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Scarbinsky Landmine
Cappy took the words out of my mouth on Scarbinsky’s article today. I’ve never seen such an obvious planted chip in the ever growing publicity war of recruiting. There’s a silly gesture I make to my older kids when I’m leading my younger ones on. It’s the old faithful “over-emphasized wink.” Basically, this entire article is that gesture in written form, setting up the dominoes for perhaps some commitments to come in a few days later and knock them down.

I echo Cappy in that it is a good move on Auburn’s part in the “catch up” position they currently find themselves in. Goodness knows Shula could have used some forward thinking and creativity (see “The Elephant Package”), especially in the wake of severe sanctions that had us crippled at the time. But it does bring two questions to light:

1. How trustworthy are our media outlets today? Grooming an article to offer an assist, again, wreaks of the movie “Wag The Dog” a few years ago. Are we creating news or covering it?

2. If your program has to continue to rely on gimmicks and spin in this new recruiting publicity war, how healthy is your program? Do recruits not want to come play for you on your schools merit alone? If you need long cars (remember my ban on that word), Big Cat weekends and plants in the media to attract players, those players may need to ask themselves what they’re walking into.

Saban inherited an absolute mess in Tuscaloosa, hasn’t rented the first vehicle, hasn’t simulated a game-like atmosphere (illegally) and for sure doesn’t have any plants in the media. Yet he’s racked up two top three classes in a row, on his way to this third. So if you’re a recruit, ask yourself:

What’s Alabama got that Auburn don’t got? (spelling intentional)

According to the Bleacher Report, Greg McElroy was turning heads at the Manning Passing Academy, out performing Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford, Ole Miss’ Jevan Snead, Oklahoma State’s Zac Robinson and VaTech’s Tyrod Taylor, to name a few. Texas A&M’s Jerrod Johnson won top honors, with GMAC coming in second.

So GMAC beat out a Heisman winner and hopeful? Unlike the media these days, at quarterback, accuracy matters. Pitted against some of the top QBs, GMAC was as accurate as any, and moreso than most.


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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Ddnt kodi Burns win one of those Nike sparque camps ? I hear that GMAC has all the tools , but so does Kodi , Neal , Chris , and Co. Im telling you something you already know, but you wont know anyhting about him until hes in a game. Its all about whats between the ears. Maybe hes got it.

    And byt he way , I was a fan of JPW wne all yall were throwing him under the bus.

  2. 2

    I just hope GMac has a set of balls and won’t flinch when he gets hit. Just as long as he isn’t afraid to get hit and sacrifice for the betterment of the team. JPW did NOT like to be hit at all.

  3. 3
    Bama Fan in NYC

    You bring up a good point, Ballplay. Like I always say, I won’t get my hopes up until I see it being done on the playing field.

  4. 4

    The Qb battle at Auburn isnt because the QBs are all so talented that no one can pick who is the best.
    Nope. It is because they suck, and Chizzy just wonts to pick the lessor evil.
    On the other hand. McElroy was never in any doubt as the heir-apparent for the QB job at Bama.
    Think of it this way. If he is good enough for Nick Saban the boy must be pretty damn good.

  5. 5


    I remember a year ago when Bama lost Wallace Gilberry, (among others) The defensive line and JPW were big question marks. Nobody knew who the receivers would be, and Bama had 1 returning linebacker. Terry Grant was to be the workhorse RB that would carry the ball (and Bama’s fortunes too boot.)
    And everyone who had a God damn opinion (especially Aubbos,) were saying that Bama would be lucky to go 7-6.
    Well now……. once again The Nelly Naysayers are trying to point out the areas where they think Bama will be deficient.
    Get a clue,DICKHEADS.
    Whoever goes out onto he field will be very well prepared and hand picked by Nick Saban. And that should be enough to shut most anyone’s pie hole. And put up 10+ wins this year.

  6. 6
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Uhhh, didnt La Tech beat Saban ?

    I agree about Chiz picking the least worst…..Thats my point. They all have the physical tools, especially Burns. But what does that mean ? Nothing.

    I really believe that Kodi wasnt coached very well. Al Brges was the best QB coach we have had in 20 years. A lot (most) of the blame was put on him instead of Tommy. Then when he was gone , we saw where the problem really originated. If he gets coached up, he may really change for the better.

  7. 7


    Tubby was an idiot for letting Borges go. I think he’s the best assistant the barn has had in a very, very long time. If you can make Brandon Cox out to be the type QB he turned out to be then you gotta be danged good. I’m glad Tubby let him go. It was the beginning of the demise of the barn.

  8. 9

    Just testing to see if I am banned from posting.

    Anyways I agree these QB camps are good measuring accuracy with no pressure. No defensive linemen with hands up, breathing down your neck, and yelling at you. GMac is probably gonna be a good QB if Alabamas line can let him. The problem with the Utah game that I saw objectively, is the O line gave up. That was obvious in the first quarter and the fourth quarter. The 2nd and 3rd quarter they actually did a pretty good job. But that is the biggest question the Redneck nation should be worried about.

    As for AU, objectively we have a lot more problems. Our depth is our problem. After our starters, our 2nd string is untested and green. Additionally, our QB situation is bad because our three possible starters have a lack of confidence because of last year. It will take probably our first SEC game to see how we will fair.

    10 wins, I hate to agree, is probably what Alabama will win this year with their defense, however, I would be really surprised this year if your offense lives up to the defense. If UA plays a really good offensive team that puts up a lot of points, then I dont know if they can keep up.

    We will see. Ole Miss is the biggest game for Alabama, no matter what Shane thinks. Their defense is stout, however, they have the same OL problems losing Jarrett and others. Legitimately Alabama is not going to beat Florida if they do make it to the SEC Championship. Tebow will expound his “will to win” again. 2010, it will be more wide open for TN, AU, LSU, and UA.

  9. 10

    CNS is creating monsters again.Just like 08 this team will be husky’hefty’muscular’powerful’and strong.There will be some tight games BUT you can book your reservations now for SEC CHAMPIONSHIP.We WILL be there i grant you that.Like i have said before.I think i will have another drink of that KOOLAID.DAM IT SUCKS TO BE A AUBURN FAN….

  10. 11
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    JW…….That sounded a little gay . Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  11. 12

    IS that all you can come up with ball..I”M just stating the truth.I know the truth hurts.But hang in there ;things will get better in the plains. LOL…

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