down the row just asked him. Man! That gig has got to grind on the players and coaches alike.

On a more serious note, I learned a great deal about the people who coach and play in the SEC from this year’s Media Days. However, I didn’t learn anything about what might actually happen on the field this upcoming season. The answer to those questions will come when the teams go to war on the gridiron.

Quite frankly, I think this particular event is really about the media covering the media covering sports. Don’t believe me? Just look at how they reacted to one of their own when he asked the foolish question of Tim Tebow. They made the idiot the number-one story of the event. Anyway, I’m sure you get my point. Pretty vanilla isn’t it?
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

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  1. 1
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    What did you expect from Chizik there Shane ? Him coming up to the mike like VInce McMahon in the WWE ? Come on man..

    It does suprise me that you would say anything positove about Auburn…Bout time.

  2. 2
    Just a couple of Questions

    Shane said: “However, this year’s event became a circus when one low-level reporter decided to make himself the star of the show. It is a sign of the times when one classless individual ruins a normally first-class operation. I’ve omitted his name and will refrain from writing about what he did, because the fool has gotten enough attention already.”

    Just a couple of questions, Is he actually writing about himself?…Lowlevel reporter, classless, fool…all excellent descriptions of Shane! And, is the point of the article about how useless and worthless talk radio and print media really are? Isn’t that calling the kettle black?

  3. 4

    Pluto, we agree on Ian. He is a complete joke. It doesn’t seem to bother him that everyone laughs at(not with) him. I guess he believes there is no such thing as bad publicity, so he keeps doing it.

  4. 5

    Ian Fitzsstupid and Lance Taylor are the worst thing on WJOX. Especially when they get the loon from Memphis, Veno, on their Radio show with Travis (TN bookwriter). I mean has TN done anything in the last 11 yrs? The answer is no. They were AU’s bitch in 04 and has been ALs bitch since. Get real.

    I tried to call once about AU basketball and Ian, the loser, cut me off and hung up on me. That is the last time I ever called or tried to listen to them. At least the Opening drive and Finebaum let you speak your peace before hanging up on you.

    WJOX would do well by cancelling that poor excuse of a show and go with something else.

  5. 6
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    Pretty even handed column Shane. I have one counterpoint, though. When writing about the Media Day journalists not voting for Ole Miss to make the SEC championship game, you wrote:

    “My apologies to the national pundits, but we from the South know Nutt too well.”

    What those same journalists from the South usually DON’T know is who WILL be in Atlanta on December 5. You should have mentioned the media’s dismal record of picking the top finishers. It’s been kind of a kiss of death in recent years.

  6. 8

    Shane for brains,

    Maybe you can tell me which team actually had their assistant coaches at Media Days? You cracked on AU and TN. Were Bammer’s there? What about Florida’s? These again are rhetorical questions Shane for Brains. The answer is NONE of the teams brought their assistants. They are only allowed to send the HC and two players. If you were an actual journalist and not such a twit you would know that.

  7. 9

    WB, I’m not defending Shane, but I think the point he was trying to make is that each team sends it’s most important coach. In every case except auburn, that would be the head coach. But at auburn Trooper and Luper have clearly taken over that role. Just like what happened at Bama with Dubose, Chiznick will not be able to control his assistants. And like we saw at Bama, that will lead to trouble. By the way, since you are obviously an auburn fan, on behalf of the Capstone Report, I want to thank you for reading this Alabama blog. You, julio, and omni are clearly obsessed with The Univeristy of Alabama.

  8. 10
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    doosher, hes responding to a jab at Auburn….Or didnt you notice.

    just a warning,,,no good can come from having Shane as your role model.

  9. 11

    inbred,inbredf,inbred shane you are as

    stupid today as the first day you wrote

    a column. did your mammy have any kids to live?

  10. 12

    I would like to address something about the “Event” . It is clear that the Media Elites and their suck ass followers want to purify and sanctify the Event .That is get rid of all the fans, locals, yokels , etc. and allow only the Elites the access to the Coaches. Pack them off to the damn Hoover Met or whatever the hell – just get rid of them and bring the Coaches in an Armored Car after the new improved “Media Event” and let the unwashed go nuts.
    Don’t never underestimate the Elites contempt for the average Fan.

  11. 13
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! SHANE, good BAMMERS like myself and many others (YES, there ARE MANY Bammers that ARE REALISTIC) realize that you NEED to LEAVE SOME ROOM for the UNEXPECTED. Houston Nutt & the Rebels of Ole Miss DID CATCH some people “off-guard” last season, raised some eye-brows, the whole 9 yards and so forth. Other coaches & their respective teams WILL do their “due dilligence” in preparation for them, but DON’T COUNT THEM OUT BEFORE THE SEASON BEGINS. The situation in Oxford is somewhat similar to that in Tuscaloosa; NOT COMPLETELY, but there are SOME similarities. Ole Miss has MOST of their defense returning (8 starters if I haven’t missed the count). They either graduated or lost to the NFL Draft 3 starting offensive linemen (again, if I haven’t missed the count). The biggest difference between ‘Bama and Ole Miss IS that THEY HAVE A PROVEN QB RETURNING AND WE DON’T! Once again I shall repeat what I’ve said in previous posts. Breaking in a new QB in the SEC IS NOT EASY. With time Greg McElroy should become a good, maybe GREAT QB, but this is his first year as the starter. This is his third year in Saban’s system (which IS a good thing) but on-the-field EXPERIENCE during games, KNOWING WHAT TO EXPECT FROM OTHER TEAMS’ defenses FIRST-HAND REALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Unlike most of the National pundits, I DO BELIEVE that Alabama WILL DEFEAT Ole Miss this season but I ALSO BELIEVE that it will be a CLOSE GAME. Moving on, I’m not going to say anything about Auburn or Tennessee other than I believe that both teams will be improved, both teams will be bowl-eligible and that AU’s defense WILL BE NOTICED. As for Dan Mullen & Mississippi State, Coach Mullen’s dream of becoming a head coach has come true, but I tend to think he would HAVE LIKED that a few of those players he’s been coaching down in Gainesville would have put in for a transfer to Starkville (ha, ha).

  12. 14
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    Good post St. Clair. I’m still having trouble figuring out how you predict bammer to beat ole miss this year. On paper (and that’s all we have at this point), it seems very unlikely. It’s an away game, with an unproven QB, against perhaps the best fundamental QB in the SEC with a returning defense…..sounds like a tall order to me. I’m not knocking bammer. I expect them to be the 3rd or 4th best team in the SEC this year.
    I did predict Auburn to beat ole miss this year not because Auburn is a better team than ole miss, but I believe the Auburn D can knock ole miss off their game plan at JordanHare. Just an opinion.

  13. 15
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Aurox….I believe that Alabama will have one of , if not the best, defense in the country this year….Ole Miss runs a true pro style offense, wich will play into Sabans hand. They will not run the ball on Alabama..This will make them one deminsional. Then Bamas great D-line will keep Snead so flustered he wont be all that effective. Just an opinion. I believe Bama will win a close low scoring game to the tune of 20-14 or something like that.

  14. 17

    Sux Vol,

    You must really have a pathetic life, cruising other team blogs, with always the same comment.

    Get back to your trailer toilet inspection job and leave the football talk to someone that has something to say SUX BOY!

    Or at the least tell us how the turd inspections are going these days.


  15. 19

    Shane probably pissed his pants at the site of CGC! Intimadating isnt he. And if radio row was like vulchers waiting he was a BUZZARD waiting to land on one of em…… But at least his blog sounded decent! at first

  16. 20
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO, “AUROX,” the ‘Bama D will be the KEY in the game against Ole Miss. I believe that when these 2 teams meet (around mid-season) Alabama’s O-Line will have jelled somewhat. It wouldn’t surprise me if a turnover late in that game makes the difference.

  17. 24

    Sux vols says, “BITE ME!”

    Now sux vol, just how do you propose I do that? After all aren’t you busy inspecting trailer toilets? You are soooooo pitiful, I find myself at times feeling sorry for you. I mean having to keep your head in a toilet all day and then come home to try and come up with something to say.

    While the rest of us look forward to an exciting season of college football, you have to try and wash the shit off of you and then have to realize that your sux vol team is reallllllly going to sux this year, more than ever.

    But take heart sux vol, you can always go down to the corner and have a tomato sandwich with that pardoned criminal coach y’all let go.

    Bite you? I think not, sux vol.

    Life is GOOD in the Great State of Alabama, unlike that sux state of tenn. My, my, there really is a God in Heaven.

    FACT: vols sux, always have, always will. Now go bite yourself and know that it is real, sux vol.

    tennessee, all are LOL at your dumb ass.


  18. 25

    Actually, trhough some nasty turn of fate, attended that hillbilly craphole in Knoxville. I decided to transfer the He!! out of there because of nasty stench that still pervades that joint. Majors was the coach then and was trying to do what Lame is now trying to do, babysitting criminals. Does anyone remember the Cooper boys or maybe the QB Robinson. Tennessee has for at least the last forty years been a haven for scumbags. Fulmer kept up the tradition and Kipper has now added a rapist and sodomizer to the team. UT and your redneck, jerk off bunch of hooligan followers rejoice, except for one thing, you and all of your criminal element will really sux up the field this season. Serves you right scumbags!!

    Oh by the way, Get this Ahole Carl!!

    Rollll1 Tide Rolllll !!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 27

    Wait a second there halb!!!!halb!!!!

    You must be reading sideways or something, I’m in no way a sux vol fan, actually quite the opposite, a lifetime Bama fan, or am I missing something here? Me or you is mixed up, and its probably me, but please understand I am in NO way a sux vol. In fact I don’t know a program I despise more. You must be addressing the Indiana vol, aka sux vol.

    If I’m not, where did the ahole comment come from?

    I believe we are about to witness the worst season the sux vols have had in modern time, and I’ll be loving every minute of it. I can hardly wait.


  20. 28

    Yo Carl,
    Like I said, I had to run from that nasty ass craphole. I know your Tide and damn good for both of us.

    I was looking through YouTube last night and watching you name it. ‘The goal line stand’, The Kick, the George Teague intereption/steal of the ball, the blocked field goal etc. And I thought, you know I wonder if Tennessee or Auburn has these kind of moments to remember. Guess what I got when I googled Tennessee? Nothing worth a half a damn. When I googled Auburn, all I got was Bo goes the wrong way.

    Like I said< I am no arrogant, craphead, puke orange vol fan and I know your Crimson all the way. Sorry we got crossed up. RTR!!!!!!!!


    I only do that to piss off ‘he who plays with his pool balls’.

  21. 29

    Oh and the ahole thing should have been ‘Tear this ahole a new one, even though I think he has 2, one of which he talks out of’

  22. 31

    Like I have been saying for weeks: “Shut up Ignorant Auburn Fan”. You are Vandy, accept it and leave Football and Football talk to the Big Boys. Now bye bye, goober smooch!!!!!!!!!!


  23. 33
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! “BLAH BLAH,” AUBURN IS VANDY? As I recall Vanderbilt won that game by 1 point, but a win IS a win. What’s this about escaping from Knoxville when Coach Majors was at the helm? Johnny Majors WAS A CLASS ACT, MUCH MORE than I can say about “Fat Phil” & the “Lame Kitten.”

  24. 34
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    St. Clair…’s pointless to try and reason with a moron…….he’ll just bring you down to his level and beat you with experience. Sounds to me like “blahblah” should have stayed in knoxville. They’re awfully fond of folks who run their d**ksuckers.

  25. 35
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! AUROX, goobers like “Blah-Blah” are fun to chat with BECAUSE they’re goobers. More later.

  26. 37

    Majors was and is a class act, however the vol nation is absolutely not. As far as aubert and the boys go, well they tried to have there day in the sun, unfortunately they just didn’t get to the summit. Now all aubie has is an empty dream and a third rate coach. Oh, I forgot to mention the fact that they have no talent. I probably shouldn’t have called them Vandy, they are now more like Iowa State.


  27. 38

    So shut up!!!!

    St.Clair (Alabama’s Armpit) and Gay Boy (AUROX).

    Like I said punks, Leave football talk to football fans and leave cow patty talk to the auberts.

    GO AWAY GAYS!!!!!!!!!!!


  28. 39

    Hey LAdy BLAH BLAH … remember me? Im the guy that kep you away! Ya know SAINT is the a kewl VERY INFORMATIVE CAT.. YOu well your the CATS SHIT or maybe the SMELL in the CATS SHIT ….. or your just an IDIOT (much like myself) that likes to play …hmmmmm

  29. 42

    Like I said go away Augays, and let the Bigboys talk football.

    Now go and play with your punk aubo friends, dip$hit.

  30. 43
    Indiana Vol

    To the Bammer Moron Nation (especially Carl the Crimson Turd Moron);

    Rammer-Jammer, Yeller-Hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

  31. 44

    Sux vol your a total idiot. Is that all you can ever come up with? Guess that’s what happens when you keep your head stuck in a toilet making inspections all day, gay boy.
    Accept it vols sux, always have, always will.

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