Good News, Auburn Fans

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by intheknow72

Auburn fans, great news! The 2009 college football season is only 42 days away, but don’t worry. You still have plenty of season tickets to choose from, and even more mini-season ticket packages to snatch up. This includes an entire endzone, an entire upper deck, and select seats on the opposite upper deck (from 40 to 40, among other sections).

You don’t know how big a blessing it is to still have tickets available. At Alabama, it’s annoying trying to get in to our recently expanded Bryant-Denny Stadium, where even though there are over 92,000 seats, well over 10,000 are on a waiting list for season tickets…a seemingly indefinite wait just to see the Tide roll. The only reason I know it’s at least that many is I know the guy who is #10,211. There may be more.

Thankfully our next expansion should cut down on the wait time.

But you, you can pretty much walk up to the ticket booth on game day and get a seat. You know, like you do at the Barons or Blazer games.

Count yourself lucky. I guess that Guz Malzahn offense really has the plains a’buzzin. You can probably get two seats together if you want to keep one for your hot dog and coke.

For more information, or to buy your season tickets for the season that’s just over a month away, go to


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  1. 1

    Don’t you love it. These guys are wannabees and always will be. An entire endzone and an entire upper deck! LOL But with Cheesenip at the helm that will change dramatically. Next year there will be 2 upper decks that will be available.

  2. 2

    Wow… just another reason that is great to be an Auburn Tiger!
    No I can buy Iron Bowl tickets on line!!!!

    Also auburn fans make sur that you buy those ticket and hotel accomodation packagest o Atlanta for that big profit you are going to make on Ebay!

  3. 3

    More Good news,
    Auburn is nobody’s preseason pick to win anything.
    That means no back injuries trying to hold up championship trophies!!!!!

    It just keeps getting better all the time for The University of Auburn.

  4. 4

    Uh oh.
    A bit of trgedy today as longsnapper Dax Dallenbach wont be returning next year.

    In case some of you are wondering Dax Dallenbach was a last second commitment last year at the position of long snapper. It appears (for unknown reasons) he want be returning to the plains.
    (Please dont tell Brian Cook, he will blow a colon.)

  5. 5

    Oh thats right. He was an Auburn player. We’re safe. Cook will look the other way on this one.

  6. 6

    Wow…another article from ITK about nothing but Auburn. Good thing you could care less about Auburn and only care about Bammer.

  7. 7

    Seats are available in the upper deck and the end-zone, tried to buy some, but they are basically top row in the end-zone or upper deck… could have got them just for the Bama game, but $395 is a lot of those tickets…

  8. 8

    What a mean-spirited post, Julio. I’m simply making information available to my barn friends so they can see with their own eyes the power that is Abarn football. You want to be able to tell your grandkids one day that you were there when Chizik picked up that elusive sixth win.

  9. 9


    ITK will you ever become relevant enough to write about something other than AUburn TX!????? Just wondering Sir!

    I Bet I can get in to see ANY bama home game just by showing up and finding that BIG BLACK GUY with all those TIXsin his hands…. wait till almost kick off and get em HALF PRICED…That easy and before you say NO YOU CANT

  10. 10

    Omni, when will race stop being an issue with you? Why did you have to call him “that big black guy?”

    That’s the problem with Auburn fans; race issues are still a major problem in Lee County, which affects recruiting.

  11. 11

    I guess Cory Grant knew that, leaving Opelika to play for the Tide. Watched his highlight reel last night. Explosive. Maybe if you weren’t so racist he’d be in Auburn.

  12. 12
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    ITK….Every scalper at Auburn on gameday is a big black guy…Nothing racial, but they are just big black guys… dont really know why, they just are….If I see a skinny cracker selling tickets Ill let yall know..

    Now as far as the tickets go, you and I both know that when your winning , you sell more tickets than if your losing. After Dubose 3-8 season I think I saw tumbleweeds blowing across the lower deck on a Jefferson Pilot game. But hey, poke the fire while you can man. I can handle it.

  13. 13

    No, after that 3-8 season there was as much buzz about Franchione the next year (at the time) as there was about Saban in 2007. The UCLA game was packed, and the next game at Vandy was as well. It was like a Bama home game up there. We support our team. Barners just like to talk then stay home.

    War Cheezik!

  14. 14
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan know as Ballplay Indian

    Yeah , I guess thats why we collected more football revenue than you guys last year. Cause we stay home and all , and dont support our team. You got me there ITK.

  15. 15

    The last time Bama hired a new coach, BDS was packed full for A-day, much less a real game, I guess this could be another example of why if a university wants to be successful in SEC football, they should start with hiring a coach the fans can believe in

  16. 16
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan know as Ballplay Indian

    like Mike Shula ? Oh Wait….Dennis Franchioni…noo hold on …Mike Price?? Nope…..Oh yeahhhh…Nick Saban.

    Yes Nick Saban is the best ever, or until he leaves Alabama….Then he will suck and wasnt that good anyhow….

  17. 17

    ITK u dont know me! IM NO RACIST and everything isnt about RACE. I mean cant we say BLACK GUY or WHite Guy? Its todays lingo. Next time your out LOOK AROUND the races are there and they are mixed. From now on if you have nothing good to say to me please SIr! REFRAINE!!

    Damn I didnt do anything to you…. OH YES I DID . I laffed on YOUR blog

  18. 18

    I cannot recall a time when there was not a sell out crowd at a UA game. yes you could buy the tickets from scalpers. But there were none available at the gate.
    Can Auburn say the same… Not hardly.

  19. 19

    Disregard the Rebel flag and the Al Johlson face paint. And the Klan outfits and the chants of “RUN NIGGER RUN” When certain minority players are running to daylight. It dont mean a thing.
    Seriously. Auburn is the racial panacea.
    A melting pot of nations and nationalities.

  20. 21
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    tmc1…..Was that really necessary ? Come on man.

  21. 22
    E.G White

    Hell, I like a good tongue-in-cheek put down now and then myself. However, Generally I try not to initiate low-down bellow the belt nastiness. I wait for Barners, Ucheaters, Corndogs and Lizards to start the shit – which they always do – and then I retaliate – which they deserve! RTR!

  22. 23

    OK RETALIATION! FUK THE POPE!… Im wouldnt follow a man which sits upon a thrown in a pointy hat for my afterlife rewards for anyones money! AND WHERES THE WHITE WOMAN AT? uht oh! there I go again damn I cant keep my racist mouth shut!

  23. 24

    OH before I am a Satanist not SABANIST almost the same but IM NEITHER….

    THe reason trhe POPE is a FRAUD!!

    I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6 Said BY NONE OTHER THAN JESUS HIMSELF!!! MY GOD.

  24. 25

    My nickname is 5 and 6! GO back and figure which year I got that one! I have supported AUburn thru out my life. I will bet everything I own that there is more bammers who dont SO CALL SUPPORT their teams than any other team in the SEC. I will sit in the rain and watch a 5 and 6 AUburn team. SO once again ITK you dont know what your speaking about, try and stay to uat sports and maybe you wont look so un-informed! OH then you will turn into SHANE which by my estimates your getting close with all the BLOGS about AU and MR 5&19.

  25. 26


    I was referencing AU with the BIG BLACK GUY ….good call and TY. BUUUUTT, My best friend is a bammer and we go to bammer home games and I SWEAR its not the same cat but he was BIG and OH YEA BLACK…hence THE BIG BLACK GUY. Its a HUSTLE to sell these tix and Hell if I could make the money some of these guys make you would see the BIG WHITE CRACKER

  26. 27

    All of you Auburn guys just need to get over it. I think it is funny as hell that Auburn never sells out their stadium. That has never been a problem at Bama. You guys like to compare your self to Bama, but the truth is you don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath. Support your program and quit being such whiny bandwagon fans, and then maybe you can get a taste of what it is like to be a Bama fan. ROLL TIDE, you bunch of losers.

  27. 28

    ANd then comes BB, what an IDIOT. He half ass mentions the topic just to throw the same ol tired ass jokes out!
    CMON BB something different SON!
    just something???????????? I would rather ” DO THE BUMP WITH A BIG FAT WOMAN” than be a bammer! AND we do support our program hell we got people who buy us players too! bamma might have invented buying players but they dont own the rights!

  28. 30

    You know, I try to come in here to let my Abarn friends know they can still buy tickets to every single one of their games, some 40 days from kick-off, from the University, not scalpers, and this is what I get.

    This is the last time I’ll be nice to ya’ll.

  29. 32

    Ballplay, even with the coaches you mentioned (Shula etc.) BDS was still sold out, even after getting screwed by the ncaa BDS was still packed, and even if Saban left tomorrow I would be upset,but I would still be glad he came and permanently changed the mindset in Tuscaloosa, you awbums can trump up bogus charges about why you are getting drilled in recruiting you can bring up the fact Saban has lost games he shouldn’t have, the fact remains he hasn’t left yet, and his goal is still to make your life suck! Enjoy the offseason while it lasts! LMAO

  30. 33

    Omni and Julio, funny that you don’t see your hypocricy. ITK is just reporting a fact about UA’s second biggest rival(Tenn will always be #1). BUT you both are showing your Bama infactuation by reading this board everyday. Do you ever go to an au board? Just wondering…

  31. 34

    I visit many boards and I read alot!
    Now that I have ceased your wondering what ever shall you do? Have I WARPED your fragile lil mind? GOOD you dumb ass late-comer……..

  32. 36

    BamaButthole state “All of you Auburn guys just need to get over it. I think it is funny as hell that Auburn never sells out their stadium. That has never been a problem at Bama.”

    Dude all the big games in AU, you cant find a ticket to. The homecoming games and others, they are pretty easy. Was there any spare tickets at the UL Monroe asswhipping back two years ago. You bet there was, I remember cause I had the fortune of going. I think I was the only UL Monroe fan there.

    What are blabbing like BDS is something special and there are no seats. If your team sucks, like AL did 2 years ago, there will be empty seats. AL is no different than AU when the win column is down.

    I cant wait for Tebow to break it off again this year in AL. He wont be a virgin to some AL brown eye. He has pounded that before. BLOW TIDE!

  33. 37
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Do we really want to gt into a debate on team support bammer fans ? Booing JPW and the rest of the team in the Shula years seams like a lifetime ago doesnt it ? It was 3 years ago…….A brick through Currys window ? Come on….Your base is the most fair weathered in the history of the NCAA…..Lets not forget throwing whiskey bottles at the opposing teams after they whip your candy butt team…..Boy, you sure wreak of class there bammers…..

    Again…..How could Auburn win the revenue war last year of all years ? No answer bammers ??? Dollar signs show a bases support better than any other source…So how could Auburn with a 5-7 year make more dam money than a 12-0 Bama team ? Why ? Because we support our team with our wallets….Thats why…Spin it away you ignorant turds but the bottom line is that you cant dispute that FACT !!!! Look it up…Im not making up this stuff…Its fact…

    Again…Explain it..Explain the FACT again FACT that we beat your 12-0 sellout team in FOOTBALL and TOTAL SPORTS revenue ? Football by 3-4 mill alone. And total sports revenue by about 8 mill……


    But I dont expect a real answer. Just mindless ROLL TIDES !!!!! and a few WE GOT 12 !!!!!

  34. 39
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Yeh , or the old 36-0….Or a 5-19…..

    Just tumbleweeds man…tumbleweeds.

  35. 41

    Ballplay, Aub had better keep hitting the hip to pay for all the cash they have to spend trying to keep up with the recruiting master, I believe it is to the tune of more than double what Bama spends, yet Bama keep’s raking in top classes. But you continue supporting Aub with your wallets and we will keep spanking that arse, and please don’t start with the fair weathered bs on booing, I heard so much booing of Tubs and Cox I was embarrassed for them, but I guess you have forgot about that. Well look, good to argue with you again and me and our candy ass team will see you for beatdown number two on Aub’s black Friday.

  36. 42

    Speaking of booing, the Aubieham News(formally the Bham News) had a story last year about Chris Todd getting booed. And Ballplay, since you’re so into FACTS, here’s a few: 12 National Championships, 21 SEC Championships, 56 Bowl games(most ever), 28 10-win seasons(most ever). I could go on and on, but you get the point.

  37. 43
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    BM…What do you expect the Tigers to do ? Just keep on like nothings different. They are doing EXACTLY what they sould be doing. They spent more money on recruiting this year than any other SEC school. Its necessary.

    BF…..You just prove my point,,,Go up and read my other post, and see what I said you would say….You Bammers are so predictable..

    None of you have given a decent counterpint on how we made more money in a 5-7 season than Bama did with a 12-0 season. Keep thinking ew dont support our team..Just more delusion.


  38. 46

    Spending more on recruiting and getting results are two different things. Maybe they’d get better results if they toss cash out the sunroof of the limo on the next “Tiger Prowl”.

    And, empty seats and a sold out stadium are two different things. The La.Monroes, Houstons and North Texases of the world are always going to be hard to get butts in every seats for, though at Alabama it DOES happen more often than not. But the tickets and seats WERE purchased and accounted for.

    But what I’m talking about is no one buying a ticket for those games at all. And Auburn’s got a bunch of games THIS SEASON where that’s the case.

    And ballsplay, 2-7 this decade while we had 1/4 of our team subtracted for us. I know you can’t do math, but if you could and did the math on that, you’d see the uneven playing field. But you don’t care.
    “You just wanna git thum bammers TOLD!” Ignore the obvious facts, those are boring, right?

    But now that the playing field is even, my what a different world we live in, wouldn’t you say? You need to begin praying now that it’s only 36-0 on black Friday.

  39. 47

    Hey moron, the endzone that you are referring to is the student section where tickets just went on sale last week. Get the facts before writing a bogus story.

  40. 48

    Hey yellowhammer, Wasn’t UAT’s a-day game free? Auburn’s a-day game was $5 per ticket, so looks like we beat you in revenue there as well.

  41. 49
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Your article is just grasping at straws. As far as this years recruiting goes, ITs friggin July dude…..These kids have yet to play their senior seasons. Get a clue. We will end up with a top 10-15 class.That has been good enough to beat Bammer most of my lifetime.

    And season tickest arent NOT on sale any more. Why not wait until the season starts before you spout of and havemore diarreah of the mouth.

    In reference to last year little ITK , all the data has been collected and it is fact….As far as your prediction about the future of this year…It remains to be seen…. But feel free to explain how we beat you in revenue with a 5-7 year and Bama had a 12-0 year…..I think I will try to make a very valid arguement that you turds dont support your team as much as Auburn…And I would be right….You see, you guys are the flavor of the month , your riding a wave, but it will not be sustained, as it has never been sustained in my lifetime. Plus you have the patent on roll tide screamin rednecks that never stepped foot on the University. Therefore, the brief popularity of your success last year. But keep on dreamin.

  42. 50
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Again, wait for all the data to come in , then make an assesment. Im sure you had no idea tha Auburn beat you in revenue, or else you wouldnt have run that mouth.

  43. 51

    anon you are correct, UA doesn’t charge for admission on A day, I guess you guys are better for that reason as well, dangit I should have gone to au and then I could pay five bucks to get into an open practice too! You have certainly shown everyone here who the smart one is.

  44. 52

    ballplay, the issue is that you are the only one here who cares how much money you suckers paid to au only to send ears laughing all the way to the bank

  45. 53

    Ballplay, since you have mentioned you idiots spent more to see a loser football team about a hundred times it must be the only thing you deem positive to speak about Aub these days, is that it? Whoopee! Again, Aub has a lot of coaches to pay that are no longer on campus so I hope yall can keep getting money from the poor folks that default on their trailer payments to come watch Aub embarass the SEC, please, at least beat out MS St so yall won’t be last in the west this year. Also, if Aub breaks the top twenty five in recruiting ON signing day remind me again every November about it being good enough for Aub to beat Bama. You are already referring to Aubs past few years over a crippled Bama team, that is in the past now, remember, you always accuse us of doing that, but the field is level now, just the facts and you know it. I can see it now when we own Aub the next five years yall will be living on “well, so what we are 6 and 6 against Bama nanny nanny boo boo. . . .yawn. Aub will see their future this season for as long as Cheesenick is their until you come off of that revenue you brag about and pay for a National type “Coach of the Year” not a National type “Joke of the Year”. I hope the truth didn’t sting to bad.

  46. 54
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan know as Ballplay Indian

    You guys love to throw out the weakened state crap dont you ? That a load of malarky……If Saban had been there those years , you wouldnt have missed a lick……

    I dont and wont make excuses for 36-0…You people need to man up and just admit that all of that was self inflicted and move on…Again…How does a 5-7 team that doesnt get support from its base beat out a 12-0 legendary powerhouse in revenue ? Still waiting for an answer but dont really expect one.

  47. 56
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    And by the way ITK , you excuse makers would NEVER answer my question last year about when the weakened state bullcrap excuse would friggin FINALLY be put out to pasture. NO ONE WOULD ANSWER !!! You all wanted to see how last year would turn out before you let it go…..Now that you know its no longer valid…I will ask that one again too..

    Question #1 : Why did a 5-7 Auburn team make more money than a 12-0 “LEGENDARY” Bama team ?

    Question #2: Is the “weekened state” excuse finally over with ? Is Bama finally “back”?

    Im waiting ……WILL SOME DAM BODY ANSWER ??!!!!!

  48. 57
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Its a ghost town when you present Bammers with the truth….

    Still waiting.

  49. 62
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Remember in Braveheart when William Wallace whoops untold English arse and then holds that big arsed sword over his head and screams “ARRRRGHGHGHHHH!!!” ?

    Thats what Im doing behind my keyboard right now…….except Im holding a pen.

  50. 63

    Ballplay, you are right, aloss of 24 schlorships doesn’t weaken a progam, get real man, all those players went to Aub, now what is happening, we are getting them all and it shows on the field to the tune of around 36-0

    Answer to your question 1:
    Who gives a shit if Aub made more money, what has that got you, apparently not enough to buy a respectable head coach

    Answer to your question 2:
    For Aubs sake they better hope we are back, what would the score have looked like if we are not? Scary, isn’t it.

  51. 64
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    YOu give a chit, that s sho. My whole point of that was to prove that Auburns base, while being smaller than Bamas, makes up for it where it counts.

    Last years Iron Bowl will not happen again…36-0 …Yes that is an arse kicking, UAB could have beaten us in that game by at least two touchdowns.

  52. 65

    dont forget not only did you loose 24 scholarships you had Mike SHula! AND YOU SPOILED US! I hope your back and CNS is back and we get just ONE WIN… WOW who woulda thought you have reduced us to nothing. WOW maybe you will get on probation or something and we can win again
    HAAAAA stupid lil bamafag!

  53. 66

    July 26th, 2009 at 8:31 am
    OK RETALIATION! FUK THE POPE!… Im wouldnt follow a man which sits upon a thrown in a pointy hat for my afterlife rewards for anyones money! AND WHERES THE WHITE WOMAN AT? uht oh! there I go again damn I cant keep my racist mouth shut!

    If you have as much love for minorities as you have for Catholics you truly are a Bigot of the highest order.
    (hey…. dont blame me. You are the one who went on the all out Catholic bash and showed YOUR TRUE COLORS.)

  54. 68

    Hey SIG howabout this for going off FUK U ROOKIE!!! Did you see the post about me being a POPE? It was for NOTHING just becuase TMC wanted to get at me. If Your Catholic Im sorry (not really) if it offended you . I have very CLOSE Catholic Friends whom I LOVE AND THEY LOVE ME. I went off on what was said to me. YOu sling words I will to… ya heard me fukboy!?????

  55. 69

    Omni, stupid little bamafag huh? if I want something out of you I will slap it out of you little dipshit. Now go outside and play and let the adults converse

  56. 70

    This is just too funny LOL.Anyways..I’m not one of those Bama fans(although a DIEHARD fan)that HATE Auburn and want to see them do bad.I would love to see Auburn go unbeaten(which will not happen)going into the Iron Bowl.Last years 36-0 thrashing of Auburn last year would have been much sweeter had both teams had equal success to that point.

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