Exsurge Alligatoridae!

Arise, O Gators, and judge your own cause. Remember your reproaches to those who are filled with foolishness—like the Bulldogs. Listen to our prayers, for Gamecocks have arisen seeking to destroy the Gator Nation.

Behold, someone dares to deny thy servant Tim Tebow the unanimous vote for the meaningful preseason All-SEC. This cannot stand. Our great inquisition at SEC Media Days 2009 uncovered the author of this evil. Steve Spurrier has rejected thy truth. He has turned his back on the great Gators. He has denied the greatness of Tebow. Spurrier is a heretic. Let his actions condemn him. Let him be accursed. Let him be known as the Anti-Urban.

No one whatsoever may infringe this our written decision, declaration, precept, injunction, assignation, will, decree; or rashly contravene it. Should anyone dare to attempt such a thing, let him know that he will incur the wrath of the Florida media.

Given under our hand 27 August, 2009, Birmingham


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    If Meyer, Tebow and company were shipping off newborn babies to China for sweatshop labor, the Florida media wouldn’t say a word. But let someone disagree with their place in college football, and it’s off to the gallows.

  2. 2
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    It is what it is. Any states media in the same predicament would be doing the same , or worse. Spurrier is odd about the position. Im sure he voted for someone like Snead. More of a pure passer. But him being who he is , who knows, he might have voted for Kodi Burns as a joke..

  3. 4

    WIth some of the decisions and looks hes had on the sidelines as of late he could have voted for JPW… Or Jason Campbell

  4. 5
    Hunter Ford

    Florida has rthe most arrogant fans in the SEC…even worse than ours (Alabama’s) who, can get bad.

    I think Tennessee is second and Gawja is up there too…. But Florida’s since the Spurrier era are the worst ever.

    I don’t think Tebow is a virgin cause he jammed us up the rear pretty good in the fourth quarter last year. I just hope we get a chance to “block” him this year in the SEC Title game as Spurrier (Head Gamecock) did in the vote.

  5. 6

    Sometimes you’ve got to give the props. Tebow – might be one of the greatest we’ve seen so far. Just because this Fan gives him his due – it does not mean that I’m making any burnt offerings at the Gator Temple.

  6. 7
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan know as Ballplay Indian

    Hunter…You are on the inside looking out. No one is worse than Bama. If Bama had won two Champs going on three, Holy crap, I would have to mov e to Tennesse or Florida.

  7. 8
    Hunter Ford

    I dunno man, only cause you live in Alabama, I’m thinking probably central or southeast Ala.

    I grew up in Huntsville and I have relatives who are Tennessee fans….. They are pretty bad… Thanksgivings are one big food fight

    I remember Florida fans coming to Tuscaloosa and Birmingham in the Spurrier days…. pretty intolorable

  8. 9

    How could you forget the arrogance of Auburn fans.
    Granted they have nothing to be arrogant about. but still to hear some of them tell it…….Auburn is the only school with a valid diploma in the SEC.

  9. 10

    Latest News…….

    A bloodless coup has led to the takeover of Al.com by a group of Auburn loyalist.
    The site is in a state of almost complete lockdown with certain select Auburn posters being the only people allowed to state an opinion on the Auburn part of the Site.
    Not since the proud days of Phillip (Goebbels) Marshall has there been such complete and utter deleting of any opinion that disagrees with the status quo.

    It appears that a certain group of imbeciles led by Aubtiger34 have finally figured out a way to have any post that does not agree with their agenda deleted.
    In case some of you dont know. Aubtiger, trubluau71, dilworth, au6ua1, auq04 (among others) are actually the famed crew of ironTiger, korry etc ..etc…etc… from ITAT and Tracke’em Tigers. If you dont remember those names just google the words “Operation Red Dog” and “Auburn” You should find plenty to read there.
    It appears that the gang is back to its old tricks again, and this time they are strong-arming anyone who gets in their way at Al.com. Oddly enough, the moderators seem to take no notice of the vile profanities and rumors they spew freely. For anyone who might choose to differ, BE WARNED, the site tolerates absolutely no negative comments about Auburn University. OR the above mentioned bloggers.
    The information super highway has once again been defiled by the IronEagle Gang. And a once non-biased forum has been has been hyjacked by a few jack booted thugs.

  10. 12


    I hope we do win 2 or 3 in the next few years. Why don’t you beat the rush and go ahead and move? I don’t think the state of Alabama would miss you too much.

  11. 13

    Hey Bushsux,
    Are you a communist…Did you vote for Obama? I guess you are proud Nicky is a debbie cake, flaming lib too.

    Get used to seeing Tebow breaking if off in your backside. It is coming again this year and I hope Clay Travis and TN watch a 60-0 romp this year over the cooncap wearing rednecks. Our Mullet wearing rednecks here in Bamer nation need a beat down too. They actually think that Alabama is entitled to win over any and everybody else.

    Ballplay, dont move anywhere, if the Utah game was a prelude to what AL is gonna be this year without an offensive line, then we should have an entertaining year. BLOW TIDE!

  12. 14

    No BamaHate, I didn’t vote for Obama. I just don’t like ignorant people like yourself. The shrub was ignorant and arrogant at the same time and had no reason to be. Just like the barners.

    Sit back and enjoy the demise of your football program and watch the other side of the state keep gaining momentum. Keep telling yourself it isn’t happening and that will only make it worse for you. I’m thinking 36-0 was an actually close game compared to what it will be this year.

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