Mike Bianchi is full of it

Mike Bianchi is an idiot. He suggests Urban Meyer is the new Bear Bryant and this has Alabama fans scared. He says Alabama’s media is hoping Urban Meyer heads to Notre Dame. He just doesn’t get it.

Alabama fans aren’t afraid of Meyer or Tim Tebow. Alabama fans respect hard work and great players.

But there is one thing Alabama fans fear.

The Crimson Tide faithful fear Gene Chizik.

It is the Tide’s dirty little secret.

Chizik’s master recruiting plan is paying off. All the Tiger Prowls, Big Cat Weekends and secondary rules violations have Crimson Tide fans looking over their shoulder. Trooper and Luper and Gus and Chizik—that is a brain trust right there. They will land every big recruit in this state. Nick Saban can’t keep up. Alabama could never get a big recruit from right there in Auburn-Opelika; Corey Grant will never land in Tuscaloosa!

But more than recruiting, Alabama fans fear Chizik’s ability to run a program. He was famed for his superb game plans and time management while head coach at Iowa State. He had a reputation at Iowa State for being a tough, but lovable general. He inspired his Cyclone troops to new heights. Cyclone fans were ready to build a statue to honor the great Cheezit! The glorious history on the field is etched into his record. Enshrinement into the Hall of Fame for 5-19 is a assured.

While Bianchi might love Meyer, it clouds his vision. Everyone knows the Bear isn’t in Gainesville; the new Bear lives in Auburn.