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by intheknow72

Scarbinsky Landmine
Cappy took the words out of my mouth on Scarbinsky’s article today. I’ve never seen such an obvious planted chip in the ever growing publicity war of recruiting. There’s a silly gesture I make to my older kids when I’m leading my younger ones on. It’s the old faithful “over-emphasized wink.” Basically, this entire article is that gesture in written form, setting up the dominoes for perhaps some commitments to come in a few days later and knock them down.

I echo Cappy in that it is a good move on Auburn’s part in the “catch up” position they currently find themselves in. Goodness knows Shula could have used some forward thinking and creativity (see “The Elephant Package”), especially in the wake of severe sanctions that had us crippled at the time. But it does bring two questions to light:

1. How trustworthy are our media outlets today? Grooming an article to offer an assist, again, wreaks of the movie “Wag The Dog” a few years ago. Are we creating news or covering it?

2. If your program has to continue to rely on gimmicks and spin in this new recruiting publicity war, how healthy is your program? Do recruits not want to come play for you on your schools merit alone? If you need long cars (remember my ban on that word), Big Cat weekends and plants in the media to attract players, those players may need to ask themselves what they’re walking into.

Saban inherited an absolute mess in Tuscaloosa, hasn’t rented the first vehicle, hasn’t simulated a game-like atmosphere (illegally) and for sure doesn’t have any plants in the media. Yet he’s racked up two top three classes in a row, on his way to this third. So if you’re a recruit, ask yourself:

What’s Alabama got that Auburn don’t got? (spelling intentional)

According to the Bleacher Report, Greg McElroy was turning heads at the Manning Passing Academy, out performing Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford, Ole Miss’ Jevan Snead, Oklahoma State’s Zac Robinson and VaTech’s Tyrod Taylor, to name a few. Texas A&M’s Jerrod Johnson won top honors, with GMAC coming in second.

So GMAC beat out a Heisman winner and hopeful? Unlike the media these days, at quarterback, accuracy matters. Pitted against some of the top QBs, GMAC was as accurate as any, and moreso than most.