Study: Women have advantage in college sports

Here is a shock: the AP reports, “Women athletes have far more opportunities than men to earn scholarships and to participate in many college sports, according to a study by an organization which advocates Title IX reform.”


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    A little peice of info direct from the clarion-ledger.

    AUBURN, ALA. — Former Auburn University lineman Chaz Ramsey of Madison filed a complaint in federal court Thursday alleging that two former Auburn staffers bullied him into performing exercises that led to a career-ending injury.

    Ramsey, a Clarion-Ledger Dandy Dozen player for Madison Central High School in 2006, is seeking punitive and compensatory damages for “severe pain and mental anguish” suffered after undergoing a pair of surgeries to correct back problems.

    He named former trainer Arnold Gamber and former offensive line coach Hugh Nall as co-defendants in the suit.

    The men are alleged to have forced Ramsey to perform weightlifting drills that were prohibited by the player’s physician. Auburn University was not named in the complaint.

    “The coaches and Arnold Gamber knew about Chaz’s injury. They knew what he could and couldn’t do,” said Steve Heninger, a lawyer representing Ramsey. “They ignored that and forced Chaz to participate in exercises that ultimately cost him his career.”

    Ramsey injured his back during a weightlifting session held a few weeks before the 2007 Chick-fil-A Bowl. He missed the game and spent the next few months attending therapy sessions.

    Ramsey had corrective surgery in April of 2008. The surgeon, Stanley Faulkner, later sent reports to Auburn officials insisting that Ramsey was not permitted to lift weights for at least three months. Six weeks later, Ramsey re-injured his back while lifting weights at Auburn.

    He hasn’t played since.

    One day after the final injury, according to the complaint, Auburn team physician Michael Goodlett noted in Ramsey’s medical file that he voiced “extreme displeasure” toward Gamber for allowing Ramsey to lift weights so soon after surgery.

    Faulkner again demanded that Ramsey cease weight-lifting activity. Auburn staffers heeded that directive, but the suit alleges that Nall then began sullying Ramsey’s name among players, cleaned out his locker and suspended his meal ticket.

    Nall and Gamber “held (Ramsey) up for ridicule and embarrassment before his teammates and coaching staff; questioned his injury and characterized him as a malingerer who was not really injured.”

    Ramsey underwent a second corrective procedure in January. Afterward, Faulkner declared Ramsey’s career over and encouraged him to avoid any athletic activity that includes significant contact.

    Nall said he hadn’t seen the lawsuit.

    “This comes as a real surprise,” said Nall, who now works for a trucking company in Albany, Ga. “This is the first thing like this in my 24 years (as a coach).”

    Gamber couldn’t be reached.


    Arent the coaches supposed to stay clear of the players during the offseason drills and workouts?

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    Yeah Cap – this thread needs to be addressed –
    Player sues College – hell – I will wait on this …..

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