The press is now a joke

Stewart Mandel said it best via twitter, “SEC Media Days hits a new low — a writer asked Tim Tebow whether he’s a virgin. Unreal.”

The SEC has itself to blame for allowing its premiere event to sink to that level. Maybe some of those 900 or so credentialed “media” members at the event should be vetted?

On secound thought, that wouldn’t do any good. Last year Auburn’s recruiting websites were running around the Wynfrey asking Alabama about its “arrest problems.” That was before Auburn’s recruiting websites (YAHOO/RIVALS) began deleting video because it could serve to prove Auburn’s recruiting violations. In the new media world, everyone is a joke.

WJOX’s Roundtable program illustrated just how juvenile things have become. For two days the childish hosts giggled and chattered about asking Tim Tebow the question—was the great Tebow a virgin!?!?

You have to give Clay Travis credit. On a day when the focus was supposed to be on football, coaches and MVP-caliber players, Travis inserted himself into the day’s conversation. While that might be good for his ego and profit, it isn’t good for the press. Does anyone remember the day when members of the press would not inject themselves into the story? Staying out of the spotlight is passe.

Ethics have gone. Everything and everyone is now a joke.