Good News, Auburn Fans

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by intheknow72

Auburn fans, great news! The 2009 college football season is only 42 days away, but don’t worry. You still have plenty of season tickets to choose from, and even more mini-season ticket packages to snatch up. This includes an entire endzone, an entire upper deck, and select seats on the opposite upper deck (from 40 to 40, among other sections).

You don’t know how big a blessing it is to still have tickets available. At Alabama, it’s annoying trying to get in to our recently expanded Bryant-Denny Stadium, where even though there are over 92,000 seats, well over 10,000 are on a waiting list for season tickets…a seemingly indefinite wait just to see the Tide roll. The only reason I know it’s at least that many is I know the guy who is #10,211. There may be more.

Thankfully our next expansion should cut down on the wait time.

But you, you can pretty much walk up to the ticket booth on game day and get a seat. You know, like you do at the Barons or Blazer games.

Count yourself lucky. I guess that Guz Malzahn offense really has the plains a’buzzin. You can probably get two seats together if you want to keep one for your hot dog and coke.

For more information, or to buy your season tickets for the season that’s just over a month away, go to